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Earn while Studying in Singapore

Oct 29, 2022

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In the last decade, Singapore has transformed itself into an extremely popular educational hub. If we go through the QS World University Rankings (Asia) then we will be able to see tremendous growth of multiple educational institutions and universities in Singapore. Furthermore, the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by universities in Singapore are top-notch.

Singapore is a globally recognized business hub. The country is famous for its business policy, and political stability which is extremely productive for business growth. For this specific reason, the country can also offer great part-time employment, internships and other career opportunities for students who study in Singapore.

International students who are currently studying or interested in studying in Singapore can easily work in part-time jobs while going through a full-time degree program. Nonetheless, these students can work up to 16 hours per week and this limitation is only applicable while the term is still in progress. To know more about the same you can certainly contact a top overseas education consultant. 


A short glimpse of student life in Singapore

Those who have taken the assistance of study abroad consultants before opting for a full-time degree course may already know a lot about the country.

A lot of students from neighboring countries come to Singapore to receive higher education and that is the reason why you will not feel out of place while pursuing your studies in this country. As an international student, you may also come across a lot of people from your own country who are studying here and serving in the workforce.

The country has a well-grounded train network which is supported by the mass rapid transit system while other public transport systems of the country are also reliable. As an international student in Singapore, you can have easy access to public transport.

Another highlighting feature of the country is its efficient governance system and every citizen of the country has equal respect for the law and order. The government of Singapore also ensures that their citizens receive the best possible treatment along with the international students who have come from far away countries to study.


Part-time job guidelines for the students who study in Singapore

Most of the universities and educational institutions in Singapore have their guidelines and rules on part-time jobs specifically curated for students who have come to study in Singapore. According to the Singapore Government and Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA), international students are not allowed to work more than 16 hours weekly in a part-time job. 

If you want to work more than 16 hours weekly then as an international student you will require a special work permit. You can know more about the work permits and other guidelines from any of the top overseas education consultants who can also offer you guidance on which courses you can pursue while studying abroad.

At the time of vacation, you won’t have to worry about any specific time limit or working hours at your part-time jobs. In Singapore, international students do not have to apply for any special ‘work permit’ because their student pass will also act as a work permit. However, while working part-time jobs in Singapore you need to remember that you are staying in the country to study and graduate. Don’t let your part-time jobs affect your grades or results.

Popular part-time jobs you can apply for while working abroad

Some of the most popular part-time jobs you can apply for while studying as an international student in Singapore are:

  • Firstly, you can check with your college or university to find any part-time work opportunities on campus. You can get a lot of part-time job opportunities on the campus itself if there are any vacant positions available. For example, you can work in the library, audit magazines, books, etc.
  • In case you speak one or multiple foreign languages then you can work as a translator or interpreter. Being fluent in languages like Russian, German, French, Spanish, etc. will help you out a lot.
  • If you have excellent typing skills then you can also work as a data entry operator. It can be the perfect part-time job opportunity for you.
  • If you know how to cook properly then you can also become a part-time employee at a local restaurant. A chef’s apprentice job will be perfect for you if you are interested in the same.
  • In case you are willing to explore various other opportunities you can always include your name in the careers team of your college or university. 

What is the pay scale study abroad students can expect from part-time jobs?

The pay of part-time jobs for International students differs according to their jobs and the additional benefits they may receive from their workplace. For instance, you may receive free dinner every night if you happen to work in a restaurant whereas if you work at any local supermarket you may receive additional discounts on your purchase of the products you buy from the store.

As an international student, you can earn from $1000 to $2500 a month depending on the type of job you have opted for

Internship Opportunities in Singapore for International Students

Singapore's economy is booming involving a number of sectors, ranging from finance to food business. Therefore, there are many chances for interns to identify fields that interest them. Singapore interns have the following options:

Travel and Tourism

Singapore's economy is heavily reliant on tourism, therefore there are plenty of chances for people searching for internships in the service industry. The goal of the Singaporean government is to promote the nation as a must-visit place. In Singapore, interns can work in different categories, including corporate travel, retail tourism, medical tourism, and more.

Banking and Financial Institutions 

There is no better location than Singapore in Southeast Asia for internships in banking and finance as there are so many foreign banks, wealth management companies, and other financial organizations based here.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Singapore is known to be the prime location for top logistics firms in the world. It has also been ranked as Asia’s top logistics hub by the World Bank for over 10 years now. An internship in the field shall provide you with great exposure. 

Many universities in Singapore also offer 3 months summer internship programs. You can apply by highlighting your accolades and interest in the field. You can also choose to take assistance from the expert education consultants online so as to identify the best opportunities for yourself and to find the best approach to help you manage both work and studies side by side.

To conclude

Singapore will continue to grow both as an educational and business hub in the future. By completing your studying in Singapore you can open up a lot of career opportunities for yourself.  To know more about studying in Singapore you can take assistance from study abroad counselors from KC Overseas who are experts at providing information and counseling related to studying in international universities and colleges. These counseling services can also help you with education loans, visa applications, etc. For more information contact a study abroad counselor today!


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