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Journey from Tokyo to Nagpur – From a Novice to an Industry Expert with KC Overseas

Sep 08, 2023

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Greetings Dear Readers! 

I, Vipin Mokadam, the Assistant Vice President - Branch Operations at KC Overseas Education head quartered at Nagpur, would like to share my enthralling professional journey from Tokyo to Nagpur, India. 

Sounds unbelievable isn’t it as usually it’s India to a foreign nation for professional growth. Well, that’s why I’m quite excited to share this unique experience of mine with you all as to why I quit my high-paying job in Tokyo, came back to my hometown and ventured into an altogether new sector i.e., Overseas Education.

My career as a Power Engineer spanned for around 11 years out of which, I spent 6 years working abroad in countries like Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. I worked in various MNCs like Marubani Power Systems, Reliance Infrastructure, Lanco Infratech and Vedanta Group handling different projects, multiple departments, honing my skills and excelling in various professional capacities. I was soaring professionally, but amidst my achievements, there was an unexplainable void. My last job abroad was in Tokyo and the long distance from India allowed us (my wife, son, and me) to travel to my native place Nagpur, Maharashtra just once a year. We were missing onto being close to our parents. 

After great pondering, my wife and I took a life-changing decision – to return home to Nagpur. It was a big gamble for me as I had put everything at stake. The transition wasn't easy, as it meant leaving a comfortable high-paying job in Tokyo and starting from scratch in my hometown, Nagpur. Once back in Nagpur, I began the search for a professional opportunity that aligned with my aspirations and skillsets. It was challenging due to limited number of job opportunities and almost nil related to my specialization.

It was during this search that I stumbled upon a vacancy at KC Overseas Education which is one of the top MNC Companies in NagpurLittle did I know that this encounter would be a turning point of my professional career and mark the beginning of my extraordinary enriching journey. While my previous experiences were diverse, I was a complete novice when it came to the intricacies of the overseas education industry. 

Despite my lack of industry-specific knowledge, my exceptional interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, organizational, and analytical skills, enabled me to crack the interview. I joined KC Overseas on the 1st of August 2017 as the Manager-Operations for Canada (B2B).  I was motivated by a quote written in our canteen, ‘The Expert in Anything was once a Beginner.’ I decided to give my 100% and started working with full commitment. With time I started understanding the nuances of this industry. Within a short span, I was entrusted with New Zealand domain and later transferred to Europe vertical. 

By 2018, I was leading Europe’s Pan India Operations. In early 2019, I was appointed as the Centre Head (B2C) for KC’s Sadar Branch where I started overseeing branch operations, academy, manpower management, etc. Stepping up the professional ladder my milestones with KC continued to stack up. In 2022, I was promoted to my current role as Assistant Vice President - Branch Operations, and I am now overseeing branch operations across Sadar, Amravati, and Ch. Sambhajinagar (formerly Aurangabad) branches. 

KC Overseas not only provided professional and monetary growth but also the scope for holistic development. I was given the opportunity to go on numerous national and international work trips. Talking about my international work trips, I went to Malaysia in 2018 and then for FAM trips to the UK in March 2019 and Australia in October 2019.

I had the honour of representing KC at the prestigious international conferences, The PIE Live Europe which was held in London in March 2023 and The PIE LIVE Australia, held in Gold Coast, in July 2023. These experiences enriched my understanding of global education trends and helped expand my professional network.

When I joined in 2017, we had a team of around 45 members which within a short span of 6 years evolved into a robust and dynamic team of 850 KCians currently. This holistic growth is an indication of KC’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting an environment of collective success.

Being a part of KC Overseas, I found everything I had yearned for. I find my job very fulfilling as KC provides opportunities to fuel my passions. 

KC’s Leadership Team, including our Co-Founder & CEO Mr. Pankaj Agrawal, Co-Founder Mrs. Nalini Agrawal, Executive Directors Mr. Ketan Mehta, and Mr. Zubin Deboo, played an instrumental role in paving my path for professional excellence in my native place. Their mentorship and support laid the foundation for my evolution at KC. 

As I reflect upon my journey from a novice to an industry expert, I am reminded that home is not just a geographical place—it's a sense of belonging, growth, and purpose. All thanks to KC, I am thriving professionally in Nagpur. In my opinion, KC is one of the best companies to work for in India.

To my fellow Nagpurians seeking exceptional work opportunities, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the possibilities that KC Overseas presents. This multinational organization has been a blend of growth and exposure for many professionals like me.

KC Overseas Education has been my compass of growth and led me to the pinnacle of success in my hometown. This maybe the place of growth for you next!

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