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KC’s Innovative Edtech Platform -

Mar 14, 2023

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A leading name in the overseas education industry and one of the fastest-growing EdTech companies, KC Overseas has created a remarkable impact in the study abroad sector. Collaboration with KC supports study abroad student recruiters to leverage years of industry expertise, high-end technology, and a broad range of resources to give the best support and assistance to their students. 

For providing a seamless experience with student recruitment, KC Overseas launched an EdTech platform named in 2018. It is a classic example of bringing tech-enabled solutions to help students and recruitment partners shortlist the most suitable overseas courses or universities. This tech platform streamlines student applications in the most effective manner and has many important features that help its users in the study abroad process. So, without any further ado, let’s learn more about these features.

Important Features of KC’s

 1. A White Labelled Platform is a white-labelled tech platform that can be customised as per the partner’s preferences. This feature allows the partner to brand the entire platform with his company’s logo and brand colours. 

2. Smart Dashboard with Analytics and Quick Navigation comes with a smart dashboard which empowers the users with business analytics and easy navigation to all other sections of

3. Explore 85,000+ Course Options through’s Search Experience

KC’s has an intuitive search experience that lets the users search across 85,000+ courses from 750+ overseas institutions across 29 countries. The experience also provides for 25+ search filters that let the users filter down thousands of courses to a relevant few according to the student’s profile. On top of that, the eligibility filter picks out only the eligible courses for the respective student.

4. Student Self-Service Platform

After a student profile is created on, there is an option for the partner to share a unique URL with the student which gives him access to a self-service platform on With this platform, the student can fill in their profiles, upload documents and access application statuses in real-time.

5. Applications to Multiple Universities with a Single Application

With the help of our application process, the partner has the ability to apply to multiple universities across different countries by just doing the entire process once. This helps the partner save a lot of time that can be better spent on helping the students with other important processes.

6. Payment of Application Fee/Tuition Fee Right through is deeply integrated with payment providers, this allows the partners to pay the tuition fees and the application fees of the student to the university through Some of the payment providers include Razorpay, Flywire and our KC’s very own Digital Wallet.

7. Access Ancillary and Value-Added Services within

Apart from the essential study abroad services, also provides ancillary and value-added services like accommodation, overseas education loans, and white-labelled test prep for standardised tests. These services really help students and partners complete the study abroad process and make a one-stop solution for its users.

8. Comprehensive Learning Resources 

The learning resources section of provides all the required knowledge for its users to navigate the complex process of studying abroad. This feature includes country-wise guides, university-specific documents/knowledge presentations, SOP samples, application forms etc. These resources have been developed by country-specific experts at KC and/or provided to KC directly by the overseas institute.

In a nutshell, is a user-friendly and comprehensive platform that is developed to simplify the entire study abroad process. The company envisions adding more advanced features and reducing the time taken for several activities while helping students. This tech transformation in the study abroad industry has changed the course of student applications in an efficient manner. 

Grab the opportunity to deliver remarkable study abroad services by associating with KC Overseas, one of India’s fastest-growing Edtech companies.

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