The Best Guide and Tips For You To Prepare For The GRE

Jan 20, 2023

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Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is an internationally accepted standardised examination to check if a student is academically ready to enter graduate schools. If you are planning to appear for the GRE exam, you must begin by having a proper strategy for test preparation, and understand the three sections of the exam in detail, which include Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning. 

The duration of the GRE examination is about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Applicants may appear for paper-based or computer-based exams. GRE scores are taken into account by top-ranked universities in the world; it is an important factor in the candidate selection process. Continue reading to learn more about the exam and the right test preparation for GRE


Why choose GRE and the benefits of a good score in GRE?

The GRE test will give applicants a competitive edge; it allows them to access the best schools around the globe, and equips them with the necessary skills to build a successful career and thrive in challenging environments. 

There isn’t a specific benchmark of a good GRE score. It differs for universities and top programs may require a higher GRE average as compared to low ranked programs. Let us look at some of the benefits of a good GRE score:

  • A good GRE score is not only important for making admission decisions but also helps schools in making scholarship decisions. One should consider taking the GRE to increase their eligibility for this funding.
  • GRE score is a convenient comparison of applicants from diverse backgrounds, who are categorised based on their scores.
  • A good GRE score will ensure that you have more opportunities, more options and put you in a better position than at least half of all test-takers. 


Essential Pointers to Keep In Your Mind for GRE Exam

1. How to prepare for the Analytical Writing Section?

This particular section of the test assesses your critical writing and thinking capabilities. You must be able to pen down complex ideas clearly and effectively, and practice writing responses to topics published by ETS ( The official guide will help you attempt each task in the right manner, according to the specific instructions provided, 6 linked to the issue and 8 to the argument tasks. In the argument task, you should analyse the given argument on the basis of specific instructions and not try to prove it true or false.


2. How to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning Section?

This section is a little bit challenging as it tests your vocabulary, the way you comprehend, your skills in sentence structure and your understanding of concepts are tested here. You must keep learning, noting down and practising words and their meanings. Try to use phrases or words you learn while answering the questions.


3. How to prepare for the GRE Quantitative Section?

You must emphasise on this section which tests your mathematical abilities, reasoning and problem-solving skills. You must have a clear understanding of fundamental Mathematics, and pay attention to topics like percentages, averages, ratios and so on. The official guide provides references and you can start using the calculator while practising. Remember that the calculator provided will only have basic functions like multiplication, subtraction, addition, division.


Tips To Follow:

1. Build a study routine and follow it:

You must have a proper study schedule to achieve a target GRE score. Students require at least three months of preparation and not having a properly structured plan of action can make you fall behind. Include extensive reading in your daily routine, build up your vocabulary, practice mathematics, create a practical study schedule for each day with allocated time for each section to help you reap positive results.


2. Practice tests for technique

You should take as many practice tests as possible to become confident and to understand how to approach each question in the exam. The techniques you develop and use during practice to solve a problem will help you manage time during the actual examination and get a good GRE score. You must strengthen your mental abilities, practice in an environment that gives you a real feel of the exam day and know what to expect.


3. Target your weaknesses first

It is a fact that each student has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. The areas you find most challenging must be improved by practising regularly. If you are good at mathematics and poor at reading and writing or vice versa you need to identify your weaknesses first and eliminate them in a strategic manner. You should practise daily to see improvement. 


4. Track your progress 

It is important to know and keep track of your growth while preparing for the GRE examination. You can also analyse how well your study strategies are working on a daily or weekly basis. You must be consistent and self-evaluation will ensure that you highlight your improvements for all sections in the GRE. 


5. Determine your target GRE score

If you are appearing for the GRE test, you probably have shortlisted the universities and graduate programs that interest you. Check the GRE score required on the official school website and practice keeping in mind your target score. It will help to put you at or above the average for the schools on your wishlist.


Offline and Online GRE Training for your Test Preparation

Wondering how to start your test preparation for GRE? KC Overseas Education provides the best GRE in-class and online GRE training for your test preparation.  

If you prefer the traditional learning environment, you can choose in-person class training. Some of its advantages are: 

  • Expert teachers will guide you every step of the way, and answer your queries instantly, helping you achieve your unique goals.
  • A structured methodology is used which allows you to know your status in your testing.
  • They provide dedicated tools, and quality study material and you will not have to go on looking for your research material.
  • Timed practice tests and immediate feedback helps boost your overall score.

Online GRE training is also preferred among students for its various advantages like:

  • It is convenient and customizable
  • You can get personalized lessons and tips to study
  • You can learn at your speed
  • You can get your answers evaluated
  • Can be taken from the comfort of your home



GRE coaching can provide assistance and monitor your GRE study progress. KC Overseas is one of the fastest growing Edtech companies that gives you access to the best quality study materials for GRE test preparation. Connect with KC Overseas to know which sections in your GRE test must be prioritized and this will be your first step towards fulfilling your dream. The days of preparation and hard work would culminate in your performance on the GRE test day. Good luck!


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