Which Education Degrees turn into High-Paying Jobs in Ireland?

Jan 03, 2023

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The Irish economy is one of the most dynamic in the world. More and more international corporations are relocating their European headquarters to the country because of its promising business environment. Many people, especially international students studying in Ireland, have found new employment prospects as a direct result.

The employment rate at Irish universities is between 80% to 96%. Graduates from Ireland profit from the growing demand for workers with skills in med-tech, analytics, data engineering, and data analytics, as well as the life sciences, ICT, pharma, and healthcare. 

Apart from the above, the Irish education system is widely regarded as the best in the world. Earning a master's degree in Ireland is highly regarded worldwide because of the country's cutting-edge curriculum and skilled faculty members. It's tailored to meet the evolving demands of a rapidly expanding and advancing sector. Earning a study abroad degree in Ireland opens doors to networking and collaboration with influential professionals and thought leaders from around the globe. It helps problem-solving by fostering better reasoning, critical thinking, and risk evaluation.


What does a Successful Career look like in Ireland? 

The advantages of studying in Ireland are many. One of those many advantages happens to be remuneration. The average annual salary is 38,500 EUR. The annual salary range for professionals is from 9,730 EUR to 172,000 EUR. In terms of GDP per person, Ireland is in third place worldwide. This makes it a lucrative country to study in due to its post-study career prospects.

While the average wage in Ireland is quite high, some vocations and industries pay significantly more than average. The service business also has some of the best salaries/compensations accessible to the employees. Studying master's in Ireland prepares students for successful professional and financial futures.

The highest-paying occupations in Ireland are as follows: 


Average Salary (Approx.) in €

Surgeons and Doctors






Bank Managers


Chief Executive Officers


Chief Financial Officers




College Professors




Marketing Directors



Kindly note that the salary is approx. and varies from company to company and profile to profile.

After taking a glance at the most lucrative roles job seekers in Ireland can apply for, let’s look at the most lucrative departments/sectors that bring the most wealth in Ireland. 


The Five Highest-Paid Sectors in Ireland if you choose to study in Ireland



It is no surprise that the business and financial sector is one of Ireland's highest-paying fields of employment. Numerous well-paying opportunities exist in this sector, whether you prefer working for a large firm or striking out independently. Jobs in the business and financial sectors are abundant in Ireland. The job market is quite promising for people interested in working in this area, especially those who wish to advance their careers in the industry and earn more significant salaries. 

It is noteworthy that many Irish business schools, including those accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB, and others, hold worldwide accreditation. Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway are all home to excellent places to earn a business degree. MBA programs in finance, accounting, business analytics, supply chain management, etc., are all available from Irish universities.

The average annual salary for the top three job titles is as follows:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Average Annual Salary €163,000
  • Finance Director: Average Annual Salary €139,000
  • Sales Director: Average Annual Salary €130,000

Beginning your career in sales, financial analysis, or consulting can help you earn a high salary while getting the knowledge and expertise you need to rise to a director or executive role.



The healthcare industry is growing rapidly and offers excellent employment opportunities. The demand for healthcare workers has skyrocketed over the past year and a half due to COVID-19, and it remains extremely high at present.

The medical schools in Ireland are among the best in the world, and they offer programs that can be completed in as less as five years. Ireland's universities consistently place in the top three per cent of international rankings. There are also more than 30,000 overseas students in Ireland right now, attending schools across a wide range of disciplines.

Here are the three of the best careers to pursue if you want to work in the healthcare industry and make a lot of money:

  • Sales Director: Average Annual Salary €130,000
  • Dentist: Average Annual Salary €91,000
  • Physician: Average Annual Salary €90,000


Information Technology

With eight out of ten of the world's largest IT firms headquartered in the country, graduates in this field have good job prospects in Ireland. Ireland allows students to work for free for up to two years after graduation. Advantageous post-graduation employment opportunities exist with the world's leading IT corporations for students.

Your IT support skills will be in demand across industries, from healthcare to marketing, so developing them today will pay dividends later. Consider one of these three top-paying positions in the information technology industry:

  • Technical Architect: Average Annual Salary €103,000
  • Software Development Manager: Average Annual Salary €101,000
  • Solutions Architect: Average Annual Salary €97,000



Among the many benefits of pursuing Engineering in Ireland is the country's emphasis on hands-on laboratory experience. The curriculum is designed so that students from other countries can spend more time in the labs, which is very helpful for their research and development efforts. For students who are considering what kind of career to pursue, engineering is a lucrative decision that can bring a lot of opportunities and job security.

Here are the top three engineering jobs in terms of salary if you're considering a career in the field:

  • Engineering Project Manager: Average Annual Salary €87,000
  • Automation Engineer: Average Annual Salary €72,160
  • Aeronautical Engineer: Average Annual Salary €63,641



Getting work in the legal sector is more challenging, expanding more slowly than other sectors in Ireland. Ireland's legal framework is comprised of constitutional, common, and statutory law. The Constitution of Ireland is the supreme law of Ireland. The country operates under a common law system that is modelled after the British parliamentary system.

There are many reasons to pursue a modern, comprehensive education, including the fact that success in the competitive legal field depends on it. Here are the top 3 designations in the legal sector: 

  • District Court Judge: Average Annual Salary €136,124
  • Lawyer/Solicitor: Average Annual Salary €87,764
  • Legal Advisor: Average Annual Salary €58,917

Now that we know about the highest-paying jobs for international graduates in Ireland let's look at the most lucrative post-graduate programs in the country for international students. 


What is the Best Paying Degree in Ireland?

You will need the appropriate education or experience to get hired by a company offering the top salaries in Ireland for recent college grads. If you want to look for a high-paying career in Ireland after graduation, these are some of the degrees to study in Ireland:

Post-Graduate Department 

Potential Annual Salary


€63,641 to €87,000 per year


€60,000 to €87,000 per year


€40,000 to €87,764 per year

Computer Science

€45,000 to €103,000 per year


€40,000 to €64,000 per year


Naturally, these are just estimates, but they give you a sense of what you might expect to earn after completing a degree program at an Irish university.

If your goal is to maximize your wages and make a solid life after graduation, one of these degrees is a fantastic option among many others. Nonetheless, there are many other degrees to consider, including those in Medicine and Business.  There are a variety of alternative careers in Ireland that pay more, but it will take some time until you reach that level. One of these careers may be the best choice if you're looking to start making a good salary soon after you finish your higher education in Ireland.

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