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Study in Finland:

Finland is famous for its numerous lakes and forests and for the cold weather. It is also an innovative country that offers world class education. It is one of the safest countries to pursue higher education from. Finland has laid back cities with immense natural beauty. It has a diverse culture and society which is accommodating for the international students. The teachers in the universities of Finland are selected from the top 10% of the graduates. Students can choose from 14 universities and 24 polytechnics which are free of cost for EU/EEA residents.

Highlights about Finland

  • Finland welcomes almost 30,000 international students and has a progressive higher education system with excellent programs.
  • They employ instructors who are researchers which makes Finland a smart choice for ambitious international students
  • Finland is a beautiful and exciting country. It has a lot of natural attractions and sights which are tourist friendly. It is popularly known as the land of a thousand lakes.
  • It has an interesting weather because of which the sun shines all day and all night during June and July while it is extremely cold during winters.
  • Finland holds world records for hosting world championships. Finland is fond of recycling and has the craziest sports one can imagine.

Study Expenses

  • The Finnish system subsidizes the tuition fees for students who are from EU or EAA. However, there are universities that charge these students as well for education.
  • The cost of this is €2500 to €12,000 per year. International students have to pay for the bachelors and masters courses that range from €10,000 – €16,000 per year.
  • International students have to pay for the bachelors and masters courses that range from €10,000 – €16,000 per year.
  • One can stay in Finland with a very low budget outside the major cities. Whereas, the expenses in urban cities of Finland are more than the European average.

Living Expenses

  • In Finland, you have to spend 700-900 Euros per month on living expenses. When it comes to accommodation, one has to pay 416 Euros per month for staying alone.
  • Those staying with a child have to pay 556 Euros per month and students living in residence halls have to pay 329 Euros per month
  • On an average, you will have to spend around 260 Euros per month on groceries.
  • Public transportation costs 35 to 50 Euros a month and if you rent a car then it will cost you around 230 Euros for 5 days.
  • Miscellaneous costs add up to another 100 Euros per month.

Student Visa

The student resident permit application is available at the Finnish embassy of your country. There is a lot of paperwork to be completed in order to get the visa. You have to provide proof of financial support, passport, accommodation and a letter of acceptance from your university. The student visa in Finland as to be reviewed each year which can be done easily at the local police station.

Financial Aid

The Finnish higher education institutions offer scholarships of their own to the international students. These institutional scholarships are available for international students that are charged tuition fees. Students can also apply for the grant-awarding organizations in their home country to avail funding. 70-75 % of admitted students receive either 50% scholarship on tuition fee or full scholarship.

Insurance for Finland

It is important to bring a health and accident insurance policy with you to Finland. It is recommended to take an insurance that covers you during your stay in Finland as well as your travel to and from Finland. In case you are planning to travel to places in the neighboring countries then make sure that your insurance is valid in those countries too.






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