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An In-depth Guide of TOEFL Test

May 19, 2022

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Educational Testing Services is a private non-private organisation that conducts educational research with an emphasis on testing. It is the same organisation that conducts the TOEFL examination which is accepted at more than 11,000 institutions around the globe. 

There are more than a million international students enrolled at American universities and colleges, however, to get an admission in these institutes students must meet certain criterions. One such criteria for non-native speakers is to pass an assessment for their language skills.

In this article we will be discussing with you the details of this test which you must be aware of if you are aiming to appear for it. So, if you are a student doing test preparation for TOEFL then read the article thoroughly.

  • Administration 

The TOEFL test can be taken either at an ETS-authorised centre or at home. In order to take the test from home, you must have proper equipment and create the environment where you can be monitored.

  • Scoring

Each section of the test is worth 30 points and the scoring are done by both- the automated scoring methods and human graders to score the test.

The reading and listening sections have one correct answer therefore, they are scored by automated methods. Whereas the speaking and writing sections are reviewed and scored by human graders as well as AI algorithms.

  • Registration

This test is administered up to 6 days a week at the authorised test centre. This gives you plenty of options, but you should appear for the test at least 2 to 3 months before your deadline. The test registration has to be done online through ETS website, walk in registrations are not permissible. 

Take into account these points before you register for the test:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the fees and payment policies.
  2. Make sure that the name you register with matches exactly with the name registered on your ID card that you will be carrying on the day of the test.
  3. If you choose to appear for TOEFL iBT home edition, then you must make sure to meet the environment and equipment requirements.
  4. You can register through your ETS account by phone or by mail.
  • Cost

The cost of taking the IELTS test depends on the country for instance, in America it is $225, in Australia it is $300, in India it is up to $190, etc. Also, there is an additional fee for those who sign up late. You must consider the cost of TOEFL coaching in this as well.

  • Test Duration

The duration of the test is around 3 hours. The timing allotted per section is as follow:

  1. Reading section- with three or four reading passage consisting of 10 question each, the reading section can take 54 to 72 minutes.
  2. Listening sectionthere are three lectures and two conversations or four lectures and three(i.e. 5 or 7 audios) in this section which is why it can take up to 41 or 57 minutes to answer this section.
  3. Speaking sectionthis section is 17 minutes long within which you have to answer four questions, record your responses, and send it to the ETS.
  4. Writing section- there are two parts in this section which are integrated task and essay writing. Time allotted for each section is 20 and 30 minutes respectively which makes the total time 50 minutes for this section.
  • When to take the test

TOEFL test is conducted more than 60 times in a year across the globe at the test centres or your home. It is advised that the registered users log in to their account on the ETS website for up-to-date information.

  • Results

The test results could take anywhere from 6 to 10 days following the exam date. The results for listening and reading appear on the screen at the end of their particular section. You can see the official scores in your account 10 days after the test and will receive the printed reports by mail within 11 days. 

The acceptance score is decided by each institute individually often setting the bar at 100. The highest score on the test is 120 however there are many universities which accept a much lower score as well. It is possible for you to easily achieve this score with the assistance of KC’s academy experts which is the best TOEFL coaching in Nagpur.

  • Validity

The validity of this test is for 2 years, you can however take the test for an unlimited number of times. But there must be a gap of three days between each retake of the test. It is not uncommon for students to take the test multiple times, in 2019 TOEFL program announced the addition of ‘My Best’ scores which lets students be selected to a university based on the results of the test they have performed better in.  

We hope you are well versed with all the details of this test so you can start your preparation and appear for TOEFL accordingly. 

If you aim to take this test to get into a good university, you must be prepared well and score high. You can take the help of studies abroad consultants in Nagpur which is KC Overseas. Here, we will help you prepare for the test and assist you in getting into your dream university. 

We wish you the best for your results and success in your future endeavours! 

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