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Growing inclination among International Students to study in the US or Canada or the UK in 2021

May 21, 2021

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As per Navitas Insights’ ongoing global research, the factors influencing students’ decisions for higher studies abroad in 2021/22 are changing at a rapid pace. It has been observed that Government policies of the international study destinations are having a direct impact on international students’ preferences as compared to each destination’s COVID infection profile. This seems to be a significant change from 2020.

Are you also one among this category of study abroad aspirants? Are your decisions also getting influenced based on the Government Policies of the study destinations you prefer? Are you also looking for destinations that allow you not only to study but also work after graduation? 

If Yes, then this article is a must read for you as you will know how this is having an impact on other aspirants and what are they preferring at present. We’re sure that this will help you take the right decision pertaining to Higher Education Abroad. 


COVID Case Numbers - Less of a determinant for Study Abroad in 2021 

It has been observed as per the survey that the rise or fall of the Covid-19 infection cases is no longer the sole determinant in the student’s decision related to his or her study abroad destination. 

For instance, students’ increasing interest to study in Canada and decreasing interest in Australia and New Zealand clearly depicts this. 

Students are more interested in the destinations that are giving them the liberty to travel to the study destination, study there and work after graduation. 


Students’ increasing inclination towards Canada, the UK & the US 

Canada and the UK continue to gain significant ground in terms of student interest in studying abroad even in this pandemic situation. But it’s the inclination to study in USA that is the most notable in terms of the speed at which it’s being reassessed by study abroad aspirants. 

In the US, President Biden’s decision to let the former administration’s ban on H-1B visas expire sent a signal to the international students that they are welcome in the US. US had announced a travel ban for those arriving from India and then came up with exception for students having F1 visas suggesting that they are allowed to travel to US as quoted below. 

“New or returning students present in China, Brazil, Iran, South Africa, or India may arrive no earlier than 30 days before the start of an academic program beginning August 1, 2021 or after, including optional practical training (OPT).” 

This move has again encouraged students to apply to US Universities. 

Another reason for a greater inclination towards the US and the UK seems to be the vaccination efforts of these countries, which will surely open the door to more relaxed border restrictions sooner than in some other countries. 

Students are taking great interest in keeping themselves updated with the destinations’ policies towards international students as they keenly look forward to continuing their study abroad plans. 

As such students are also looking for options to study in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands. Singapore, and the UAE are also going up the students’ study abroad choice list. 

Certain facts and policies of Canadian government that support the student inclination towards Canada are: 

  • Canada allowed existing permit holders to travel into the country even though the borders were closed, 
  • Access to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit was also provided to international students (CERB), 
  • Canada communicated openly and positively with international students and their families throughout this tough phase, 
  • Canada’s announcement of a new immigration stream for 40,000 international graduates is no doubt a great boost for study abroad aspirants. 


Students’ & Parents’ inclination towards getting the latest Study Abroad Updates 

As specified above the students’ interests and decisions are varying depending on the steps and the policies of the governments of the various study destinations. To keep abreast with the policy changes or the latest information, to get the right updates of the intake, course offerings, fees, application deadlines, scholarships for international students in USA, the UK, Canada or any other destination of their choice, details of internships, work right permits or post study visa extension, it’s a must that they connect to the right study abroad consultants.

Up-to-date information about all the above specified points are critical to student decision-making, particularly in a year where there is so much movement and so many unknowns. 

So there may be innumerable overseas education consultants in the market but not every consultant may have the authentic, verified, latest updates related to all the study destinations you are looking for. So, it’s a must that you consult the Best Overseas Education Consultants in India, Asia or wherever you stay and get the correct verified information.

For the students in India, it must be a difficult task to venture out of homes due to the present Covid wave. But you don’t have to get disheartened or feel that you will be deprived of the right information at the right time. In today’s era when everything has gone online, counselling and consulting services have also gone online. As such you can approach the admission experts of KC Overseas Education online as well.

Connect to our admission advisors and avail Online Study Abroad Counselling free of cost. You can also walk into any of our 65+ offices across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh based on the Covid situation in your place. Otherwise, Online services are the best till everything is back on track.

Wishing you Good Luck for your Study Abroad Endeavours. Your dreams will surely be fulfilled, and the future will be bright and optimistic for all of us.

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