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A Guide to Study Masters in New Zealand

Oct 25, 2021

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With globally ranked universities and an excellent education system, New Zealand has the right mix of opportunities and career prospects for international students. Home to some of the leading universities across the globe, the country has a distinguished reputation of being a hub for quality education. Education in New Zealand is based on the prestigious British education system and the universities here offer a wide array of study programs, research options, and internship opportunities. 

New Zealand is one of the most preferred study overseas destinations especially by students looking forward to studying masters at an affordable cost. Let’s check out for a few more reasons beyond this for which international students prefer New Zealand for pursuing a Master’s Degree. 


4 Reasons to Study Masters in New Zealand 

Gain Education like the UK: The education system in New Zealand is built upon the UK’s British Education System that allows students to gain education like the UK at an affordable cost in New Zealand. 

Comprehensive Master’s Degree Programs: The Master’s program at New Zealand universities is designed in such a way that it provides students with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well. 

Affordable on the Pocket: A Master’s Degree at any institution in New Zealand costs between 19000 to 63000 NZD depending upon the chosen specialization. This cost is comparatively cheaper than a Master’s Degree in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. 

Flexible Duration: The duration of a Master’s Degree in New Zealand can be between 12 months to 24 months allowing students to choose a suitable program as per their preferences. 


Top Universities for Masters 

Considering the QS World Rankings of the year 2022, here are some of the top Universities in New Zealand to pursue a Master’s Degree:


Sr. No.




QS Rankings 2022




Victoria University of Wellington






University of Canterbury






Massey University






Lincoln University 






University of Waikato






Auckland University of Technology




Popular Study Programs 

The universities in New Zealand offer a Master’s Degree-Level Program in almost all the major study areas. Here is a quick rundown of the popular ones: 

  • Master’s in Engineering – Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical 
  • Master of Construction Management 
  • Master’s in Finance/Professional Accounting 
  • Master’s in Psychology 
  • Master’s in Data Science 
  • Master’s in Computer Science/IT 
  • Master’s in Public Health/Health Practice 


Eligibility Criteria 

The institutions in New Zealand have set few prerequisites and on fulfilling the same, students can apply at the university. The eligibility criteria might differ from one to another depending upon the chosen program like a bachelors, masters or MBA in New Zealand and the level of entry. Here are the general criteria to study Masters in New Zealand: 

  • An applicant should have successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. 
  • Relevant professional work experience may be required for some programmes. 
  • Either IELTS, TOEFL or PTE is required to establish their language proficiency, but the student can initially get the conditional admit without these test scores as well. 


Cost of Master’s Degree 

The cost of a Master’s Degree in New Zealand is quite affordable and light on the pocket. Tuition fees to study at New Zealand institutions depends on factors like the chosen subject and specialization. When it comes to the cost of living in New Zealand, it entirely depends upon the lifestyle of the student and the residing city. Here is a general cost bracket for tuition fees and living costs in New Zealand: 

  • Tuition Fees: 19000 to 63000 NZD 
  • Living Costs: 15000 NZD per year 



In order to make quality education accessible, the New Zealand institutions offer fully funded or partially funded scholarships to international students. Some of the popular scholarships for International Students are as follows: 

  • New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA): NZD 5,000 towards the first-year tuition fee 
  • Victoria Tongarewa Scholarship: NZD 5,000 or 10,000 the first-year tuition fee 
  • Wellington International Excellence Scholarship: NZD 20,000 over three years paid towards tuition fees 
  • University of Waikato Tauranga Bursary: NZ$10,000 only applicable for Tauranga campus the first-year tuition fee 
  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship: Up to NZ$10,000 towards tuition fees the first-year tuition fee Post Study Work Visa 

According to the New Zealand Embassy, international students become eligible for up to three years of post-study work visa after the successful completion of a Master’s Degree. 


Career Prospects after Master’s in New Zealand 

Completing a Master’s Degree in New Zealand opens up many avenues for international students. On an average, an international student in New Zealand earns up to NZD 1,58,000 upon the successful completion of a Master’s Degree. Some of the high-paying sectors in New Zealand are as follows: 

  • Accounting/Finance 
  • Architecture/Construction Management 
  • Engineering 
  • Public Health/ Health Practice 
  • Hospitality and Tourism 
  • Computer Science/Information Technology 

Wrap Up 

New Zealand is surely an ideal study overseas destination for students looking forward to pursuing a pocket-friendly Master’s Degree abroad. So, if you aim to study in New Zealand, connect with KC’s NZ experts. We are one of the leading overseas education consultants across Asia and we assist students to secure admission in overseas universities across 31 countries. Right from short-listing of the university to the visa processing, pre-departure briefing to accommodation assistance, we take care of all that is required. So, book a free consultation with us NOW!

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