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An Overview on the Study Options for Higher Studies in Canada

Jul 27, 2021

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According to’s Country Rankings 2021, Canada Ranks 1st among the Top 10 Places in the World to Study Abroad in 2021. Canada has taken the top spot for two consecutive years. 

Further according to the CIC News, Canada ranks 3rd globally in terms of international education. Apart from the excellent standard of living and its scenic beauty, the country is also known to be one of the most educated countries in the world. 

Another reason for Canada being at the top of the competition is that the country’s education system offers an array of diverse and flexible post-secondary study options for international students. The Canadian Universities and Colleges offer degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs at the post-secondary level. 

So, here we are with our new blog post to give you an overview of the Canadian Education System with a major focus on certificate courses, degrees, and diploma programs. Read on to gain further inputs. 


Education System in Canada 

Right from small liberal arts universities, research-focused institutions to technical colleges, international students can choose to study in Canada as per their career aspirations. 

Canadian Education System comprises of Universities and Community Colleges at the post-secondary level. Let us understand the difference.

Universities: The Canadian Universities offer programs at degree and doctorate levels in a variety of subjects. For masters, both taught and research programs are offered by the universities. The degree programs prepare students to enter in academics sector or even work in the corporates. 

To pursue a bachelor's or master’s degree in Canada, aspirants must possess at least 60% and above in their previous qualification. However, it differs from university to university depending on the chosen course and the university ranking. 


Community Colleges:

The Community Colleges in Canada offer an array of job-ready programs like certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate diplomas. There are some of the best colleges in Canada for international students that focus on providing hands-on learning experiences. Aspirants must possess a minimum of 50% and above in their previous qualifications to study at the community colleges.


Certificate Courses, Degrees and Diplomas in Canada 

It would be better for the international students planning to pursue their higher education in Canada to be aware of the different qualifications offered by Canadian institutions. Here’s a brief synopsis for the same: 




Certificate and Diploma

1 to 2 years

Vocational and Job-Oriented Technical Programs

Associate Degree

2 years

Equivalent to first two years of a 4-year Bachelor's Program

Bachelor's Degree

3 to 4 years

The duration of the undergraduate degree program is normally of 4 years however certain provinces like Quebec may have bachelor’s degree of 3 years.

Bachelor's Honours Degree

4 years

Requires a specific GPA or Credits

Postgraduate Diploma

1 to 2 years

A Post Bachelor’s Degree Qualification

Master's Degree (Research)


1 to 2 years

Often referred to as research masters, this master’s degree requires mandatory submission of thesis for assessment and course completion

Master's Degree (Taught)

1 to 2 years

Does not require thesis submission

Doctorate or Ph.D.

4 to 7 years

Ph.D. is awarded on successfully completing the dissertation and defending it before a panel of faculty members


Now that you know about the education system and different study levels in Canada, we hope you are all excited to begin with your course search to pursue your higher education in Canada. 

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