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Study Masters in Sweden - The Most Innovative Study Destinations in the World

Dec 09, 2022

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Sweden is one of the best places to study if you value having your voice heard, enjoy taking the initiative and aren't afraid of a bit of snow.

The Swedish educational system shares the country's general policy of welcoming students from all around the world. Sweden offers more than a thousand-degree programs exclusively in English, as such, it attracts students from all over the world. 

Suppose you want to know what it's like to go to school in Sweden. In that case, it helps to know that the Swedish educational system emphasizes students' individual growth through collaborative projects and independent research more than the traditional lecture method. Let's try to understand what's happening in the background of this large picture.

Table of Content:- 

  1. Why Sweden?
  2. Why Pursue Masters’s in Sweden? 
  3. Program Duration & Study Fields
  4. Popular Universities to Study Masters in Sweden
  5. Tuition Fee
  6. Intakes 
  7. Application Documentation
  8. Visa Requirements
  9. Job Status Post Studies

Why Sweden?

Sweden is a global leader in higher education, with three universities in the top 100 in the World. Interestingly, citizens in the EU/EEA, other Nordic nations, and Switzerland gets free of cost tuition for Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Swedish public universities. Further to make it more appealing, all international students, no matter where they are from are eligible for free PhD courses.


Why Pursue Masters’s in Sweden

Most importantly why should you pursue a master’s degree from Sweden? To answer this question there are over a thousand master’s programs offered in Sweden. The Norse country offers different types of master’s programs with a 1 year and a 2-year tenure. 

Study abroad students can also opt for advanced courses/electives. The 60 ECTs and the 120 ECTs credits curriculum will both allow students to write their own thesis and graduate as master’s students. It is however noteworthy to know the tenure length is directly proportional to the expertise gained through the same.


Program Duration & Study Fields

Earning a Master's degree in Sweden requires an additional year or two of focused study in a specific field. After completing a bachelor's degree, students can enroll in this program and choose from various concentrations in fields like science, law, technology, finance, social sciences, and arts.


Popular Universities to Study Masters in Sweden

Here is the list of a few universities that offer Master’s

  1. Uppsala University
  2. Linnaeus University
  3. Halmstad University
  4. University of Skövde
  5. Dalarna University
  6. Jonkoping University
  7. Kristianstad University


Tuition Fee

Yearly tuition for a master’s might cost anywhere from, SEK 75,000 to SEK 150,000 per annum depending on the chosen university and degree program. Business and architecture may cost a little higher. There is also an application fee, of SEK 900, through which the students can submit 4 applications.


In Sweden, there are two academic Intakes:

  • Autumn 
  • Spring 

Autumn Intake:

Most students enroll in the fall semester since it is the only semester in which most universities provide a full complement of courses. Beginning in late August or early September is the beginning of the Autumn Intake.

Spring Intake:

The second intake occurs in January for the spring semester. It is best to check the university websites before applying, as some courses may not be offered for the Spring Intake at some Swedish Universities.

For those unable to enroll in the fall, there is the option of enrolling in the spring. Submissions begin in June and end in the middle of August. In October, the students find out if their application was accepted.


Application Documentation

Let’s look at the common application documentation required:

  • Valid Form of Identification
  • Proof of graduation from high school (translated into English)
  • Educators' Files (translated into English)
  • Verification of Language Ability

In addition, it's common practice at most colleges to require the following:

  • Academic Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers and employers


Visa Requirements

International Students who wish to study in Sweden for more than 3 months must apply for and be granted a residence visa before their arrival. The residence permit costs SEK 1,000 and is non-refundable; furthermore, students should only apply for permission once they have been accepted for full-time study and have paid for the first term. A visa is all that is needed for a student's visit of fewer than three months' duration. Prerequisites and regulations are different from one country to the next.


Job Status Post Studies

Sweden is unique among developed nations because it allows international students to legally work while enrolled in university. A post-graduation job search period is available to international students who want to work in Sweden, Europe's innovation powerhouse. 

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