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Choose the Best Irish University to Pursue Higher Education in Ireland

Mar 09, 2020

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Ireland, known as the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’ has gained its reputation for high-quality education. The nation is a frontrunner in the education sector so, stay rest assured that you will be attaining a good quality education by learning in one of the top-notch education systems in the world. 

A lot of Indian students are fascinated to study in Ireland as it is the second largest exporter of Computer and IT Services in the world. Higher education in Ireland consists of Universities, Institutes of Technology, Colleges of Education and Specialist Colleges. 


The Irish Universities 

There are 8 Universities in Ireland which offer a range of courses at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level for international students. All these are autonomous Universities funded by the State.

Overseas education in Ireland attracts a major chunk of Indian students for Computer Science, Technology, Communication, Management and Finance related studies. The icing on the cake here is all the courses are taught in English as Ireland is an English-speaking European country. 

Let us have a look at the list of Universities in Ireland for international students which cater to these subject fields. 


1. Trinity College Dublin 

It is Ireland’s oldest higher education institution and the most prestigious university with a QS World Ranking of 108. Research and Innovation are the 2 main aspects of this University. Courses for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Evening and Short Courses along with Online courses are provided in Trinity College Dublin. 

Students can pursue higher education at Undergraduate or Post Graduate levels in the following study fields 

  • Engineering, Mathematics and Science 
  • Health Sciences 
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 


2. University College Dublin 

It is the largest university in the country ranking within the top 1% of Higher Education in the world with 32,000 students and 1,482 faculties. The university stands at 185th position in the QS World Ranking and is ranked the second best in Ireland. Courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels are offered in this prestigious university. 

Students can pursue higher education at Undergraduate or Post Graduate levels in the following study fields 

  • Business 
  • Engineering and Architecture 
  • Science 
  • Health and Agricultural Science 
  • Social Science and Law 
  • Arts and Humanities 


3. National University of Ireland 

NUI Galway is a tertiary institution ranked amongst the top 1% universities of the world and is regarded as one of the best universities in Ireland. The QS World University Ranking of NUI is 259 with a five-star rating in the QS Stars assessment system. 

The university has five colleges offering the following fields of study: 

  • College of Medicine, Health Sciences and Nursing 
  • College of Science 
  • College of Engineering and Informatics 
  • College of Business, Public Policy and Law 
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences


4. University College Cork 

This is an integral university of the National University of Ireland with an international reputation for enrolling students from 100 countries across the world. University College Cork functions with a belief of combined tradition of teaching, research and scholarships, maintaining its position in the top five universities of Ireland. 

Students can pursue higher education at Undergraduate or Post Graduate levels in the following study fields 

  • Engineering & Architecture Programmes and Pathways 
  • Business Programmes 
  • Science Programmes 
  • Medicine & Health Programmes 
  • Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences 
  • Law Programmes 


5. Dublin City University 

Dublin City University popularly known as DCU is the youngest to make it to the list of top universities in Ireland. DCU offers 80 programmes to students engaging in full time, part-time and off campus learning across its all the five faculties. The university boasts an impressive selection of on-campus facilities. 

Students can pursue higher education at Undergraduate or Post Graduate levels in the following study fields

  • Business 
  • Science and Health
  • Engineering and Computing
  • Humanities and Social Sciences 

Now that you know about the top 5 Universities of Ireland, represented by KC Overseas Education just walk into any of the Offices of KC Overseas Education across India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Vietnam for complete studies overseas assistance for Ireland starting from, Counselling, to Course selection and application to Visa Process.

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