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A Detailed Guide for writing an SOP to Study in Australia

Nov 29, 2022

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After the US and the UK, Australia is the third most popular study-abroad destination for international students. It is home to some of the top universities in the world and not only offers high-quality education but also offers an exciting and affordable lifestyle for students. If you have chosen to study in Australia, you must know everything about writing the Statement of Purpose or SOP. It can help you stand out among several other student visa applicants aspiring to get admission to Australian universities for higher education. So let’s learn how you can write an impressive SOP to ensure your admission into your dream university. 


Understanding SOP for Australia

An SOP is a personal statement written by an applicant, which helps the university learn more about the applicant’s interests, academic progress, goals, and the reason behind choosing a particular career path. A large number of students with impressive resumes, high test scores, and GPAs apply to Australian universities and it gets challenging for the admission committee to decide which one to choose or reject. Thus, they give great emphasis on the structured presentation of an SOP.

The latest SOP guideline is called the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement in the student’s visa application form. You must write a personal statement in English of around 300 words in total (2000 character limit). You must also include details about your personal circumstances for undertaking study in Australia. It is necessary to attach supporting documents to ImmiAccount for GTE assessment. 


The Necessary Information You Must Include:

  • Educational Background

You should show your academic transcripts like certificates and grade cards to prove the qualifications achieved, and mention the name of your school, institution, and the duration of your study. The certificates of attainment must be provided as evidence.

  • Backlogs or Gap in Education

In case you have any gap years in your education, or any backlogs, you must explain them with a valid explanation. If you have done any other courses in the gap, mention that and prove your point.

  • Work and Employment

Information about your current employer and details must be shared, like company address, employment period, and your position in the company. You must also provide the name and contact of a person who can confirm your employment in the company.

  • Valid reasons to return to your home country

You need to give proper evidence about your home country and your motive to return home. Add evidence of financial, family or social ties and show that you have significant incentives to come back to your residential country after the completion of your studies.

You may present various documents to show your employment or business activities for the past 12 months before applying. You may also show the potential that this employment offers, salary, and other benefits in your home country after course completion. 

  • Employment in a third country

Potential employment offers, including salary and other benefits, after course completion needs to be mentioned.


The Procedure of GTE Assessment:

The GTE requirement ensures that the student visa program is accessed in the best possible manner. It helps identify students who intend to use the student visa program for motives other than gaining a quality education.

Some of the things considered during assessments are: 

  • Your reason for not studying a similar course available in your home country 
  • Ties with your home country to support your intention of return after study
  • Your economic situation
  • If you have any military service commitments back home
  • Any case of political and civil unrest in your home country

The potential situation of the student in Australia is further taken into consideration:

  • Any ties to Australia which will make the student stay in Australia after study
  • The level of knowledge of the proposed course and education provider
  • Previous records of education
  • Any planned living arrangements
  • Financial stability
  • Value of the course to your future

The things taken into consideration include whether a particular course is consistent with your current level of education,  if it is relevant to your past or proposed future employment at your home or a third country and the expected salary and other benefits.

Your immigration history is assessed carefully; things like any previous visa applications for Australia or other countries and visa refusals or cancellations are also taken into consideration. 

If the student is a minor, the intentions of the student’s parents or legal guardian will be considered.



Writing an SOP for Australia may seem to be a daunting task. If you have queries about how to get admission in Australia and want to know more about the new SOP guidelines, you may reach out to KC Overseas. A team of dedicated career experts will guide you on how to perfect your SOP writing, minimize errors, positively present your intentions, and ensure that everything you have mentioned in the application works in your favor. The SOP for Australia helps you highlight your motivation, ambition, and goals. Remember that it will undergo critical assessment, in the wake of which you must have a proper plan of action before writing it.



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