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Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship and Aids:
What is financial aid?
What is TA (teaching assistantship)?
What about Scholarships?
What is RA (research assistantship)?
What is a guarantor?
What are SFG's
What are financial aid packages?
How can one apply for financial aid?
What are tuition-waivers?
What documents do one send with his/her financial aid package?
What is a Bank letter?
Scholarship and Aids:
What is financial aid? [Top]
Financial aid is a means by which students can reduce or eliminate the expenses that they will incur in the course of their education overseas.
What is TA (teaching assistantship)? [Top]
Teaching assistants' assist a professor by teaching an undergraduate class or checking exam papers. They are paid for this job, which covers most of their expenses while at the University.
What about Scholarships? [Top]
Scholarship awards totally depend on your academic record and the funds the University or the Department has during that semester.
What is RA (research assistantship)? [Top]
Research fellowship/assistantship is an award that allows you to work in the capacity of an assistant to a professor on the research project assigned to him. As a research assistant the student receives tuition wavier or pays in-state tuition fees and earns additionally to sustain living expenses through their education.
What is a guarantor? [Top]
A guarantor is the person who legally co-signs one’s loan/financial aid documents. The guarantor takes the responsibility of assuring the bank that one can and will pay back the loan. If, in case he/she do not pay back then it is the responsibility of the guarantor to repay the loan.
What are SFG's? [Top]
This is an initial for Scholarships/Fellowship/Grants.
What are financial aid packages? [Top]
A University offers a financial aid package, which consists of scholarships/grant and an on-campus employment program for the student. Hence this package helps one pay a large amount of his/her total cost.
How can one apply for financial aid? [Top]
Ask the Universities, to send the financial aid form, which one should finish and submit before the financial aid deadline date mentioned in the application package of the respective University.
What are tuition-waivers? [Top]
Tuition waivers are awards that waive one’s tuition fees. These could range from partial to complete tuition waivers.
What documents do one send with his/her financial aid package? [Top]
The documents sent are:
  • Financial aid form
  • Bank letter or Tax documents
  • Sponsorship form
What is a Bank letter? [Top]
A bank letter is the letter issued by the bank confirming the amount one’s parents can pay for his/her education.
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