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Budgeting Tips for International Students to Manage Cost of Studying in Canada

May 11, 2021

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Studying in Canada is affordable. If we say this, will you agree? Oh yes, you have to as the tuition fees is generally lower than universities and colleges in the U.S. the U.K. and Australia. Let’s delve into the information you need to understand for the cost of studying in Canada from college, university or graduate studies. There’s obviously more to your study costs than tuition and other fees. So, the information in this article will help you plan for other expenses as well, such as living costs. 


Cost of College & Vocational School Study in Canada 

The duration of College programs vary, so they are often less expensive as compared to the university studies. Tuition fees for international students to study in Canada vary depending on the program of your choice and the location you choose to study in. Some schools offer free tuition, while others charge approximately CAD 12, 000 to CAD 18,000 per year for tuition. On an average, the living costs tend to be approximately CAD 12,000. 

You’ll find high-quality colleges and vocational schools throughout Canada, in smaller cities and towns as well where the cost of living is lower. Canada’s larger cities are also comparatively more affordable than many cities around the world. 

Some programs include work-integrated learning as well, which may help you earn a little to manage other expenses while you are in Canada. 


Cost of Study in Canadian Universities 

The cost of undergraduate or graduate study in Canadian universities would vary depending on the program and location you choose. The costs will also vary from city to city and province to province, for tuition fees as well as living expenses. So, it would be right to search a wide range of options to find the right university and community suitable for your budget. You will find many good universities in Canada’s smaller cities and towns as well where the cost of living is lower. 

Cost of Undergraduate Study 

Tuition fees for Undergraduate Study can approximately range from CAD 16,000 to CAD 25,000 per year based on the program and the university you choose. 

Cost of Graduate Study 

Tuition fees for a Master’s Degree Program can approximately range from CAD 15000 to CAD 18,000 per year. A Ph.D. might cost you approximately CAD 2,500 to CAD 17,000 per year. 


Cost of Online Education 

The tuition fees for online learning would again vary based on the criteria whether the program is part of a college diploma, undergraduate or graduate level of study. Apart from this it would also depend on the institution and program you choose. 


Scholarships for International Students in Canada 

There are scholarships for international students to study in Canada offered on the basis of outstanding academic grades and exceptional English Proficiency scores. Scholarships are mostly offered by the universities without any additional application based on the eligibility benchmarks but at some institutions you may need to apply separately as well. 


Living expenses for International Students in Canada 

When you’re planning your budget as an international student the other important expenses to be considered are: 

  • Accommodation 
  • Transportation 
  • Food and Groceries 
  • Other Miscellaneous Expenses 

All the above-mentioned expenses would again vary depending on the place you stay. But having a broader understanding of how much it would cost will help you plan the budget well. 

You would be happy to know that Canada’s larger cities are more affordable than many cities around the world. 

On an average the living expenses for one year can be around CAD 12,000. 


Cost of Health Insurance 

Though there is no national healthcare plan in Canada, each province and territory provides universal health care to its citizens. This is free and applies to all Canadian citizens. The health insurance includes the cost of doctors and hospitals other than dentists, physiotherapists, and other health providers. 

As an international student, you need to check whether the province or territory you would be staying in extends health insurance for international students or not. In provinces where there is no coverage for international students, your will have to purchase a medical insurance plan from your institution.

International students are usually not required to pay separately for health insurance, as it is included in the tuition fee. 

Travel Health Insurance 

When we talk of Travel health insurance, we’ll find some variation as compared to basic health insurance. This will be useful if your time in Canada is less than one year and you expect to live in different parts of Canada. This may apply to students planning to attend: 

  • A summer camp language school 
  • A co-op program or internship 

You can get further details from travel agents and the institution you enroll with. 


Discounts for International Students in Canada 

As an international student in Canada, you can enjoy lot of great deals or discounts in stores, restaurants, public transit, airlines, trains, and other places as they offer reduced prices for students. You will be able to access these student discounts, only if you have sa valid student identification card. It would be better to get the International Student Identification Card for additional benefits. 

You can connect to KC’s Canada Experts for further detailed information on the right university, college or institution that would be the best fit as per your budget and which offers your choice of program. KC Overseas Education is one of the most reputed and reliable Study Abroad Consultants in South Asia as such you will be guided with the most updated and correct information. 

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