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Bag a Lucrative Job in the USA after completing your MS in Computer Science

Feb 16, 2023

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Now that you have completed your MS in computer science, you are ready to enter a world of opportunities in some of the biggest corporate companies in the US. Don’t know how to take the first step towards your job search? We can help you discover some of the best jobs after your MS in computer science in the USA. In this article, we have encapsulated some of the most sure-fire ways of securing a job in this country. We will also discuss how CS is a field that is constantly in demand , assuring students that there will be no dearth of opportunities in this field. 

By the time you reach the end of the write-up, you will have a game plan ready to initiate your job search today. 

Why opt for MS in Computer Science from the USA?

The United States of America is home to about 7 out of 10 computer science universities globally with the added promise of excellent placement opportunities post-completion of the course. Due to this, the USA, the land of opportunity is often believed to be the Mecca for Information Technology. Every year thousands of IT aspirants plan to study in the USA or enrol in a Master's in the USA, as these courses equip students with hands-on experience in the best firms in the world. A great degree of emphasis is put on practical learning so that students get a thorough grasp of the concepts .Some of the skills learnt from your degree course that will be required when you are applying for a job in the US are as follows:

  • Advanced knowledge in software design, language theory, databases, security and networks
  • Proficiency in computer language usage, algorithms, operating systems, data management, and software development
  • Proven competence to explore emerging software technologies, approaches and other applications
  • Development of skills with which you can apply principles of assurance and information security in an array of domains
  • Ability to use principles and values of professional ethics
  • Effective teamwork, communication and leadership skills


Best Jobs after completing MS in Computer Science in the USA

Jobs in Computer Science in the US offer lucrative packages across a spectrum of designations and roles. Here is a list of a few jobs in the US that you can apply for after you complete your MS in computer science along with their average salary at a glance.


Average Annual Salary (*Approximate. In USD)

Android Developer

$ 75,000

Computer Network Architect

$ 90,000

Network Engineer

$ 85,000

Blockchain Developer

$ 75,000

Information Security Manager

$ 111,000

Artificial Intelligence Expert

$ 91,000

C++ Developer

$ 88,000

ERP Project Manager

$ 117,000

Lead Developer

$ 91,000

Ethical Hacker

$ 75,000


Different Roles You Can Apply for After Your MS

  1. Software Developer
    A software developer in the USA can earn about $60,000- 160,000 per annum. A software developer is entrusted with application and program-based responsibilities enabling efficient performances of tasks on computing devices. They are required to have a working knowledge of basics such as PHP, Python, JAVA, C++ and HTML. Duties include writing application codes, debugging, software modifications and application documentation. 
  2. Software Architect
    The approximate annual salary for this role in the USA is between $80,000- 160,000. A software architect designs and builds software from scratch. They also take care of the quality of the coding ensuring that it meets the needs of IT companies. 
  3. Security Engineers 
    The average remuneration of a security engineer in the USA is between $70,000 to 130,0000. The security engineers are held responsible for developing and executing systems, security protocols for various forms, for identifying solutions, configuring firewalls, defence tools and tackling network threats, testing hardware/software etc. 
  4. UNIX System Administrator 
    A UNIX System Administrator will earn a salary between $70,000 to 120,000 per annum. They look after the maintenance of UNIX operating facilities at organisations and other facilities. Duties include maintaining, installing, upgrading software and hardware vitals for the UNIX setup. 
  5. Mobile Application Developer 
    Almost everyone owns a mobile nowadays and so mobile application development programmers are highly in demand. If you are applying for this role, you are likely to earn between $60,000 to 150,000 approximately every year. A professional in this field is in charge of developing applications while at the same time being familiar with mobile OS and programming languages that are in tandem with UX. 
  6. Android Software Engineer 
    They earn yearly between $70,000 to 150,000 and are responsible for developing applications after gaining knowledge of mobile programming languages, UX, OS, etc. 
  7. DevOps Engineer 
    A DevOps Engineer is paid yearly between $ 70,000- 150,000. They are tasked with the responsibility of supervising the development of codes, communicating with the IT department, development teams and operations. They develop ecosystems while studying and test the codes before they are applied to operations. They also monitor the procedure of the software development from start to finish. 
  8. Computer Scientist 
    A computer scientist can earn between $70,000 to 140,000 yearly. They create specific company tools, algorithms, databases, etc. They have to have knowledge of Python, XML, Java, SQL, C++ and other languages for the purpose of programming. 
  9. Senior Software Web Developers 
    These professionals can earn a yearly salary between approximately $60,000 to 140,000. They write codes and debug servers, databases, websites, etc. They are expected to possess a multi-dimensional knowledge of programming languages such as C#, SQL Server, F#, ASP, etc. 

Some of the most renowned recruiters of MS in Computer Science graduates in the USA are:

  • Microsoft: Microsoft Corporation is a stalwart when it comes to personal computer software system development and applications. Its corporate headquarters is in Redmond, Washington, U.S. but the company has sales offices all over the globe.
  • IBM: IBM, short for International Business Machines Corporation is the leading American manufacturer of computer hardware, software, and middleware. A major chunk of the market share of the company is located in the United States. It has its headquarters in Armond, New York. The company is also nicknamed Big Blue.
  • AppLabs: AppLabs Technologies Pvt Ltd is the world’s biggest software quality and testing Management Company. AppLabs has also done the acquisition of ValueMinds, an award-winning automated testing tools development company. The headquarters of AppLabs is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • Netflix: Netflix is currently the largest entertainment service provider in the world with over 223 million paid subscribers belonging to over 190 countries enjoying films, TV series and games across a wide spectrum of languages and genres. The headquarters of Netflix is in Los Gatos, California, U.S.
  • Mastercard: Mastercard is one of the largest payments networks, second to Visa when compared to the global payments industry brands. It has its headquarters in the U.S. and as of 2021 reports, the company has garnered a revenue of US$ 18.88 billion.


How to bag a job in the USA

Once you have completed your masters in the USA in Computer Science, here is what you should do:

  • Apply for the OPT (Optional Practical Training) card or the EAD (Employment Authorisation Document) and find your dream job within 90 days.
  • The company will then help you to apply for H1-B Visa
  • You can also do an internship while your course is still ongoing and obtain your CPT (Curricular Practical Training) approval with the help of your I-20. Once you finish your graduation, you can apply for the EAD or OPT card.
  • The course that you will apply for will be inclusive of one year of industry experience, this is the reason why people opt for their higher education in the US every year. This gives you the chance to build contacts and create a network, helping you to get a job immediately after you graduate.
  • Keep checking the online job portal for more information about recruitment advertisements
  • Keep your portfolio ready with all your projects such as online tasks, bug fixes and website development


To make your dream of doing your Masters in the USA a reality, reach out to some of the fastest growing EdTech Companies in India like KC Overseas. These companies provide expert consultation by helping you to compare courses, giving you information about upcoming scholarships and guiding you on your documentation for university application. Everything is done virtually, helping you to save time and energy.

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