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Study in Singapore:

Krishna Consultants is one of the recognized Overseas Studies Consultants providing assistance for education in Singapore. We offer Free Career Counseling. Studying in Singapore will provide you with an academic qualification respected and valued throughout the world. The Singapore is a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan place to live in.
We are the Authorised Representatives of Singapore Institutions & Universities. We provide complete guidance regarding Study in Singapore. We assist our students for Coaching, Admissions, Visas and entire process from start to end for Study in Singapore.

Singapore at a Glance:

  • Singapore has become an important study & trading destination in Asia.
  • Singapore offers a productive environment for education & business and is striving to create a knowledge driven economy.
  • Singapore has rich culture and history.
  • Cosmopolitan look of Singapore come from its diverse cultures, religions & languages.
  • Singapore is dotted with shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, cinema and clubs.
  • Singapore has a vibrant lifestyle.
  • It has excellent libraries, book stores & IT facilities.


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