A Test Taker’s Guide to the PTE Academic Test and its Format

Feb 13, 2023

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The Pearson Test of English, commonly known as the PTE is a widely accepted standardized test that assesses and measures the test taker’s overall English language proficiency. This is a computer-based test that is taken by students and professionals. Unlike other English language proficiency tests, the PTE is popular to be a short test that gets completed in a single sitting. 

A tester of International English and not British or American English, PTE is the first entirely computer-based English test. Furthermore, this test provides fast, accurate, objective results. The test score is widely accepted by 3,000+ universities and colleges globally. 

This test is broadly categorized into two, namely PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI. PTE Academic test is taken by the majority of the test takers. Thus, in this article, let us focus on understanding the essence of this test and other important details. Keep reading to know more about this. 

Key Highlights of the PTE Academic Test

  • A Computer-Based Test
  • 2 Hours Duration
  • Single Test Session
  • 20 Question Types
  • Frequent Test Dates
  • Last-minute Availability
  • Secured Test 
  • Test Scores within 48 hours

Considering that we have discussed the fundamentals of this test, let us proceed to know the other components as well. But first, let’s check the countries accepting the PTE test scores.

Countries Accepting the PTE Scores

The PTE Academic Test Scores are accepted by institutions worldwide. The major countries accepting the PTE scores are given below. 

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

PTE Academic: Test Format 

The test format consists of 3 parts with 20 different question types. Each part has different types of questions. Several PTE Coaching centres provide test preparation for each of these test parts. 

  • Part 1

It consists of the Speaking and Writing section. This part contains seven different question types and the test duration for this part is between 54–67 minutes.

  • Part 2 

It consists of the Reading Section. This part contains five different question types and the test duration for this part is between 29–30 minutes.

  • Part 3 

It consists of the Listening Section. This part contains eight different question types and the test duration for this part is between 30–43 minutes.

PTE Academic: Test Scoring

The overall score of this test is between 10 and 90. Every institution has its own set score requirement. On an average, the score requirements for courses are given in the table below. 


Minimum Score Requirement

Foundation Courses


Undergraduate Degrees


Postgraduate Degrees



PTE Academic: Test Centers 

Globally there are 350 test centres in 117 countries for PTE. At present, there are 35 test centres across India.

PTE Academic: Test Fees

The test fee for PTE Academic is ₹15900 INR, which is inclusive of 18% tax.

PTE Academic: Acceptable ID

Since it is a highly secured test, the identity of the test taker is of vital importance. The most preferred and acceptable ID for this test is the Passport of the test taker. 

PTE Academic: Test Day Checklist

To avoid any last moment rush on the day of your test here’s a checklist to make sure that you have a smooth test experience.

  • Reach the test center at least 30 minutes prior to the test timing.
  • Carry your acceptable test ID with you
  • Have a good meal and hydrate yourself before the test

PTE Academic: What to expect on test day

  • At the test center, there will be a PTE Test Center Administrator who will confirm your identity and take your digital photograph and signature. 
  • Then they will scan the palm of your hand. 
  • Once your identity is confirmed you will be guided to your test seat.
  • The test seat will consist of a computer, keyboard, audio headset, chair, notepad, and pencil.
  • You will be given two hours to complete the test without any breaks.
  • For any questions, you may ask the PTE Test Centre Administrator.

PTE Academic: Test Retakes 

There is no limit for the test retakes. A test taker can give as many attempts as they want. However, it is recommended that you should wait for the final test results before applying for another test date. 

PTE Academic: Test Results 

The test results for the PTE Academic test are quick. Most of the test takes will receive their test results within 48 hours. However, the maximum duration is 5 working days to get the results. Once the result is published online, the test taker can download it from the PTE website. One can download this result multiple times. 

Considering that you are familiar with the features of this test, now is the most suitable time for you to enroll for this test. Taking the test format into consideration, finalize the test date as per the completion of the test syllabus.

A well-planned test strategy and expert guidance will help you ace this test and reach your expected score.  So, if you want to get a high score on this test, you can reach out to KC Academy. The highly qualified trainers at KC Academy will provide you with the best PTE Coaching in Nagpur.

The skilled faculty at KC Academy will help you prepare and accomplish your study abroad dream. Make the most of this opportunity and enroll for the upcoming PTE batch.

Good Luck!

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