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Know All About Studying in Auckland University of Technology

Dec 28, 2022

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Auckland University of Technology, or AUT, is one of the most popular and second largest university in New Zealand. The university was founded in 1895, and over the years, it stood out for providing the best education in New ZealandAUT collaborates with multiple big and small organisations like Orion Health, Spark, NASA, and Air New Zealand, helping students transition into their professional lives more easily.

Moreover, this modern university holds high regard for research facilities and faculty. From around the world, AUT encircles over 5000 industry partners. Most of AUT’s academic staff is from abroad, encompassing students from around 140 countries. 

Auckland University of Technology: Mission

AUT’s mission is not just to educate students; they aim to create professionals who will make a tangible difference in the real world. The university encourages students to innovate and find new solutions to make a difference in people’s lives.

Auckland University of Technology: Academic Structure

As a whole, they have 17 schools which together offer five facilities. Moreover, AUT offers approximately 250 programs in various disciplines, including economics, art, design, business, science, engineering, education, computer science, mathematics, creative technologies, clinical studies, languages, communication studies, psychology, tourism and hospitality, nursing, sports, social science, law, and public health. 

In terms of students, the percentage of international/ overseas students is around 19% of the total student population at AUT, which numbers around 5,500 overseas students. Considering AUT’s learning community, there are 29,250 learners with around 3,400 staff, including around 195 professors and associate professors. Currently, there are around 994 students who are on the verge of receiving their doctorate degrees from the AUT.  

In a recent study, it was found that AUT’s alumni network extends to around 1,00,000 graduates from all over the globe. Some eminent personalities like Carol Hirschfeld, Bruce Leslie Mclaren, Peter Williams, and Joel Defries gained massive success in education, politics, media, and technology. Therefore, considering AUT’s academic success rate, planning to commence your higher education here is an appropriate choice. With guidance and support from expert study abroad consultants in India like KC Overseas, you can easily make your dream come true. 


Auckland University of Technology: Innovative Research Team

One of the main reasons why AUT is well-recognised for offering the best education in New Zealand is because of its prominent global research team. AUT’s academic staff is proactive when it comes to finding new solutions, and they do it keeping in mind their disciplines and projecting their expertise in every domain. 

AUT encompasses around 60 research institutes and centres. They offer a world-class research facility in various subjects, including ecology, robotics, nutrition, physical activity, space, and artificial intelligence. 

Auckland University of Technology: Campus 

Auckland University of Technology comprises three campuses, thereby allowing students to choose between:

  1. South Campus
  2. North Campus
  3. City Campus

Auckland University of Technology’s south campus is at the heart of Manukau. Thus, if you are ready to bear the high cost to study in New Zealandthen you can easily choose from courses at the AUT South Campus.            

AUT north campus is located on Auckland’s north shore, where you can find AUT’s biggest sports centre. Some of the other useful facilities that are available include dining, cafes, and student accommodation. Furthermore, the on-campus housing facility for overseas students provides townhouse-style apartments and self-catered rooms.

AUT’s city campus is the best among the three and stands tall at the heart of Auckland. It is also the biggest campus when compared to AUT’s south and north campuses. Additionally, it also incorporates the central administration, including the Vice-Chancellor’s office, and a majority of the academic units. 

All three AUT campuses were planned and structured to ensure student convenience. Moreover, an on-campus bus facility is also available to enable easy and smooth mobility within and across the campuses. 

Auckland University of Technology: Teaching and Learning Space

All three AUT campuses, as mentioned above, feature multiple award-winning buildings. AUT’s architectural team designed the campuses to promote an inviting, functional, and collaborative learning space for all students. Additionally, the campuses also feature multiple auditoriums and research facilities. 

Apart from this, AUT also encompasses a few world-class facilities like a couple of motion capture studios and New Zealand’s AUT millennium, which is the country’s top-ranking sports science facility. Within Auckland University of Technology, you will also catch a glimpse of New Zealand’s two major radio telescopes. These radio telescopes are exclusively used and hold value for their contribution to international research and projects. 

In a nutshell, Auckland University of Technology is one of the best choices for international students who wish to receive the best education in New Zealand. AUT’s approach is new, offering a research-intensive environment, learning support, and innovative facilities. Studying at AUT will allow you to develop skills that will help you enhance your career. 


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