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10 Best Universities in Germany for International Students

Nov 11, 2022

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A European country and a hub for business, art and politics, Germany is known for its rich culture and heritage. Over 80 million people reside here and Germany also ranks high when it comes to world-class universities and quality of education. There are 46 German universities ranked by the QS Global Rankings in the year 2023, 11 of which are in the top 200.  Let us look at the reasons why students must consider studying in German universities:


Why Study in Germany?

  • Germany is an excellent location for international students to pursue a university degree at affordable prices. The tuition costs are low at public colleges, and most German universities offer value for money for international students. 
  • Germany is an immigrant-friendly nation, and international students from all over the world can easily adapt to the lifestyle. Nearly two-thirds of Germans are fluent in English and it is easy to communicate effectively with people there. In major cities like Munich, international students account for 25% of the total student enrolment at universities in and around the city. As an international student, you will receive support from the local community in Germany and it will be a great experience.
  • Advanced and good quality education provided in Germany attracts many international students. There are several top-ranked universities and more opportunities for international students in major German cities, providing world-class education. You will also get to access expert faculty, and learn practical skills. 
  • Germany has the largest automobile industry which contributes almost a third of the country’s R&D resources, making it an appealing goal to pursue after graduation. Students getting a good degree from a German education institution are open to ample career choices and have a promising future.


10 Best Universities in Germany


1. Jacobs University, Bremen

Established in 2001, aiming to provide academic excellence,  Jacobs University boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure and has collaborations with many well-established industries globally. With an excellent team of faculty members, practical training, advanced syllabus, Jacobs University is a learning hub with a vibrant campus life for students. Some popular courses offered to international students include Computer Science & Electrical Engineering (MSc), Data Science for Society & Business (MSc), Social Sciences & Humanities, Global Governance & Social Theory (MA) and others.

2. Hochschule Bremen International Graduate Centre, Bremen

IGC was founded in 2004, it offers educational courses which satisfy academic and job requirements, such as Aeronautical Management, Global Management, International Tourism Management, etc. There are students from more than 60 countries at IGC and their international network is rapidly growing. The visiting lecturers from partner international universities provide insight to students about real-world business. This helps encourage the students and widens their vision.

3. International School of Management, Dortmund

It is a reputed business school in Germany, which focuses on the study of applied sciences. The other branches of the school are in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin. There are innumerable modern amenities in the school to provide students with the best study experience. It has partnered with various businesses to conduct industrial workshops for students so that they become acquainted with the real-world work environment. Some popular programs available are M.Sc. in International Management, Finance, M.A. in Strategic Marketing Management, and M.Sc. in Business Intelligence & Data Science.

4. CBS International Business School, Cologne

One of the most esteemed private schools, this one was set up in 1993. Students from 75 different countries are studying here currently. The two other campuses of this school are at Mainz and Potsdam. Partnered with different companies and universities across the globe the business school enhances the quality of education and career opportunities for all students. It is amongst the first universities in the country to provide a Bachelor's degree, which is recognized globally. In 2018, it was the only university in Germany to be given accreditation by the "International Accreditation Council for Business Education". 

5. International University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and Bad Honnef

A private, state-recognized university, founded in 1998, IU offers campus, distance, and blended-learning programs in both German and English. It is the largest state-accredited university in Germany as of the summer semester of 2021. You can study quality programs for Bachelor's, Master's, and MBA degrees with a whole new approach in areas like design, architecture & construction, health, hospitality, tourism, human resources, marketing & communication, etc. 

6. GISMA University of Applied Sciences GmbH, Berlin

GISMA Business School was established in 1999, it is an international education provider with campuses situated across Berlin, Hamburg, and Hannover as well as a study center in London. GISMA helps motivate students to develop the latest skills which are useful for today’s tech-driven global business. GISMA is partnered with award-winning institutions and ensures that students gain contemporary knowledge across business, management, and marketing.

7. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and Hamburg

It is a private, state-recognized and accredited university, mainly focusing on international orientation which is reflected by the teaching staff and students who come from more than 60 nations. The college is a center for innovative thinking and encourages hands-on project work in small teams, individual learning experiences, and personal supervision by lecturers with real business experience.

8. EBS University, Wiesbaden

Established in 1971, this private university is dedicated to business and law studies. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and executive education. It is one of the oldest private universities in Germany with notable alumni and corporate partners. The EBS has three campuses for teaching, research, and administrative purposes. The EBS Business School offers specialized MSc programmes in Management, Finance and other fields. 

9. Arden University, Berlin

Established in 1990, Arden University Berlin is located in the heart of Berlin where you can study English-language programs. Bachelor's degree programs in business with focuses on tourism and marketing, as well as healthcare management, and accounting is available. Berlin is home to one of the world’s most dynamic start-up environments and it is perfect for exploring your options and networking with professionals from across the world.

10. New European College, Munich

In 2014, this private international business school was set up and it offers state-accredited university programs in business administration and international management in English. The NEC campus is located in the city centre of Munich. Students can study B.A. in International Management, M.A. in International Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management, MBA in Hospitality Management, IT Management and others.

Some other best countries to study abroad are the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.



Germany is a popular education destination for students all over the world and in this article we have read the reasons why. To make this dream come true, you must have the right approach and resources. KC Overseas Education is one of the top 10 overseas education consultants in India. Once you have made up your mind about studying in Germany, an expert's advice comes in handy. You can get details about the universities, various study programs, costs, visa information and scholarships to pick the one that suits you best. An overseas education consultant takes into account your career goals and individual profile to sort the most suitable universities for you. Studying abroad comes with a variety of personal and educational benefits, it is an investment for the future.


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