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How to Crack GRE in the 1st Attempt?

Dec 17, 2022

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Numerous students are able to realize their dream of attending a foreign university, thanks to the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The exam is a step up the ladder to pursue higher education, followed by the promise of multicultural job experience and competitive pay. In essence, the GRE is a tool to gauge a student's interest in and readiness for graduate study at prestigious academic institutions and/or business schools around the world.


Advice for cracking the GRE Exam in the first attempt

The GRE is a formative assessment that includes questions from three separate categories, namely analytical, verbal, and quantitative. In order to perform well on all GRE sections, preparation is essential.


The following advice will help you prepare for GRE smartly

  1. Begin as early as possible
    You must begin your GRE preparation a minimum of two to three months ahead of the test. However, it would be best if you could dedicate four to five months to your GRE preparation as each portion of the test has unique difficulties. You must, therefore, prepare consistently and diligently to ace it. 
  2. Consult the best study resources
    Whether you choose GRE books or apps, you must pick relevant and latest study resources. There are dozens of GRE preparation books in the market, but not all of them are appropriate for the exam. Also, avoid scouring through piles of study material, which may overwhelm you. Skim through to find the content based on the analysis of exams. Pick the test question that you can understand simply. Online study resources are also at your disposal.
  3. Management of time
    Make sure you can focus on how to successfully manage your time during the GRE test as you prepare to ace the exam. When taking an exam, poor time management can occasionally lead to a lot of confusion. So, by diligent practice, aim to shorten the time it takes you to answer a question.
  4. Mock tests for practice
    To assess your exam performance and become accustomed to the test format, you can also regularly complete GRE sample papers and practice tests. This aids in identifying your areas of strength and weakness. It aids in understanding the challenges you face. In addition to this, you sit in an atmosphere that simulates test conditions, thus boosting confidence.
  5. Create a schedule
    You can better manage your time if you have a solid schedule. In order to give each section ample time for preparation, you must split your time according to the three sections. Additionally, if there is an area where you are weak, try to give it a few extra days. Your daily routine will be balanced as a result, and, over time, your productivity and efficiency will improve.
  6. Spend more time on vocabulary
    As it helps you with both verbal and analytical writing, GRE vocabulary preparation is an essential component of general GRE preparation. You can employ words from the analytical section in the right context to effectively convey your ideas, in addition to understanding the meaning of each word. Additionally, having a strong vocabulary will help you raise your GRE scores to an extent. To increase your vocabulary, read a variety of materials, including novels, periodicals, newspapers, etc.
  7. Emphasis on Quantitative Skills in Particular
    Your mathematical and higher-order reasoning abilities will be primarily tested on the quantitative part of the GRE. Compared with the other two, the quant section is much more challenging to ace for most aspirants. Many of the questions are based on straightforward logic with a small twist that makes them a little difficult.

    Therefore, having a successful test strategy will enable you to identify the exam format's tough questions and create a plan of attack for them.
  8. Identify Weak Spots
    You will be able to identify your areas of strength and weakness after passing some practice exams. You can learn how to approach various questions after analyzing different techniques. In the beginning, you might devote more time and focus on the weaker area. However, once you've finished practicing, your major attention should be on your stronger areas.


Regular practice on GRE mock questions will help you improve your scores and confidence. You will gain more knowledge and self-assurance as you proceed, helping you perform well on the GRE. Additionally, you will gain a deeper understanding of all the GRE question types, wordings, and other instructions.

Seeking guidance through KC Overseas GRE Preparation online or in class batches can help you improve your learning process with the help of up to date study material, best teaching faculty and regular mock exams. Some of KC’s students have achieved a score of 338 in GRE using our tips and tricks to crack the GRE exam. Purchasing either of our offerings: GRE-only coaching or GRE full package is a wise decision.

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