Krishna Consultants is one of the recognized Overseas Studies Consultants providing assistance for MBA in London. We offer Free Career Counseling. Studying MBA in London will give you with an academic qualification respected and valued throughout the world. MBA in London offers more intensive courses which provide value for money as Master’s programs can be completed in just one year. Quality of Education in London is amongst the highest in the world.

We are the Authorized Representatives of London Business Schools, Institutes, Colleges and Universities. We provide complete guidance regarding MBA study in London. We assist our students for Coaching, Admissions, Visas and entire process from start to end.
Studying for an MBA degree in London will be one of the most important business decisions you ever make, so choosing the right programme is crucial.

Why choose this programme?

* You will be learning alongside students from more than 120 countries, giving the School a truly international culture that will benefit you in business & career.
* You will benefit from the School's unrivalled networking opportunities.
* MBA in London will encourage and foster your international links.

International banks, top consulting firms and leading executives from industry are regular visitors to campus, and London is at the heart of entrepreneurial activity.

Benefits and career impact
Business Schools in London are consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in Europe and number one worldwide.
A London Business School degree will give you the edge in a competitive world. They offer their students access to the world's top recruiters and a head-start in forging a successful career in business.

How will the Masters in Business Management benefit you?

* The 12 month programme will be a transformational experience. You will develop deep knowledge and skills in the key areas of business, and the self-awareness and sense of perspective to make smart choices about your future.
* Quality courses to enhance your career.
* Taught by their world-class faculty. You will have access to their experience and research in the classroom, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the business world.
* They balance theory with deep analytical skills and practical content. You will gain the essential knowledge and business skills that can be transferred directly to a working environment.
* They know what recruiters are looking for. The programme has been developed in extensive consultation with top recruiters and the curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills that are in high demand.
* You will gain exposure to the London Business School experience and graduate with their world-respected brand on your CV.
* MBA in London offers an international learning experience and global networking opportunity. Your fellow students will be high achievers from around the world.
* Companies regularly visit campus and the programme's Career and Business Immersion weeks will provide you with exclusive opportunities to meet top graduate employers.
How will the Masters in Business Management benefit your career?

* Business schools in London have developed strong relationships with major recruiters. Their Career Services work in partnership with potential employers to identify candidates who are the best match for their job opportunities.
* As a Master’s in Business Management student, you will have the support of a dedicated team to enhance your career prospects.
* The Masters in Management incorporates Professional Development and Career Training and Development modules to assist students' with career evaluation, job search and professional skill development.
This includes:
* Consultations with their Career Services team.
* A Career Week with organized events and meetings with recruiters.
* Career strategy and planning and lectures and workshops.
* A Business Immersion Week with students visiting various workplaces.
* Guidance on job searching techniques.
* Interview skills, CV and cover letter writing lectures and workshops.
* Employability skills lectures and workshops, including communication, presentation, working in teams and project management.
* Advice on employment and work permit issues.