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A Comprehensive Guide to Study Bachelors in the United States of America

Sep 23, 2021

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The United States of America, one of the leading overseas education destinations, is home to the highest number of top-ranked universities across the globe. According to the QS World Ranking of 2021, 29 out of 100 World’s Top Ranked Universities are situated in the US. 

Hosting a maximum number of international students coming from different parts of the globe, the US offers a plethora of advantages. Especially when it comes to pursuing a bachelor’s degree from an overseas destination, majority of the students choose to study in the United States owing to its top-ranked universities and lucrative career prospects. 

If you are also aiming to pursue your bachelor's in the US and experience the American way of life, stick around as we discuss the popular courses, universities, cost of education, part-time work opportunities, and a lot more. 

Get all the answers for How to get admission in USA for an undergraduate degree. So, let’s dive straight into it. 


Bachelor’s Degree in the United States 

The duration of a bachelor’s degree in the US is of four years. They are known as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. In general, according to the US education system, students are required to study courses from a range of subjects that helps them in forming a broad educational foundation. 

Isn’t that amazing? The US Universities also offer programs in almost every possible line of education. Apart from regular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs, the universities also offer degree courses in the field of Business, Design, Hospitality, Mass Media, English Literature and Creative Writing, Aviation and a lot of other program options. 


Popular Study Areas at Bachelor’s Level 

The USA is one of the most technologically advanced countries and pursuing a technical course from the US University will be like learning from the best. However, there are several other study areas which can be pursued at the bachelor's level. Here are the top six: 

  • Engineering 
  • Computer Science 
  • Information Technology 
  • Business Administration 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Architecture 


Popular Universities in the USA 

The Universities in the US stand among the global elite providing exceptional opportunities to study in a thriving environment from some of the brightest minds across the globe. List of top universities in USA to name a few: 

  • University of Connecticut, Connecticut (Public Ivy - Only UG) 
  • Arizona State University, Phoenix 
  • University of Illinois, Chicago 
  • University of Arizona 
  • University of Delaware 
  • University of South Florida 
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology 
  • San José State University And there would be a long list to add on…… 


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor’s Degree 

  • Good Academic Track Record:

A strong GPA is a must to study in the US and ideally a student must have secured first class consistently since the high school. (High School consists of 9th, 10th, 11th and for students who are pursuing their 12th std Midyear scores and Predicted scores). 

  • Standardized Tests:

Students need to submit standardized test scores like SAT, ACT and English Language Proficiency Test scores like TOEFL or IELTS. The tests depend on the choice of program and the university. 

  • Active Participation in the Extra-Curricular Activities:

Apart from the academic requirements, having significant extra-curricular accomplishments can create an overall good profile.

  • Essays, and Letters of Recommendation (if any):

At the time of the application process, students are required to submit essays along with two letters of recommendation. This again may vary depending on the universities. 


Application Process for Bachelors in the US: 

High ranked universities offer only fall intake whereas middle ranked universities offer both fall and spring intakes. Ideally the application process for a bachelor's degree should begin at least 1.5 years before the commencement date. Mentioned below are the intakes available in the US: 

  • Fall: August 
  • Spring/Winter: January 
  • Summer: 

May The process for applying to study in USA involves a bunch of important steps that must be completed within the given period. 

Once the students decide on which intake they wish to apply for, they can start preparing their international application for their bachelor's in the US. 


6 Steps to Follow for the US Admission Process: 

Here is the step-by-step US Admission process for an undergraduate degree to study in America: 

  • Step 1: Decide the program that one wants to study and shortlist minimum 5 to 6 Universities. 
  • Step 2: Fill in the Common Application Form/ Coalition or Individual University Application Form. 
  • Step 3: Collect supporting documents like academic transcripts, score sheets of the previous qualification, scoresheet of the English proficiency test, updated CV, letters of recommendation (LOR), and essay. 
  • Step 4: Do official score reporting of the Standardized Test Scores. 
  • Step 5: On submission of the student application and required documents, the university will review the application and give their decision by December (Early) and by April (Regular). 
  • Step 6: Finalize the university, pay the enrolment deposit and the university will generate the offer letter. 
  • Step 7: The university will provide an I-20 that will help students to apply for a student visa. 


Cost of Bachelor’s Degree in the US 

  • Tuition Fees:

Although the cost of a bachelor’s degree in the US entirely depends on the global ranking of the university, chosen specialization, and location, the average cost falls in the bracket of $15000 to $55000 for one year. 

  • Living Expenses:

The cost of living in the US will include the accommodation rent, groceries, transportation, and other miscellaneous charges that will cost around $10000 to $20000 for one year. 



To cut down on the cost of education, US universities offer, merit-based or need-based scholarships to students with an excellent track record. For exact details regarding the same, it is advisable to check out the university website. 


Part-time Work Opportunities in the US 

According to the US government, international students are allowed to work part-time in the country. During semesters, students can work up to 20 hours a week whereas, during vacations, they are allowed to work for 40 hours. Students can support their living in the US with the help of part-time jobs while pursuing a bachelor’s degree. 


Student Visa to Study in the US 

The US government has made it mandatory for international students to secure F1 Student visa to study bachelors’ program. To secure the same, international students must be well-versed with the English language. Here are the steps to follow for Student Visa: 

  • Step 1: Select the visa date and fill in the DS 160 form 
  • Step 2: Schedule two dates for OFC and Visa Interview 
  • Step 3: Appear for the interview 

At the time of applying for the F1 student visa, students should ensure that they fulfil all the requirements, have their financial documents in place and have submitted the necessary documents. 

Applying to a US university can be a confusing task for many, hence it is advisable to take assistance. Aspirants can get in touch with KC’s US Admission Experts. Being a leading study abroad consultants in India, every year we assist thousands of students in getting admission at their dream US universities. Right from shortlisting of the program and university till the visa process, our team of experts assists students at every step. So, book a free consultation with us TODAY! 

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