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A Detailed Study Abroad Guide For Parents

May 18, 2023

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Sending your child to a distant country for higher education may seem quite intimidating but it is a fruitful investment. Children opting for study abroad programs will get several new opportunities, exposure to the world and this will pave the path for a bright future. As a parent, your support both financially and emotionally is much needed by your child. But you must collect the right information to make this journey hassle-free. 

  1. The first question you should ask is - Why should you let your child study abroad?

Choosing to study abroad will have long-term effects on your child's life. He or she will learn so much beyond the books and discover new people, new cultures, and develop global relationships. There are numerous benefits of studying abroad, and as parents, you must understand how valuable it is for the child’s overall development and focus on the positive impacts of higher education abroad.

  1. Access to better quality education: There are several high ranked universities abroad offering excellent learning and research facilities. They also have world class infrastructure and the latest teaching curriculum which help students with practical learning. 
  2. Students get to learn real-world skills: In today's world, academic knowledge is not enough, one must have cultural awareness and interpersonal skills which will help them build a successful career. Studying abroad will give your child a chance to make a difference in the competitive job market.
  3. Improved second language proficiency: International students will get to learn new languages, local accents, idioms and fluency that a textbook alone cannot teach. Knowing more languages is always a bonus and highly preferred by most employers. 
  4. Networking: One of the best parts of studying abroad is developing useful connections and friendships. Your child will meet students from all over the world, connect with professors, teachers and manage to effectively expand their global professional network.
  5. Independence: Living on their own in a foreign country will teach the child to be independent. They will have to adapt to the new culture, try new foods, and will have to figure out every new thing on their own. This will also enhance their communication skills and problem-solving abilities, they will become more confident and develop a positive mindset to face life’s challenges. Studying abroad is indeed a life-changing experience in so many ways. 

2. Research and choose a program to study abroad

As parents, you must first sit down with your child and discuss his or her career goals and understand why he or she wants to study abroad. If your child has already decided which country he or she wants to go to, you can research to find out the growth opportunities and shortlist the universities which offer the course your child wants to study. Read about the college/university, the city, explore their climate, transport system and listen to your child’s opinion. You may also take suggestions from family members or friends living abroad or who have studied abroad. 

Some of the factors to consider while choosing a college and a course include location, course length, semester of study, scholarships, etc. All schools and colleges have official websites and most of the information is easily available. You can further read student reviews and even reach out to them with your questions. Stay informed about campus life and accommodations options too. The more knowledge you have as a parent, the more likely you are to feel confident and support your child’s dream.

3. Calculate the study abroad expense

It is true that studying abroad involves a lot of expenses. Having an estimate of the costs involved will help you make a better decision. Not only the tuition fee, the daily expenses, including living, travel and food costs must be calculated carefully in your budget. Listed below are a few tips for budgeting for studying abroad:

  1. Encourage your child to apply for scholarships.
  2. Students can choose to do part-time jobs which will allow them to raise money to take care of some of the expenses.
  3. Keep track of all your expenses, pre-trip expenses like passport fees, travel insurance, etc. should be part of your budget.
  4. You can opt for an Overseas Education Loan to help you with the funds required for your child's education abroad.

4. Safety is the priority

As parents, you must ensure that your child is physically fit before traveling abroad for education. A medical examination, dental check-up, and eye check-up is necessary. He or she must have taken all the relevant vaccinations too. Having health insurance is necessary and travel safety is also crucial. 

5. Sign Up for professional advice

No matter how much you have researched, expert advice can make this entire journey easier for a parent whose child is moving to a new country for education. A professional team will best guide you keeping in mind a student’s academic record, interest, and financial capacity. They are up to date with the latest trends in education, have databases of various international universities and colleges, and know about their study programs. These experts can also help your child get the required scores in competitive exams which are necessary to study abroad.

6. Pre-departure guidance

It is important to maintain transparency with your child, plan beforehand on how you would stay connected, make sure they are aware of the law of the destined country, pack necessary medicines, and prescriptions of the doctor, if any. You must buy medical/travel insurance for your child, pack all other important documents, teach them to maintain a healthy diet and how to perform the daily chores. You must also ask your child to take care of their valuables, money and keep backups of everything handy for any emergencies.


No matter how well-prepared you are and how well you have researched everything about the study destination of your child, several unprecedented events can occur and you must tell yourself that together with your child you will deal with such circumstances wisely. Not only the good part, but you must also consider the challenges of studying abroad. To help you with your plans and preparations, connect with some of the top overseas education consultants in the country. KC Overseas has been helping several students pursue their international education dreams for the last 25 years. You will get the best possible guidance regarding picking a program and university as well as applying for scholarships, visas, overseas education loans and more.


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