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Get up to 100% financial aid to Study Abroad

Jan 23, 2023

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Getting a full scholarship to study abroad is a dream for countless people around the world. With dedication, patience, preparation and expert guidance, getting a scholarship that offers up to 100% aid is possible.

Read this article to learn everything about scholarships and know how to get one.


What is a Scholarship?

Scholarships are a type of financial aid offered to students with proven academic, artistic and athletic abilities to pay for their study abroad ambitions such as an undergraduate or graduate program. Scholarships once paid, need not be paid back. Students either get the scholarship money as a check in their name, or in an alternate case scenario, the money is provided to the school where the student is scheduled for enrolment.

The origin point for scholarships are organisations, clubs, foundations, charities, colleges, businesses, the government and universities. Some colleges and universities also offer financial assistance for meritorious students which can be explored at the time of enrolment.


Difference Between Scholarships, Grants and Study Abroad Loans



  • Scholarships are gift aids
  • Scholarships do not need to be paid back
  • Scholarships are awarded broadly in three categories - academic, artistic, or athletic


  • Also a type of gift aid and don’t need to be paid back
  • Typically need-based given to young students who are unable to afford the cost of their studies

Student Loans

  • Student (financial) aid that needs to be paid back with interest
  • Offers a quick solution to those who didn’t get a scholarship or grant due to eligibility issues or tough competition


How to Apply for a Scholarship?

To apply for a scholarship, you need to go through a fixed process.

  • You need to fill out an application form and register for the scholarship
  • You will need to check your inbox for a confirmation email
  • You will need to write a statement of purpose separately for your scholarship application. This can also be regarded as an essay and there are many models that can be referred to for writing tips. But at its very core, the essay needs to be an original piece of work reflecting who you are as a person and why you should get the scholarship.
  • You need to gather official records of your athletic, artistic and academic achievements. If the documents are not in English, then translation is necessary.
  • You will need to collect documents proving your nationality and your low-income status. Translation of the same documents into English will again be mandatory.
  • You need to proofread all the documents carefully before you submit them to the scholarship provider. Best to consult someone with clinical knowledge of English or a professional editor for this step. Study Abroad EdTech companies like KC Overseas provide students with free assistance for scholarship application and documentation. 
  • You will also need to wait to receive the acceptance letter from the university. You cannot close your scholarship application without providing this bit of document because it confirms that you are actually slated to begin your studies at a recognised university.  


What are the Types of Scholarships Available?

There are many types of scholarships to study abroad that are available for International Students. Some of them are:

  • Merit Scholarships: These are given to people with meritorious academic records. The most common organisations offering merit scholarships are colleges and universities themselves.
  • Scholarships for Artistic/Athletic/Research Achievements: If you are inclined towards sports, the arts or overall research, then this type of scholarship is tailor-made for you. To get the scholarship, you will be asked to prove your skills with the necessary certifications or videos.
  • Scholarship for Low-income Students: Quite similar to the concept of grants, scholarships of this nature are intended for students who come from low-income countries or who come from low-income family backgrounds but are deserving of further studies.
  • Scholarships for Underrepresented Groups: This is targeted at students from developing countries - Hispanic Latinos, African-Americans, Women and Native Americans.
  • Scholarships for all Internationals: This kind of scholarship to study abroad is very broad and generic and typically offered by private institutions or NGOs (non-governmental organisations).


Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying for a Scholarship

To absolutely nail your scholarship application, here is what you need to keep in mind.

  • Be well-prepared with the basic requirements like reference letters, university offer letters and academic certificates
  • Understand the scholarship-specific requirements thoroughly by taking some time to go through the guidelines from A to Z. See, if you meet their eligibility criteria and keep scholarship-specific documents ready in both soft and hard copies.
  • Take a good few days to go through sample essays and then start typing your own original piece. Ensure that your letter supporting your application effectively demonstrates your skills, character and achievements. It should be able to convince the authorities that you deserve the aid over thousands of other equally-deserving students. 



You should start your scholarship application well ahead of time so that you can get a scholarship that covers your costs up to 100%. To help you find such scholarships, you need a thorough understanding of the market and expert knowledge. Since students generally do not have the time or necessary contacts to help them find such sources, it is advisable to take help from the best overseas education consultants. There are many such top EdTech companies in India that help students every year to accomplish their dream to study abroad with scholarships that provide up to 100% financial aid.

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