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A Complete Guide for New Zealand Student Visa Process

Nov 17, 2022

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Over the years, New Zealand has become a popular choice among students willing to continue their higher education abroad. New Zealand's wonderful cities, gorgeous scenery, and friendly people make it an excellent choice for work and educational opportunities. Therefore, if you are one of those individuals who are willing to pursue their higher studies in New Zealand and move there, you must understand the importance of applying for a New Zealand student visa. 

Read along to understand the student visa process for pursuing your education in New Zealand.


Indian students who are above the age of 18 can choose from among four distinctive New Zealand Visa options, depending upon their qualifications and future educational dreams. The four types are discussed below:

  • Fee-paying student Visa

In case your choice requires you to stay in New Zealand for more than three months, then a fee-paying student visa is ideal for you. Here, you have to pay for the entire course prior to getting your visa. You also need to register with any approved university/ educational institution to complete your New Zealand student visa procedure successfully. Next, when you get your visa, you can stay in New Zealand for a maximum of four years and are eligible to take any part-time job/ jobs. 

  • Exchange student visa

This type of visa is an ideal choice for students who are looking forward to studying through exchange programs. The exchange programs can be school-to-school exchanges or tertiary wise exchanges. Exchange student visa holders are considered domestic students and are not required to pay any form of tuition fee. These students also stand eligible to take up part-time job/ jobs, which should not exceed the maximum limit of working more than 20 hours per week. 

  • Scholarship / foreign government-supported student visa

Indian students who have received any scholarship or whose education is supported by any form of government loan can stay in New Zealand for more than three months. However, you have to provide legitimate proof in regard to the payment of tuition fees and ownership of the scholarship. 

  • Pathway student visa

Students who have offers from any well-known pathway education provider stand eligible to receive a pathway student visa. This visa allows students to qualify for up to three consecutive courses while having a single student visa. One major benefit of a pathway student visa is that it is hassle-free and saves time for students majoring in more than one course. However, students must pay the tuition fees beforehand to get their visas. This visa has limited usage that extends to the student alone and does not allow spouses or kids. 

Now, let us discuss everything about the documents required for getting a fee-paying student visa and how much it adds to your cost to study in New Zealand

Documents Required for New Zealand Student Visa

You must keep the following list of documents handy to avoid any delay from your side in getting your visa. 

  • A passport which is valid for at least three months from the date of course completion
  • Letter of Acceptance from any New Zealand University or prestigious education provider in New Zealand
  • A valid documentation that carries all details like course fee, minimum course duration, overall course tenure, and other relevant details of the course
  • Documentation that holds valid evidence that the education provider or university is affiliated with the New Zealand authority
  • Evidence that proves the student’s financial capability to buy flight tickets
  • Medical certificate from an empanelled physician 
  • A police certificate that serves as a character certificate of the visa applicant for the authorities
  • A complete set of academic documents, including certificates, diplomas, and everything else as required by the university or education provider of New Zealand
  • Passport-size photo
  • Application fees for the student visa

Funds Related Documents Required for Studying in New Zealand 

When aiming to study in New Zealand, you must first transfer the required funds to the university or the educational institution before getting your visa. Therefore, a list of the required funds-related documents is mentioned below:

  • Documentation that proves the student's financial capability to afford the cost of living in New Zealand during their course tenure
  • Valid proof that students can bear to spend a minimum of 20,000 NZD p.a. as their cost of living and 2,000 NZD towards airfare
  • Scholarship or financial assistance documentation (if any)
  • Bank statements
  • Documentations from financial sponsors (if any)

Apart from these, students might have to submit further documents and evidence as and when required by the immigration officials.

Processing Time for New Zealand Student Visa

Generally, getting a New Zealand Student visa takes around 2 months. However, it differs depending on the nature of the education provider, such as:

  • In the case of Universities, the processing time is around 65 to 70 days.
  • PTEs or Private Training Establishments take more than 70 days to process the New Zealand student visa.
  • ITPs or Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics require only 28 to 49 days to process the student's visa. 

The processing of visa applications starts only after paying the visa application fees. 

New Zealand Student Visa Fee

Students can submit their student visa fee online, the application fee is 430 NZD.

To sum up, if you are planning to apply for a New Zealand student visa, hopefully, these details will help you. And, in case you need further assistance, you can always contact KC Overseas, one of the top EdTech companies in India. The experts at KC Overseas will guide you through the whole process, manage the paperwork and prepare you for the interview to ensure that you get a positive outcome.

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