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Accelerate Your Career Path by Pursuing MBA in Singapore

Jul 19, 2021

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Singapore, the financial centre of Southeast Asia is a trending study overseas destination among international aspirants as this small island nation has leading universities offering high quality education and ample work opportunities as it’s a global business hub. Singapore is a study destination that can’t be skipped by those aspiring to pursue MBA abroad. Let’s see why?

4 Perks of Studying MBA in Singapore

1. Multi-Country MBA Programs

Few Business Schools in Singapore offer multi-country Global MBA programs that allow students to study at the dynamic business hubs of Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney etc.

2. Scope to gain a Global Perspective

Business schools in Singapore offer an opportunity to delve into both Asian and global markets. The management education here, entirely focuses on providing the global learning experience. 

3. Budget-Friendly

Compared to the study overseas destinations like USA, Australia and UK, an MBA Degree at a Singaporean University is quite light on the pocket. 

4. Ample Work Opportunities Post MBA

Being home to top Unicorn companies, Singapore offers ample work opportunities to international students after MBA. Secondly, for those with their eyes on tech, or launching an innovative business venture, Singapore is an ideal destination. 

With all such advantages, who wouldn’t consider Singapore to study an MBA. Let’s look at the two types of MBA programs offered by Singaporean Universities.  

Types of MBA Degrees in Singapore

There are a number of MBA universities in Singapore that offer theory-based knowledge along with practical training. These universities offer two types of MBA degrees:

Fresher’s MBA

A Fresher’s MBA is a degree program for the fresh graduates willing to pursue an MBA degree just after the successful completion of their bachelor’s degree. 
Although the tuition fee of a Fresher’s MBA program differs from university to university, the average tuition fee of an MBA Degree at Singaporean University ranges between SGD18,000 to SGD35,000. A Fresher’s MBA is a one-year degree program that equips students with the right kind of skillsets required to thrive in the global corporate market. 

Executive MBA

An Executive MBA Degree is an ideal program for the experienced professionals looking forward to getting promoted or even start one’s own business. The pre-requisite to study this course is that an applicant should possess minimum three years of professional work experience in the relevant field. 
The average tuition fee of an Executive MBA Program ranges between SGD 25,000 to SGD 80,000 however it differs from university to university. A one-year exhaustive Executive MBA Program is designed in such a way that helps one develop managerial and leadership skillsets. 
Singapore Business Schools offering MBA

The Nanyang Institute of Management and SP Jain School of Global Management are the top Business Schools in Singapore. Here is the list of business schools to study in Singapore along with the tuition fee and the course duration specified. 

Top Business SchoolsTuition FeeTotal Duration
National University of SingaporeSG$ 68,00012 Months
Singapore Management UniversitySG 67,41015 Months
Nanyang Technological UniversitySG$ 66,34012 Months
S P Jain School of Global ManagementSG$ 52,33418 months
James Cook UniversitySG$ 38,52012 Months
EAIM- East Asia Institute of ManagementSG$ 34,34012 Months
Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA)SG$ 28,89012 months
EAIM- East Asia Institute of ManagementSG$ 28,34012 months
Nanyang Institute of ManagementSG$ 25,14512 Months
London School of Business and FinanceSG$ 24,61012 Months

Career Prospects

Singapore is known globally for its innovative economy and ranks fifth in the world by the Global Innovation Index which means that it has ample career prospects after MBA. The country being home to top multinational companies, graduates can get high-paying jobs after their MBA in Singapore. 
Now that you are aware about the perks of pursuing MBA in Singapore, leading business schools and the career prospects in Singapore, find out which business school is suitable to fulfill your career aspirations.

Connect to the Singapore Country Experts of KC Overseas Education, one of the best overseas education consultants in Asia with 65+ offices in 11 Countries. Connect with our team for shortlisting the right business school and for thorough guidance through the eligibility criteria and the entire application process. 

“Study MBA in Singapore & Soar High on the path of Professional Success”

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