Exclusive Visa Cell France.

France Student VISA Procedure


STEP 1 – Register online
Register online on www.india.campusfrance.org. Once you have registered online and filled the "CampusFrance form", email the file number (Example IN123456) to the nearest CampusFrance office for verification of the entries. Once approved, you may validate your file.

  • Ref. "Contact us" page


STEP 2 - Appointment with a CampusFrance Education Advisor
Request an appointment from the CampusFrance office for the academic interview with the Education Advisor, for which you will have to appear in person and furnish ALL mandatory documents (originals + one set of photocopies). The set of photocopies will be attested against the originals and returned to you at the end of the interview.


STEP 3 - Appointment with the French Consulate
As soon as you have received an appointment for the academic interview from the CampusFrance office, you may request an appointment for the consular interview at the French Consulate (for a date after the academic interview). For details, please visit www.vfs-france.co.in (*Students applying to the Consulate General of France in New Delhi must contact the CampusFrance office for this procedure)

Fee payment procedure

  1. Deposit Rs. 8,500/- (Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft - drawn in favor INSTITUT FRANCAIS EN INDE, at a BNP PARIBAS branch) by filling a deposit slip available in the bank. Contact details here below.
  2. INSTITUT FRANCAIS EN INDE Account N0. 0906506003400137.
  3. Submit the acknowledgement slip to the CampusFrance office on the day of the academic interview.
  4. VISA Fees for Student Long stay VISA is 50 EUR.


Documents required

  • Acceptance / admission letter from a French Academic Institution
  • Language test certifications if required by institution in France
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Experience Letter (if applicable)
  • One long stay application form duly filled and signed
  • Two passport size photographs of the past 3 months meeting set standards – one must be attached to the application form (Size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, with clear background)
  • Passport: a full national private passport or official travel document with a minimum of three months validity beyond the validity of the requested visa, with two blank visa pages with the mention “visa” to affix the visa sticker. The passport should be issued less than 10 years ago
  • A print out of your CampusFrance ID number
  • Cover letter explaining the study project and your motivation, including short curriculum vitae.
  • Proof of resources: tuition fees + a minimum of 615 Euros/month x by number of months of stay (living expenses). Only liquid assets will be considered. In the case of family member/friend funding your studies, an undertaking must be provided on plain paper duly signed along with supporting financial documents.
    • Bank statements of the last 3 months (of the individual sponsoring the education and the student’s bank statements if he/she has an account in his/her name)
    • If you are being hosted by a family in France, an “Attestation d’accueil” will have to be provided by the family (A sample of this document may be downloaded from http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/R10751.xhtml). In such a case you will have to show resources for a minimum of 250-300 euros per month for your living expenses.