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How to Crack GMAT: 5 Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

Oct 06, 2022

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GMAT is the first step toward fulfilling your dream of studying at a reputed university abroad. Although all the sections of the GMAT require a lot of hard work and practice, the verbal section is especially very tricky for non-native English speakers. However, this doesn't mean it is impossible to crack. 

Even if you're not a native speaker and your English is weak, you can still get a great score with the help of expert guidance and thorough test preparation for the GMAT. In this blog, we are going to share some amazing tips along with other useful information that will help you in getting an excellent score in your upcoming GMAT exam. Let's begin!


Why is being a non-native English speaker not a disadvantage in the GMAT?

Many aspirants have a false belief that being a non-native English speaker will restrict their performance in the GMAT. But note that it is just a myth. The interesting part is, the exam is specifically designed to test the English language proficiency of all applicants. For this reason, the exam is curated in a way that challenges applicants, regardless of their mother tongue, to test their abilities and perform their best. 

On the other hand, non-native English speakers can use this test to improve their English language proficiency and understand this language in a different and better manner. In a nutshell, the idea is to follow the right approach towards the test preparation for GMAT, regardless of your background. 


5 tips for non-native English speakers to crack GMAT verbal section 

Following are some of the best tips that will help you get an excellent score in the GMAT:

1. Practice! Practice! Practice! 

Nothing in this world is impossible if you're determined enough. Learning the English language is no different. You can easily get command over this language and achieve proficiency by practising daily. The simplest way to get good at English is to follow simple practices. This includes watching movies, reading books, listening to music in English, and so on. This helps you in understanding and developing a natural flow of speech. 

Moreover, there are a plethora of blogs and podcasts on the internet you can read and listen to and get a better hold of the English language. Small changes like switching the language interface on your device to English or reading an English newspaper can make a big difference. 


2. Work on your vocabulary  

Having a broad vocabulary is useful for the GMAT exam as a whole, including the necessary groundwork for the quant section when it comes to solving puzzles and word problems. You can expand your vocabulary by creating two separate dictionaries as follows:

  • Your first dictionary should contain all the words or phrases you encountered while you were solving mock tests, watching videos, attending lectures and reading GMAT guides.  While there is no guarantee that these words will prove to be useful in your exam, they will help you navigate through the context and develop a better understanding of the English language. 
  • Your second dictionary should contain words that you are well aware of but want to use more often in your written or verbal speech. These words can be common expressions you find while solving word problems or reading. 

The best thing about creating these dictionaries is, you can revisit them at the time of your final revision. In addition to this, you can also prepare flashcards with vocabulary words to help you prepare faster and better.


3. Improve your grammar 

While you are working on your vocabulary, you have to make sure that your grammar concepts are clear so that you can use new words and identify errors during your GMAT exam. This will give you an edge when it comes to sentence correction problems in the verbal section. 


4. Consider GMAT online coaching 

One of the most effective ways to crack the GMAT if you're a non-native English speaker is to take online or in person coaching from a reputed institute. The right institute will provide you with the best guidance that will boost your GMAT preparation to the next level. You will be learning from the most experienced faculty who plan and curate tailored lessons to help you clear your concepts. The professionals also provide you with ample study material and host mock tests in abundance before the final exam to ensure you are well prepared. 


5. Practice as many mock tests as you can

No matter how well you think you've prepared for GMAT, if you don't practice through mock tests, you'll not be able to understand the exam pattern thoroughly. So, invest in some good test series and solve as many mock tests as you can. KC Overseas, named among the best study abroad consultants in India, offers the highest quality mock test for GMAT to help you prepare thoroughly for your final examination. These tests have a similar level of difficulty as the final GMAT exams and this is the main reason why they're highly sought-after. 


Final words

Scoring well in your upcoming GMAT exam is not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is follow the tips we've discussed in this article. Further, if you're looking for the best academic counsellors you can always turn to KC Overseas. From the best quality GMAT online coaching to mock tests, study abroad counselling, overseas education loans, and the best test preparation for GMAT, we take complete care of your study abroad mission. Contact us today!

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