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6 Tips to Ace your TOEFL Reading Scores

Sep 28, 2022

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TOEFL is a renowned English Proficiency Test accepted by most of the top-ranked global universities and institutions across the world. This test has two testing modes, they are: PBT - Paper-based Test and iBT - Internet-based Test. PBT was recently relaunched, and it is now called TOEFL iBT Paper Edition.

This test measures 4 academic English skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each of these skills requires an effective study plan and strategic preparation to reach the required score. The Score Validity of this test is 2 years. In this article, we will focus on the TOEFL Reading Section, question patterns, test time, scores, and tips that will help you score high.


What is TOEFL Reading Section?

The first section of the TOEFL exam is Reading Section. This section can be challenging for students. This part is to assess the reading and comprehension capabilities of a student in an academic environment. Every passage in the reading section will have multiple patterns of questions based on vocabulary, reference, purpose, inference, and a complete table type. 
Now that we know about the reading section of TOEFL. Let’s proceed to the exam pattern.


Test Timing & Score Levels

TOEFL iBT Reading Test Timings: Internet-Based Test section is given a duration of 54 or 72 minutes. There will be 3 or 4 Reading Comprehension Passages. 10 questions will be asked for every passage. 

TOEFL iBT Paper Edition – The test timing will be the same as TOEFL iBT Internet-Based Reading test. The only difference is that the mode of exam will be paper-based. 

Speaking tests in Paper Edition can be taken at home on the student’s computer. The date and test timings can be decided by the student as per the slots available for the test. 


Tips to Score High

Now that we had an overview of the reading section, let’s discuss some tips that will help you score high in the reading section. Follow these tips when you are doing your reading test preparation for TOEFL, and you’ll surely ace the test.

1. Make a Test Strategy
Having a test strategy is very important for the aspirant. The first thing that you should start with is to understand the pattern of the reading section. You can then examine your strengths and weaknesses. Start working on the parts where you require extra attention. 
Making a test strategy gives you guidance to complete your preparation and achieve all your preparation targets. This will result in high scores.

2. Work on Areas of Improvement 
After understanding the pattern, you will be able to analyse your points for improvement. Giving extra attention to the areas where you need to improve will help you excel in the reading section. Be it grammatical perfection, speed of reading, comprehension capacity or the perfection of delivering the answers, everything needs to be practiced for perfection. 

3. Improve your Vocabulary
Having a great command on vocab is important to comprehend the passages. The vocabulary in the reading section is of advanced level. Learning new words can be a concern if done last minute. So, you should try to improve your vocabulary from the start of the TOEFL preparation itself.

4. Follow Reading Techniques
There are different reading techniques which will help you improve your speed of reading, grasping, and comprehending capacity. 
Since the time is limited and you have multiple questions to answer, it is essential that you speed up your reading and comprehending pace.
Many TOEFL online coaching classes help you with these tips and techniques that can be beneficial for your preparation. 

5. Learn Time Management
Time is a crucial factor in TOEFL reading test: the passages are quite lengthy, and they require good amount of time just to read. Answering the questions will need additional time. Learning time management and dedicating time for every passage will ensure that you answer all the questions. 
Good time management skills will help you in getting high scores in the reading section. 

6. Take Practice Tests
Practice tests are the best way to test your preparation. You will know where you lack so that you prepare further. It will also give you the real test experience. 

To improve your score, you should take regular practice tests specially for the reading section. This will also help you increase your speed of answering the questions as well.

Now that you know the tips to get high scores in the reading section, you can follow these tips to ace the TOEFL reading section. To get the most out of these tips follow them from the very start of your TOEFL test preparation. 

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