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Cost to Study in New Zealand

Feb 23, 2023

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New Zealand has become a popular study abroad destination for students from across the globe. It offers top class universities, internationally recognised qualifications and a safe and secure environment enabling students to excel in their chosen field. Students in New Zealand are supported to solve problems, work with others, create and innovate.Here, you can experience a different quality of life which  guarantees an enhanced work/life balance after completion of your studies.

In addition to this New Zealand's unique education system suits almost every budget. Universities in New Zealand strategically plan their tuition fees which vastly depends on the study level, the status of the student, and the chosen subject. Read along to get a comprehensive guide on the "cost of studying in New Zealand."

Tuition fees

Tuition fees typically denote your New Zealand University college fees. Your tuition fees will exclusively depend on the University you choose and the type, of course, you enrol yourself in. 

Moreover, your tuition fees also depend on your study level. For instance, if you are pursuing your post-graduation, it will cost you much more when in comparison to someone enrolling for an undergraduate course. 

The table below can give you a clear idea about New Zealand University's fee structure for the different courses they offer:

Course Level

Annual Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees in INR


NZD 44,526

₹ 23,19,084.84

Medical and Health Sciences

NZD 44,000 to 77,328

₹ 22,89,837.37 - ₹ 40,24,285.09

Diplomas or Certificate courses

NZD 12,000 to 18,000

₹ 6,24,313.07 to ₹ 9,36,469.60


NZD 22,000 to 32,000

₹ 11,44,573.96 - ₹ 16,65,336.27


NZD 26,000 to 37,000

₹ 13,53,085.72 - ₹ 19,25,545.06


NZD 6500 to 9000

₹ 3,38,271 - ₹ 4,68,375.83


NZD 30,000 to 55,000

₹ 15,51,541.84 - ₹ 28,44,493.36

Accommodation cost

Apart from your tuition fees, another major expense or cost to study in New Zealand is the total amount you spend on accommodation.

The amount you actually spend on accommodation depends on various factors like the type of accommodation you choose, followed by the neighbourhood and a few other similar factors. 

Multiple accommodation options, such as Halls of Residence, can cost you around NZD 200 to 500 (about ₹ 10,000) per week. Some other options include local homestays that charges NZD 110 to 370 per week (around ₹ 8,000), youth hostels, which NZD 200 per week (around ₹ 10,500), and sharing rented apartments with friends that is NZD 200 per head per week (around ₹ 10,500).

However, if you plan to adapt to independent living, it can cost you around NZD 565, which is around 29,400 INR per week. 

Student visa fees

As an international student, you also have to pay for your student visa. Having a student visa is mandatory if you are willing to pursue higher education in New Zealand or any other country. 

Moreover, obtaining a student visa also enables you to work part-time along with your course in a foreign land. For a better understanding, check out the list of available student visas to study in New Zealand.

  1. Fee-paying Student Visa - It is the most common type of student visa. It can cost you around NZD 430 which is around ₹ 17,168.61.
  2. Pathway Student Visa - This type of student visa can cost you around NZD 295, approximately ₹ 15,347.70 INR. 
  3. Foreign Government-supported Student Visa - The cost of this visa type is similar to that of a fee-paying student visa, which is NZD 430 i.e. around₹ 17,168.61. However, by the name itself, we can understand that it comes with some attractive government-backed benefits.

In general, the fee-paying student visa is an ideal choice for Indian students. To have a smooth experience in acquiring your visa, get in touch with the top edtech companies in India, such as KC Overseas. The experts here will guide you through the process and help you get the approval without hiccups.

Insurance and taxes

Owning medical insurance before commencing your course in New Zealand is a mandatory protocol that all international students must abide by. Medical Insurance in New Zealand can cost you around INR 10,473 to INR 36,656. 

And, speaking of taxes, as an international student, you need to pay a certain amount as tax if you earn any sort of revenue while studying and living in this foreign land. Furthermore, ensure that you get your IRD number to pay the taxes. 

To get this number, you can either register online on IRD’s official website or call New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department. Presently, New Zealand charges around 10.5% tax over a revenue earning of less than NZD 14,000 per annum. 

Lifestyle expenses

While studying at any of the top universities in New Zealand is not all about bearing the costs of living in the country but also about exploring the foreign land. Make sure you keep a certain percentage of your money aside to enjoy the country as well, like visiting popular tourist spots, shopping for souvenirs, trying the local cuisine, etc. 

Some of the basic lifestyle expenses include:

  1. Expenditure on basic facilities can amount to around that includes food, groceries, transport, books, stationary, health, household utilities, internet, and paying mobile bills.
  2. Keep aside a few dollars you might need for meeting emergencies or recreational and entertainment purposes. 

Few money-saving hacks

Tips and hacks to save a few dollars –

  1. Get a Student Card (NZD 20) to avail of special student discounts on food, entertainment, buying groceries and multiple other glorious cost cuts. 
  2. Take a Smart Card to save up on every commute you make. For instance, you can save up to 25% while travelling within and across the country. 
  3. As an international student, you have the extra benefit of getting a ‘study in New Zealand Scholarship’. This scholarship will help you get an attractive discount on your university fees. 
  4. Apart from all this, you can always take up part-time jobs in the country to manage your expenses. 

In a nutshell, the cost to study in New Zealand can fit your budget easily if you plan your finances accordingly and consider all the details mentioned above. Furthermore, do not forget to try out the tips and hacks for saving up a few dollars in a foreign country to make it a great experience overall.

FAQs - 

Que 1: How affordable is New Zealand for higher studies? 

Ans: For studying in public universities in New Zealand, international students have to shell out tuition fees. The fee varies on factors like the academic degree type and the duration of study. For bachelor studies, you need to pay between NZD 22,000 to 32,000 annually. Master’s degrees’ annual fee is in the NZD 26,000 to 37,000 range. 

Que 2: Which one is a cheaper study destination – Australia or New Zealand? 

Ans: The cost depends upon the course you are studying for and the university you have applied for. However, out of the two, New Zealand is cheaper when compared to Australia. 

Que 3: Why should Indian students prefer New Zealand for studies? 

Ans: We have discussed the cost of studying in New Zealand. It is quite affordable as compared to the other overseas destinations. Apart from that, you get a chance to experience world class education in a friendly international environment. You will also get  global exposure which could enhance your career. For further details about New Zealand, you can talk to our counsellors. 

Que 4: Can you work while studying in New Zealand? 

Ans: Yes, you can work while studying in New Zealand. On a student visa, you can work part time for 20 hours a week if you are pursuing a 1 year full-time course in the country.

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