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Know All About How to Get Admission in USA?

Oct 19, 2023

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The USA is an ideal study location for students from all over the world. The country is recognised for its revolutionary educational system and multicultural, cosmopolitan life that draws scores of international students. It is home to internationally renowned universities like Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, the University of Chicago, and many others. There are a few things you must remember while applying to an American academic institution to study in USA, especially because American institutions have their unique admissions process for overseas students. To thoroughly understand the application procedure to study in the USA or how to get admission in USA universities, scroll below.

1. Never Go Easy on Research

Choosing a university in the US can seem overwhelming, with hundreds of options, each promising a distinctive and fascinating student experience. Here's how you can narrow down your choices:

  • Global Rankings

University rankings provide an unbiased picture of the world's top universities. They are based on a number of parameters, including professor-to-student ratio, employer reputation, and academic reputation. You can use global rankings to get a broad sense of an institution's reputation or to find out which universities in USA are available and are best in the field you want to pursue.

  • Guidance/Education Counsellor

Connecting with an education consultant can help you determine your goals and compile a shortlist of colleges and programs that are suitable for you if you're feeling overloaded by the possibilities offered throughout universities in USA. 

You can get advice from KC Overseas on courses, colleges, and visa application, in addition to answering any questions about studying in the US. They'll also let you know what paperwork you'll need to submit an application. 

2. Make a List

After your initial research is done, it is time to start assembling all the colleges together and see which one best suits your needs. Make a list based on the primary programs these colleges have to offer in your area of interest after looking through their official websites. Then, you must get in touch with each institution to get an application form and other details about accepting international students. You need to learn as much as possible about the many colleges you wish to apply to.

3. Collect Important Documents Needed for Admission/Application

The next step is sorting out all the application specifications, eligibility criteria, and documentation checklist you need to apply to your preferred colleges. This comes after making a list of schools and universities you want to apply to before beginning the real application process to study in USA. The following are the main documentation, necessities, and prerequisites for making your university application:

  • Transcripts or grade reports from high school or college
  • Resume/CV
  • Scores for undergraduate programs on the SAT/ACT
  • Test results for English language proficiency like the TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS.
  • GRE for Doctoral and Masters Programmes
  • Doctoral Programme Research Proposal
  • GRE/GMAT for MBA
  • SOP: Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  • Additional essays for admission

4. Language Test Requirements

You must prove that you have sufficient English language proficiency to be considered for admission in a USA university. This is to ensure that you are well-versed and comfortable in reading, writing, speaking and listening to English vocabulary when class is in session. The university and the curriculum will heavily influence the minimum requirements. Most American colleges will accept one or more of the following exams:

  • International English Language Testing Service (IELTS Academic)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
  • Duolingo English Test (DET)
  • Previously known as Cambridge English Advanced, C1 Advanced not required

Check the program and university requirements again to confirm the minimum score for the application.

5. Register and Take the Admission Test As Required

You should allow yourself at least 6 months to prepare for the necessary eligibility exams at this stage of the admissions process, such as standardized test prep for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT Coaching, & language proficiency exams for the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. You should aim for the highest scores necessary to apply to the programs and universities you've narrowed down. Test centres all throughout the world administer these tests. They are "standardised," which means that every testing site or centre administers the same test to the students. 

The admissions staff can compare your skills to those of other applicants using the results as a general cut-off. The schools you've applied to receive your exam results right away. For computer-based exams, you can select the school you are willing to apply to at the exam centres, and the examining organisations will send your results to them.

6. US University Application Deadline

Universities in USA typically provide two application deadlines for undergraduate (Bachelor's) degrees in the US: early admission and regular admission.

  • Early application deadlines for fall (autumn) admission are between October and November of the previous year.
  • Regular entrance deadlines for fall (autumn) admission are between February and March of the same year.

The USA universities’ deadline will depend on the semester (Fall intake or Spring intake) in which you are enrolling if you are applying for a postgraduate (Master's or PhD) degree.

  • The deadline for fall admission applications may be anywhere between December and March.
  • The deadline for spring admission applications is most likely between July and September of the previous year.

These dates can change significantly depending on the curriculum you're applying for or the university you want to attend. If you are unsure about the proper deadline, be sure to get in touch with the university directly.

7. Final Requirements

Once you are accepted at the university of your dream, you can start with the following procedures:

  • You will need the letter of acceptance and an I-20 to apply for the F-1 student visa if you are not a citizen of the United States.
  • Take your time while submitting financing and scholarship applications. Check out the scholarships provided as well if you need assistance paying for your studies abroad.
  • Verify whether paying an enrollment fee at the university to which you applied would guarantee your place there.


The application process, although worth every bit of time and effort, to enrol in a program of study in USA might be difficult and complicated at times. You may take help and guidance to apply and get selected at your dream college. KC Overseas, India’s leading study abroad consultants, have dedicated mentors and head coaches to provide you with the best guidance in selecting a suitable course and university as well as helping you get settled there.

Need guidance? Let us help you.

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