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KC Overseas Education Franchise Advantage for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Apr 05, 2024

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Entrepreneurs of today are well aware of the potential that lies in franchising within the ed-tech sector. With promising return on investment and industry credibility, it is one of the best possible ways to climb the ladder of success. However, to achieve this feat amidst a sea of organizations, choosing the one that suits your expectations requires careful consideration of various factors.

So, explore KC Overseas Education – a globally renowned name in the ed-tech franchise industry. An organization that has been in this industry for 25 years and gives exclusive and extensive support to its Franchisees to flourish individually and as a brand on the whole.

About KC Overseas Education

Back in 1998, when India was making headlines for its advancements in various sectors, the education sector was no exception, and taking this into account something special was about to begin at the Orange city of India - Nagpur. That is when KC Overseas was established! Little did anyone know that over the years it would rise to become one of the leading Edtech Brands not just across Asia but across the world. Let us take a trip down the memory lane to explore the incredible 25-years journey of KC Overseas!


KC’s Journey as a Franchisor

From start to success, an aspiring entrepreneur knows the power of learning behind an organization's expansion. So let us unfold the chapters of KC Overseas and see where it stands today!

  • After starting operations for study abroad assistance in a small office in Nagpur with a handful of employees in 1998, the demand for overseas education didn’t make us stay small for long. So back in 2006, we opened our first branch in Raipur. Fast forward to today, we have got branches popping up all over India and South Asia in the form of KC-owned branches as well as KC’s Franchises!
  • By 2011, we spread wings far and wide, assisting students from four major continents in their study abroad journey. 
  • And then came 2013 – the year we decided to share the growth potential with the world by introducing the concept of franchising by setting up KC’s first franchise in India’s capital - Delhi.
  •  By 2016 we decided to expand our operations globally, starting with Nepal. Also, in the same year, we hit a major milestone when we acquired 500 Global University Tie-ups.
  • Witnessing this growth, more and more entrepreneurs teamed up with KC taking the KC Franchise number to 15 by 2017.
  • And today in 2024, this number has grown more than 4 times to a whopping 65 KC Franchises across India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

With 800+ University Partnerships in 33 countries and over 100,000+ course options, the organization is making waves in the world of Study Abroad Student Recruitment not just as an Edtech Brand but as a Franchisor as well.

KC is still aiming to expand and give franchises in various regions of India, South and Southeast Asia, Africa as well as other parts of the globe. So, all those interested in becoming a study abroad recruiter, looking for a renowned Franchisor to get a brand name and exclusive support can connect to our Franchise Team.

But before you do that let us also dwell on the aspect of what support you will get as a KC Franchisee.

Support and Services as a Franchisor

As a franchisor, KC Overseas Education doesn't just offer a successful business model, in fact, to ensure the success of your franchise business in education sector, we have got your back covered in every step of the way. 

Here is how we support our franchisees:

  1. Thriving Brand: KC Overseas gives you the scope to start as a thriving brand with 25 years of industry presence. KC’s reputation in the market as a reliable student recruiter not only helps you gain customers in the form of study abroad aspirants but also has a standing among the global universities that KC has a tie-up with.
  2. Complete Training: Franchisees receive complete initial and ongoing training to stay updated on the best industry practices, ensuring they are equipped to provide top-notch service to students.
  3. Assistance in Marketing: KC provides initial support in social media and digital marketing, along with guidance on current trends and updates to keep your marketing efforts effective and relevant. Timely support is also given for marketing as required.
  4. Access to 800+ Global Universities: Unlike some competitors who limit you to certain countries or a handful of universities, KC Overseas gives you access to over 800+ universities in 33 major study destinations worldwide. This gives you a quick start with the scope of giving multi-country options as a student recruiter.
  5. KC's Recruitment Platform: KC’s tech platform is the greatest and most unique support for the franchisees. This is an innovative student recruitment platform that provides tailored solutions for the university search and application process, making it seamless for KC franchisees. You can also explore scholarships, manage tuition fee payments, and a lot more – all in one place.
  6. Overseas Education Loan Assistance with Elan: Our fintech division, Elan Loans enables our franchisees to assist students with loans and other financial services like foreign exchange, global cards, travel insurance, etc.
  7. Events and Education Fair Support: KC helps franchisees organize impactful events and education fairs in their branches and cities, inviting universities to participate. This generates leads for student enrolments and builds goodwill by hosting university delegates at franchise locations.
  8. Specialized Team Support: Whenever you need help with operations, student concerns, or any other student support, KC’s dedicated support team is available round the clock to assist with franchisee’s queries, from university applications to visa processes.

In conclusion, teaming up with KC Overseas Education isn't just about running a franchise—it's like joining a helpful squad dedicated to your success in the world of education abroad. To elevate your position as one of the best franchise businesses in India, look no further than KC Overseas Education and ride the wave of growth and success!


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