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Netherlands Student Visa Application Process: A Detailed Insight

Feb 26, 2024

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As you bask in the glow of your admission confirmation, the exciting journey to study in the Netherlands is about to commence. While the prospect of experiencing academic brilliance is now becoming solid, an essential preparatory step looms large which is the application for your Netherlands Student Visa.

As an international student, studying in a foreign land demands meticulous planning, and securing a student visa is the most important aspect. Once you have received your admission confirmation, you need to arrange quite a few things and then apply for your visa. To help you have a hassle-free visa application process this guide serves as your go-to resource for understanding the intricacies of the Netherlands Student Visa. So, keep reading as we walk you through the entire application process.

Table of Contents

  1. Who Needs a Netherlands Student Visa? 
  2. Types of Netherlands Student Visa
  3. General Eligibility Criteria for Student Visa Application 
  4. Income Requirements
  5. Standard Documents Required for Student Visa Application
  6. Cost of Visa Application 
  7. Student Visa Processing Timeline for Netherlands 
  8. The Student Visa Application Process: How to Apply?
  9. Steps Post Obtaining the MVV

Who Needs a Netherlands Student Visa? 

Not everyone who plans to study in Netherlands requires a visa. EU/EEA and Swiss nationals are exempt from the student visa requirement. However, students from other countries, including those from non-EU/EEA nations, will need to apply for a student visa to pursue their higher studies in the Netherlands. This visa is essential for programs that extend beyond 90 days.

Types of Netherlands Student Visa

1. Short Stay Visa 

This visa type is applicable for programs lasting less than 90 days. .It is commonly used for language courses, short-term research projects, or orientation programs.

2. Residence Permits

This visa is essential for programs exceeding 90 days. Residence Permits are obtained after arriving in the Netherlands. It permits the international student to stay for the duration of their study. To enter the Netherlands, you will have to get the MVV which is also the entry visa. After reaching the country, you will have to get your residence permit.

Since most international students come for full-time courses and long stays in the Netherlands, let’s keep our focus on understanding the details of Residence permits.

General Eligibility Criteria for Student Visa Application 

To study in Netherlands for international students meeting the eligibility criteria is important for a successful visa application. Common requirements include the following.

  • Proof of Acceptance from a Recognized Educational Institution
  • You should be Enrolled in a Full-Time Program
  • Financial Stability to Cover Living Expenses 
  • Have Health Insurance Coverage for the Entire Stay
  • Having a Valid Passport

Income Requirements

The Netherlands is known for its high living standards and mandates that students show proof of sufficient financial means to cover living costs. This standard amount that you need to have is called study norm. As of the latest information, the minimum required amount is € 1,448.58 per month (without holiday allowance). This financial proof and income could be shown in 6 different ways. You can connect with our Europe Team to know more about them. The proof serves as a guarantee and ensures that students can comfortably support themselves during their studies.


Standard Documents Required for Student Visa Application

The basic documents required for your application are enlisted below. 

  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of Acceptance 
  • Financial Proof
  • Health Insurance 
  • Passport-sized Photographs
  • Visa Application Form

Cost of Visa Application 

One of the perks for international students heading to the Netherlands is that the cost of the visa application is covered by the educational institution and is a part of your tuition fee. The student visa application costs around €210. However, some kind of additional service charge might be applicable. 

Student Visa Processing Timeline for Netherlands 

Generally, the processing time for a Netherlands Student Visa is around 4-8 weeks. Post this, the applicant will have to go to the Embassy for Biometrics.

The Student Visa Application Process: How to Apply?

For a student residence permit, only your higher education institution can apply for your MVV and be your visa sponsor. This is one of the reasons why study in Netherlands is a preferred choice for many students. Furthermore, the institution should be IND recognised. Even though you won't have to apply for your visa on your own, here’s an overview of the application process that you must be aware of. 

  • Prepare Documentation
  • Pay the Application Fees
  • Submit Application
  • Wait for Approval
  • Give Biometrics at the Embassy and Collect MVV

Steps Post Obtaining the MVV

Once you have your MVV in hand, you can fly to the Netherlands. For more than 90 days of stay, you will have to get your residence permit (VVR) in hand. Post-arrival, you will have to visit the local IND desk to get your VVR or residence permit. 

Summing up, this is everything that you must know about the visa application process to study in the Netherlands. By understanding and following this application process diligently, you can have a fulfilling and enriching academic experience. Make sure to start the process well in advance so that every detail is meticulously attended to, and you have a seamless transition to student life in the heart of Europe.

For more details pertaining to higher education in the Netherlands, you can reach out to our team at KC Overseas Education. As one of the top 10 overseas education consultants in India, we will not only help you gain insights into the life in Netherlands but also provide holistic assistance for your application process. So, connect with our team at the earliest opportunity to get enrolled for the upcoming academic intake. 

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