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10 Surprising Facts You Must Know to Study in Denmark

Aug 09, 2023

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Many students opt to study in Europe once their school or college is complete. Out of all European countries, Denmark is one of the most preferred due to its safe, secure and happy environment. Every year approximately 18,000 international students apply to a University in Denmark.  Read this article to find out 10 surprising facts about Denmark that make it so appealing to international students.

1.     Denmark is the Second Happiest Country in the World

Denmark is said to be one of the happiest countries in the world and why is that so? The standard of living in Denmark is very high which can be attributed to factors such as gender and economic equality coupled with a robust public welfare system. As per studies conducted by the World Happiness Report, happiness is linked to aspects like community spirit and social equality, two points that Denmark ranks quite high on amongst all nations the world. Some of Denmark’s interesting traits are listed below:

·       Has one of the highest GDPs in the world- 58,000 euros per year

·       An almost corruption-free country

·       Placed second for environmental safety and air quality in Europe

·       37-hour work week with employees permitted to take about 5 weeks of holiday each year

·      Low or free tuition fees in schools and colleges-this applies to Danish and EU students whereas international students have ample opportunities to apply for grants and scholarships.

2.     Denmark Hones Student Potential

Relocating to a new country whether for work or study is always a stressful process. This is even more difficult for young people who have in all probability led a very sheltered life with their family for all this while. Having to adapt to a new culture along with coping with studies requires emotional and mental strength. The learning environment plays a big role in influencing your attitude towards your studies and your chosen career path.

The positive atmosphere of the community, campus and cities in Denmark along with the social security system, financial facilities and easy accessibility policy benefits the experience of international students.

3.     Danish are Happy to Pay Taxes

Those who live in Denmark are very enthusiastic when it comes to paying taxes which is nearly 50% of their income. Additionally, Danish people even pay 25% of value-added tax on items and a tax of 150% on new cars. But Danes have no qualms about paying taxes because healthcare in the country is free of cost. Students do not have to spend on tuition fees and they are often awarded grants to cover the cost to Study in Denmark. Childcare is subsidised and senior citizens are granted pensions and are assigned care workers who pay regular visits at home to check up on their health and needs.

4.     The Danish Hygge is a Reality

The concept of the Danish hygge (‘’hogga’’) is challenging to translate or explain. In a nutshell, it can be considered as taking time away from the rush of everyday life to spend quality time with your near and dear ones or just by yourself. The concept dates back to the 1800s and even to the Middle Ages.

Generally, the setting for hygge is at home or somewhere quiet like a picnic spot during the summer months. The experience involves sharing and partaking of a meal, drinks and some hot chocolate. The hygge encourages the celebration of the small pleasures of life. It presents an opportunity to take things slow and unwind. Such a relaxing environment helps students to take care of their mental and physical well-being as they immerse themselves in their academic pursuits.

5.     Believes in Equal Accessibility to Higher Education

The Danish authorities consider students to be a very important part of natural resources, so efforts for human development are a must in Denmark. And what better way to do this than by investing in their education for a brighter future? This approach towards higher education by Danish Authorities also extends to international students and they can avail of similar concessions, facilities and opportunities.

6.     Environment for Innovation and Research

The strength of the Danish academic circle lies in its emphasis on the problem-solving learning method approach. This encourages students to become creative thinkers, and fosters an atmosphere of innovation, helping students to find solutions to pressing problems.

A lecture in a Danish university involves active, engaging discussions between the students and teachers. Students are encouraged to question everything they hear and they are often asked to submit project works.

7.     Home to Student-Friendly Cities in the World

Denmark is home to some of the most affordable and student-friendly cities in the world. These are Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Roskilde and Odense. Copenhagen is the capital and it is home to approximately 500,000 inhabitants. The minimum cost of living here is around 950 euros. There are many higher education institutes that students can choose from. Some of these include Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen University and Copenhagen University College of Engineering.

Aalborg is the third largest city in Denmark and the second most preferred by students. The place has a lot of natural beauty and historical landmarks. Some top universities in Aalborg are the University College of Northern Denmark and the University of Aalborg. Aarhus is one of the most important places along Jutland Island, known for being the hub of education. The city is home to a number of universities such as the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Aarhus University School of Engineering, Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus Technical College and Aarhus University.

Odense is a beautiful city famous for being the birthplace of the writer Hans Christian Anderson. It is located right at the centre of Denmark making cities like Aarhus and Copenhagen easily accessible. Odense has many cafes where students can meet, socialise and finish their homework. Some important institutions in Odense are UCL University College and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Roskilde is a beautiful city which has ample places where students can go for running, horseback riding, sailing or biking. Roskilde University is one of the best institutes in the city.

8.     Trust and Safety

Trust is an important value of Danish culture. Since the rate of corruption is one of the lowest in the world, people can carry out their work with respect to government, business and personal relationships without taking on too much stress. It is even common to see children as young as eight or nine years old travelling on public transport all by themselves. As a result of this, students can definitely be assured that their time spent in Denmark would be a memorable experience.

9.     Empowerment and Happiness

The reason why Danish people are so happy and relaxed about their life is that they do not believe in getting trapped in the rat race. Danes believe in doing what they like and at their own pace. This means that they are less vulnerable to suffering from frustration, anxiety and depression. They take failures and setbacks positively and are satisfied with the way they are leading their lives on their own terms.

10.  Enjoying Student Life in Denmark 

Denmark offers plentiful opportunities to enjoy one’s time when they are not studying or hunting for a job. There are many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious local food. You can visit museums, art galleries and castles and learn more about the history and culture of this country. You can go on a road trip from one city to another and explore the natural landscapes. Denmark as a nation is very sociable which means you will have no problems  making friends.


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