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Study in Dubai - A Look at the Cost of Education, Living, and More

Oct 11, 2022

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Thinking of moving to Dubai, is a great decision for personal and professional growth and independence. If any of your friends or relatives have been offered a job or moved on their own for education and you also want to do the same, then you might want to continue reading. Many young adults are either thinking of moving to Dubai or have already moved to Dubai for various obvious reasons. 

The sky-high buildings, the vibrant city of leisure with safaris, and the luxurious lifestyle attract all likewise. But above all is the quality of life in Dubai. The infrastructure, economy, education, safety, and healthcare of Dubai have attracted many and continue to do the same.  

The quality of education in Dubai is comparable to top-notch countries in the West. The global business hub is also an international education hub where around 27000+ international students enroll every year. Another reason for the popularity of Dubai Universities is the cost factor. The cost of education in Dubai is much lower than in many Asian and Western countries. Also, for a much less comparable living cost, you get state-of-art infrastructure, superior technology, and a rich cultural experience. The first step toward materializing your plans is planning what you want to do in Dubai and seeking the right support from an expert. 

Living in Dubai: The cost 

The one thing that has popularized and set Dubai apart from the rest of the world is the simultaneous presence of a luxurious lifestyle and affordable living costs. Obviously, as a young student, you would not be able to afford a luxurious way of living right when you move. In fact, in comparison to the other popular expat hubs like Hong Kong, London, New York, and Singapore, the cost of living in Dubai is much less. The necessities of living in Dubai like housing, transportation, health, and education constitute around USD 930 to 945 for a single person.


The rent or cost of your residence will depend on the area where you choose to live in Dubai. The older parts of Dubai are more affordable in terms of residence, markets, and restaurants while the main areas near the city and beach fronts are luxurious and expensive options. Few new and cost-effective residential options are around Al Khail Road, S. Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road.


Health insurance is a must for all residents, including expats, in Dubai. While government schemes cover locals, expats have to get private health insurance. For young students, one can apply for a health card which can offer up to a 50% discount to non-residents.  


As the fuel is cheap, transportation is quite cost-efficient in Dubai. Taxis charge up to AED 2.50 (55 INR) per km while bus tickets for the same distance go up to AED 5.00 (108 INR). You can also get yourself a bus card for AED 300 (6,530 INR). 


With all being mentioned above, your monthly expenses will primarily depend on your choice of lifestyle, food, utilities and your commute options. The way you plan and execute your budget on the necessary amenities will definitely help you get a better estimate.   

Education for International Students in Dubai

Dubai offers a varied range of courses in over 65 colleges. Dubai has 5 public universities, 3 federal universities and 27 international branch campuses, so you have a plethora of options to choose from. Moreover, there are 20 other universities that offer various International courses.

Tuition fees

Accredited degree programs and diplomas - The average tuition fees in Dubai for an undergraduate program can range between 37500 to 70000 AED (7,72,000-14,42,000 INR) per year while the postgraduate program costs between 30000 to 75000 AED (6,64,473-15,45,000 INR) per year.

Airfare from India to Dubai

By air, you can reach Dubai in about 4 to 5 hours from India. The average cost for a flight from India to Dubai will be AED 1500 (32,670 INR). 

Why Should you Choose an Overseas Education Consultancy?

As mentioned earlier, you are not alone in dreaming of studying abroad. Dubai is a  dream destination for higher education as it offers a lot of perks. Many people might have the same plan as you and are either planning to or have gone to Dubai already. 

However, there is a complex and tiring process of visa application, college admission, paperwork, formalities, and updates. Although this is a mandatory passage for admission, it can get complicated and too much for a newbie to handle. This is where reputed educational consultancies come into picture. They have experts with prior experience and information that can help in easing the whole process with their guidance and advice. 


Your vision to study abroad might come true with Dubai as the perfect destination. It is cost-efficient, offering top quality educational and cultural experience. All you need is the right  guidance from professional experts to help you achieve your dream. 

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