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Learn How to Calculate PTE Score and Achieve Your Target Score

Jul 06, 2023

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The Pearson Test of English, commonly called PTE, is an international test of English language proficiency. This computer-based test is taken by candidates who are interested in studying abroad in English-speaking countries. Students can send several score reports of the test to their preferred university, without paying any additional charges. Read this article to find out more information related to this test score.

Scoring System of the Test

The test has four distinct sections to test a student's speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. A good score will ensure that students get admission to top educational institutions around the world. The calculations are automated and the two main types of scoring are:

  • Partial Credit 

This is for the correct answers and the wrong answers will be deducted from the points that the correct answers received. 

  • Correct & Incorrect

The correct answers will get one point and there are no points given to the incorrect answers. 

Score Calculation

Each section of the test is important and determines the overall PTE score. The calculation is based on advanced automated scoring methods. Some answers are given points based on whether they are right or wrong, while other answers are marked as per their quality and relevance. The scores range between 10 points and 90 points. Here are the two scoring types:

  • Communicative Skills 

This includes all four sections (speaking, writing, reading and listening) of the test and is based on the assessment of these skills.

  • Enabling Skills

This particular skill includes grammar, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, fluency, and writing. These skills can be developed with practice. PTE coaching can help students perform well in these areas, with the right knowledge and training.

The test score is calculated based on the average of each section of the test. Here are some key points:

  • The main four sections are listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • An average of the enabling skills is calculated which includes grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and written discourse. 
  • The enabling skills are the fifth contributor in the four sections of the exam.
  • An average of all five contributors is considered the final score.

The overall scores are rounded up, for example, 76.5 is 77 and if the average is above 88, then it is rounded up to 90. The test score calculators are also available online for free and can be accessed easily.

Academic Types

This test is divided into three parts, the first one consists of speaking and writing sections and the duration of this part is 77-93 minutes. The second part comprises the reading section that is for 32-40 minutes. Finally, part 3 includes the listening section and the duration allowed to complete the same is 45-57 minutes.  

Understanding the Test Scores

Here is an academic score guide and the description of levels:

  • The 10-29 score range indicates that the candidate is familiar with basic phrases and regular expressions. He/she can answer questions about his/her personal life and details. However, he/she can interact if the other person is talking in a simple language and slow manner.
  • 30-42 band score reflects that the candidate comprehends sentences and can communicate in a simplified manner.
  • The 43-58 score range states that the candidate can understand day-to-day topics and answer related questions. 
  • The 59-75 score range implies that the candidate can understand complex topics and interact with a degree of command over the language. The candidate is also able to interact comfortably with native speakers.

What is the Best Score? 

PTE Academic provides scores within 10-90 and candidates can measure the same. Notably, 85-90 is considered to be the best score. It indicates the highest levels of proficiency in the English language. And, it means that the candidate can easily understand what he/she reads or hears and summarise data from written and spoken sources. He/she can express himself/herself well and communicate with confidence. 

Further, 76-84 is also a good score and is accepted by several institutions and countries. This is good for candidates trying to get admission to undergraduate programmes. This score indicates that candidates are able to understand long and extensive texts and they can express themselves without any trouble. They can flexibly use the language for varied purposes and complex aspects. 

How Can I Prepare for a High Score in the Test?

Are you confused about the right direction of your preparation plan? Check out the tips listed below:

  • Begin by knowing your target score. This helps you decide the amount of hard work you must put in.
  • Learn the test format. You must go through the instructions, duration of each test section, layout and type of questions asked previously. 
  • Understand how your test is scored. Note that all questions in the exam are machine-scored. 
  • Get your preparation material from reliable sources only. Visit the official website and you can access their online courses, official course books, etc.
  • Practice sample papers and set a timer to better understand the setting of the real exam. 
  • Focus on your writing skills, vocabulary and the listening part.
  • It is important to know your strengths and work on your weaknesses. 

Which Countries Accept PTE Scores?

Listed below are some countries accepting this test scores:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong

Validity and Availability of the Score

The PTE score is valid for 2 years from the date of appearing for the test. Universities will not accept this score after 2 years of the test date.  

After appearing for the test, the score is available within five days. Candidates are notified about scores and evaluation on their registered email ID.


It may seem a little challenging to understand the pattern and scoring system of this test, however, if a candidate seeks guidance from an expert, he or she will be able to appear for the test with confidence and score well in the first attempt. KC Overseas is a well-known and trusted study abroad partner. Join PTE classes in Nagpur or online for proper preparation, precise study material, and much more. The education experts at KC Overseas provide personalised guidance because no set template for exam preparation works for everyone.

Need guidance? Let us help you.

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