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Effective Ways to Enhance your Student Recruitment Numbers

Sep 28, 2022

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Students are moving in large numbers to popular study destinations like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other study destinations. Students are preferring to study abroad to boost their career prospects. 

Moving to a new country can be challenging for the student. There will be many stages in which the student will require guidance and support. As such Student Recruitment Agencies or Study Abroad Consultants play a major role in the field of international education. 

You all as recruiters know very well as to how to cater to the student needs and offer all the required support to them. But in this article, we will discuss a few more strategies which will help us boost our student recruitment numbers.

Here are some effective ways that you can use to enhance your student recruitment for the upcoming intakes.


Ways to Enhance your Student Recruitment Numbers 


1. Focus on the Right Audience 

As we all know, the potential age group moving to study abroad is between 18-30 years. As a student recruitment agency, you need to focus on grabbing the attention of these people. Focusing on the right audience will get your agency many student applications. 

The best way to target our reach to this age group will be through Social Media Channels as the youngsters are more active there.

Students who are in the mindset to move to a new country for higher studies will have clear expectations from their student recruitment agent. It becomes quintessential to fulfil these expectations by providing the best possible services.


2. Cater to the Students’ Requirements as per the Profile

Studying abroad is a dream of many students but there are many complexities involved. Every student coming to you will have a different profile, study background, budget, destination preference, etc. As an international student agent, it is of great importance that your counsellors understand the students’ requirements, their profile, budget and give them the study destination and university or program options accordingly. 

Catering to the students’ requirements and giving them the right options will instil a sense of faith in the students and their parents in you. This is what will benefit us as the word-of-mouth spreads faster than any kind of promotion. 


3. Ensure to have Umpteen Global University Collaborations

Every student comes with a different requirement. Ensure that as an education recruiter you have collaborations with multiple global universities so that you can fulfil the requirements of the students. The more universities you have the more options you can provide to the students.

This will help you get umpteen students for your recruitment agency.


4. Conduct Events to Connect with Prospective Students

Conducting events is a great way to bring many students together. The pandemic has given us the right exposure to virtual or hybrid events thereby expanding the scope of student outreach. Connecting university representatives’ students and parents is the best way to act as a bridge between both the parties.

Under your agency, you can also conduct webinars so that students can have a direct interaction with the faculties of the institutions and universities. Such events will help you attract students in great numbers.


5. Have a Customised Marketing Strategy 

It also is important to have a customised marketing strategy, for enhancing your student recruitment. In today’s scenario it is becoming greatly necessary to have a blend of online and offline marketing to reach the potential audience. 

Students are more active on the social media platforms whereas parents would rather refer to newspapers. So, event promotions need to be done accordingly. You can also use email and WhatsApp marketing as it is cheaper than other modes. 


6. Provide Prompt & Streamlined Services

All the essential services should be provided to the students in a prompt and streamlined manner. Counselling, university selection, application and admission assistance and visa application, the entire support should go as per the required timelines so that the student is rest assured of doing the applications on time and confident of receiving the visa. Providing these services in an effective manner will create a great positive reputation in the market. 

Students having a positive image of your recruitment agency will no doubt recommend your agency to their friends and family. 


7. Other Support Services to have an Edge Over Others

We all know that the study abroad journey doesn’t end with visa application. Other support services that can be provided by your recruitment agency are Overseas Education Loan Support, Accommodation assistance, Insurance Cover, Overseas Bank Account Opening, and other allied services. Loan processing can be a tedious task for the study abroad students. As a recruitment agency if you could provide these support services, it will prove to be an added advantage to you and the students. This will also help you rank among the best study abroad consultants in India or Asia. 


8. Keep your Website Updated & High Ranked

Building an innovative and engaging website to provide all the important knowledge for your students is also essential in today’s time. Keep your agency website updated with all the latest information and keep track of your website ranking. You can update student testimonials, success stories, and university webinars on the website for reaching your targeted audience. The website will create a good impression on the students, and they will approach you for your services.

You should also have the SEO tasks done on a regular basis so that the ranking of the website can be maintained. It’s essential that the website ranks in the first 5 searches on google based on the keyword search.

Hope you find all the above-mentioned strategies useful enough to attract more students for recruitment. If you are an Overseas Education Recruiter who’s looking forward to partnering with the best study abroad consultants in India, then you can collaborate with KC Overseas Education. This collaboration will help you to scale your business to new heights by mutually utilising each other’s strengths for student support. KC Overseas Education provides global tie-ups, high–end technology, complete student support, customized solutions, extensive student resources and swift commissions to business partners. 

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