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Career Prospects After Studying in the Netherlands: Popular Courses, Thriving Sectors, and More

Mar 08, 2024

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Studying in Netherlands isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about boarding on a journey that opens doors to exciting career prospects. Think beyond textbooks and classrooms, picture yourself networking with industry leaders at vibrant innovation hubs or gaining practical experience through top-notch internships embedded in your curriculum. The Netherlands features a globalized economy brimming with opportunities in sectors like tech, sustainability, and healthcare, all keen for fresh talent with diverse perspectives.

But it's not just about landing any job. Here, you'll be equipped with the tools to excel. World-renowned universities, known for their innovative teaching methods and focus on critical thinking, will help you hone your skills and graduate as a well-rounded professional, ready to adapt and thrive in the dynamic job market. While steering a new country might seem overwhelming, the Dutch are renowned for their welcoming nature. This supportive environment, coupled with a strong international student community, makes settling in and forging professional connections easier than you might think.

Dive into this article and discover Why study in Netherlands could be the key to unlocking your brightest career prospects after education
Table of Contents

  1. Popular Universities
  2. Prevalent Courses
  3. Cost of Education 
  4. Thriving Sectors & Popular Career Prospects in Netherlands 
  5. In a Nutshell

Popular Universities

One of the most interesting facts about Netherlands is that it adopted the bachelor’s and master’s degree system quite early. And this led the country to have a plethora of course options. Moreover, if we talk in numbers, there are 112,00 plus global aspirants who step into Dutch universities to pursue their higher education. Thus, let us not wait any longer and explore some of the popular universities below. 

  • University of Twente
  • Radboud University
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences 
  • Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences
  • TIO University of Applied Sciences

Now a question might arise, what courses do these universities offer? Well, for that you need to roll down your eyes and read further. 

Prevalent Courses

As we all know Netherlands is one of the best countries in Europe and is a storehouse of umpteen course options, however, to help you get a better understanding we have given some of the popular ones below. 

Popular Course Options for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
Electrical & Electronic EngineeringArtificial Intelligence
Industrial Engineering & ManagementBiology
Mechanical EngineeringBusiness Administration
Automotive EngineeringEconomics
Civil EngineeringInternational Tourism Management
Business and ManagementInternational Hospitality Management
Sports Business ManagementFinance and Accounting
Business EconomicsLLM
Logistics ManagementComputing Science

Now that you know the popular courses let us discuss ahead the cost of education in Netherlands.

Cost of Education 

Talking about tuition fees, it varies among universities. If you are aspiring for a bachelor’s degree, you can expect tuition fees to range between €6,000 and €15,000 per year. While for a master’s degree, it is €8,000 and €20,000 per year. Apart from this, students need to manage their living costs as well which include accommodation, transportation, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. Thus, it can range between €800 and €1,100 a month, however, this amount differs depending on the location and the lifestyle. 

Now that we have covered the major aspects of studying in the country, let us now move ahead and explore the career prospects after studying in the Netherlands.

Thriving Sectors & Popular Career Prospects in Netherlands 

The Netherlands, with its vibrant economy, innovative spirit, and welcoming atmosphere, offers top-notch education and promising career prospects. But what specific opportunities await after graduation? Let us explore the exciting career prospects post-study, helping you chart your future course.

1. Tech & Engineering 

Tech and engineering study in Netherlands for international students brings a plethora of career opportunities. The country is a global leader in technology and innovation hosting renowned companies like Philips, ASML, and Thus, skilled professionals in software development, data science, cybersecurity, and engineering, especially renewable energy and water management are in high demand.

Tentative Salary Values: €50,000 - €70,000

2. Finance and Banking

Amsterdam, the financial capital of Netherlands, offers promising prospects for students interested in finance and banking. With a strong presence of international banks, financial institutions, and fintech startups, there are opportunities in areas such as investment banking, risk management, financial analysis, and fintech innovation.

Tentative Salary Values: €50,000 - €80,000

3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

As a gateway to Europe, Netherlands is one of the most advanced logistics and supply chain networks globally. International students with expertise in logistics management, supply chain optimization, and transportation can find rewarding careers in companies like DHL, FedEx, and Maersk, which have significant operations in the country.

Tentative Salary Values: €60,000 - €90,000

4. International Law and Diplomacy

The Netherlands is home to numerous international organizations, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, making it an ideal destination for students interested in law and diplomacy. Careers in international law, human rights advocacy, diplomatic service, and international arbitration are available for those with relevant qualifications and language skills.

Tentative Salary Values - €50,000 - €88,000

5. Consulting and Management

Consulting firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Deloitte have a significant presence in the Netherlands, offering opportunities for students interested in management consulting, strategy, and business analysis. Additionally, multinational corporations across various industries seek talented individuals for roles in project management, operations, and business development.

Tentative Salary Values - €50,000 - €65,000

6. Creative Industries

The country is known for its vibrant creative picture, encompassing advertising, design, fashion, and media. International students with talents in graphic design, digital marketing, fashion design, and filmmaking can find opportunities in creative agencies, fashion houses, media companies, and design studios throughout the Netherlands.

Tentative Salary Values - €60,000 - €90,000

In a Nutshell

Studying in the Netherlands offers a gateway to a world of opportunities across diverse sectors. With innovative teaching methods and a welcoming environment, Dutch universities equip students for success in a globalized job market. Discovering how to study in Netherlands unveils a path to realizing one's brightest career aspirations. 

At KC Overseas, we understand that this journey is more than just a destination; it's a transformative experience that shapes your future. With over 25 years of dedicated expertise in guiding students toward their study abroad dreams, we're not just an education consultancy; we're your steadfast companions on this exhilarating voyage. From selecting the right university to steering visa procedures, we ensure a seamless transition towards your dream university.  You can book a free online or offline counseling session with us for a one-on-one session with our country experts!

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