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Journey To the University of Galway, Ireland with 100% Scholarship: Kalyani's Inspiring Success Story

Oct 18, 2022

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Getting enrolled at the University of Galway, Ireland is a dream for many deserving students. But studying there with a 100% scholarship is a dream too good to be true!! Kalyani Kawale is one of those fortunate students who made their dreams of getting a higher education in Ireland with 100% scholarship a reality. This was made possible thanks to her dedication, diligence, intellect, and the proper guidance from mentors and counsellors at KC Overseas Education. 


Early Life 

Kalyani was always a bright student and had a curious mind. She studied B. Tech in Computer Technology at the Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering and secured an astounding 9.68/10 CGPA. After that, she decided to give her academic career a boost with international exposure. She got her admission to the prestigious University of Ireland, Galway and pursued her Masters in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


What Made Kalyani Choose the University of Galway, Ireland? 

When asked about her reason for choosing this specific university, Kalyani said, "I chose the University of Galway, Ireland because it has a plethora of research opportunities. Also, the world-class academic infrastructure is worth mentioning. The curriculum here covers every nook and cranny of my stream, including- Principles of Machine learning, Optimisation, Deep Learning, Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Tools for AI, Data Visualisation, AI ethics and much more. However, what excites me the most is that I also get to work on different Artificial Intelligence projects to gain practical insight into the theoretical concepts I learn." 

Apart from the obvious merit of the university, Ireland is exciting as a place to live and work.  The weather here is pleasant, and you will have ample employment opportunities following your degree. Also, while pursuing your studies, you can opt for part-time jobs and earn valuable experience that will come handy going forward in life. The entrepreneurial scene of Ireland is also encouraging. The Government has laws that are business friendly, making it easy to set up a business here.


Kalyani On KC Overseas 

According to Kalyani, getting the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship would have remained a far-fetched dream without the proper assistance from mentors at KC Overseas Education. Her mentors always kept the spark in her ignited with their words of encouragement. With excellent recommendation letters and outstanding support in the application process, Kalyani successfully received 100% scholarship and prepared herself for her journey to study in Ireland. Now, she is ready to experience the most exciting and fulfilling academic phase of her life. 


For Future Aspirants 

For future aspirants, Kalyani says- "Nothing is impossible if you are dedicated to achieving your goal. If I can do it, you all can do it too. Top Overseas Education Consultants like KC Overseas will make your journey a cakewalk. So, keep your eyes and ears open, do your work and stay focused on your goal". 


Why KC Overseas? 

KC Overseas is committed to bringing overseas education within everyone's reach. Through an extensive network of 65+ global offices and over 850+ experienced professionals, we strive to fulfil the dreams of study abroad for aspirants like Kalyani. 

We help students make informed decisions in choosing their stream, university, and country according to their career aspirations and preferences. We are proud to assist 4,60,000 + students for higher studies across different nations like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, the UK and Ireland, Singapore and more. Our end-to-end assistance covers application and visa processing to coaching for exams like the IELTS, GRE, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL & SAT as well as securing overseas education loans. So, keep your aspirations high and we will help you achieve them. 


Final Words

So, this was Kalyani's journey from India to the University of Galway, Ireland with a 100% scholarship. Hope this journey will inspire many of you to pursue higher education abroad and create a successful career. Our heartiest congratulations to Kalyani, and we hope that she will excel in every stage of her life in the coming days.

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