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The Benefits Of Studying In The Netherlands: A Comprehensive Guide For Students

Jan 27, 2023

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Are you taken aback by the pictures of beautiful and cosy cafes or glistening canals and wish to fulfil your dream of travelling to the Low Countries of Europe? If yes, then perhaps you must consider to study in Netherlands. Although the Netherlands is a beautiful place to visit and stay, there are many more reasons why this country is on the priority list of students who choose to study abroad. 


Reasons to study in Netherlands

Here's why studying in the Netherlands is a good idea for international students –

study in Netherlands

1. Reputed universities

Are you aware that the education system in the Netherlands is one of the most popular in the world? Hence, it is not surprising that choosing to study abroad in the Netherlands has become so preferable for many students, given that numerous Dutch universities consistently rank highly in international lists of university rankings. For international students, universities in the Netherlands provide the following:

  • Affordable tuition fees
  • A wide selection of English-language courses to enrol in
  • An excellent educational environment

For instance, you may consider three of the eight top universities in Netherlands listed in the world's top 100 universities: The Universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, or Groningen. You're sure to find your suited degree here as  many top-notch institutions provide a wide array of  courses.


2. Promoting a free-thinking society

The diversity found in the neighbourhoods of the Netherlands reflects the "live and let live" attitude that the Dutch people adopt in their daily lives. Openness has long been a foundational aspect of Dutch society, contributing to the popularity of studying abroad in the country. Dutch legislation laws have produced a secure environment for people to carry out their lives, regardless of their cultural and social identity. You will have the chance to expand your mind to the diversity of individuals from around the world if you decide to study in the Netherlands.


3. Highly competitive market

Most Dutch university graduates have one primary objective, which is to find a job after graduation. Finding good job opportunities after studying in the Netherlands is reasonably achievable, all thanks to one of Europe's most competitive economies that the Netherlands provides. The Dutch Government supports talented people by granting visas to students from other countries with good academics and marketable skills. This makes the Dutch workforce a very diverse and skilled one.


4. Language-proficient individuals

Dutch is significantly simpler for an English speaker to learn than speakers of other languages because it is the closest relative of English to the Germanic language versions. Additionally, both languages borrow words from one another, and there are significant syntactic similarities. Thus, studying abroad in the Netherlands can be advantageous for people who want to learn a new language. But don't worry if learning a new language while studying in the Netherlands is not your primary objective. The Dutch hold one of the most extraordinary non-native proficiency levels in the world in English. So, don't worry if learning Dutch takes some time while you're studying in the Netherlands because you will also have access to several English-taught courses here.

Most of the country's leading universities have established higher education curriculums in English, making the Netherlands the first non-English speaking nation to do so. In the Netherlands, there are around 1400 English-taught study courses that can be undertaken. A wide variety of subjects are available for a bachelor's, Ph.D., diploma, certificate, or masters in Netherlands.


5. The Netherlands is one of the world's happiest nations

The Netherlands is not just one of the world's happiest nations to be in, but it's also one of the safest countries. This declaration has been backed up by proven data statistics from numerous organisations confirming that it is one of the safest and happiest cities in the world.


6. Several grants and scholarships are available

While studying in the Netherlands, you will discover that several foundational and university scholarships are available for students. In the Netherlands, entirely funded scholarships are available, effectively freeing up your tuition fees. So, you can take advantage of these scholarships to keep the cost of studying in the Netherlands to a minimum.


Top universities in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a fascinating country to study in, with more than ten universities listed in the top 500 international higher education rankings. Dutch universities draw in students with a welcoming attitude, and they also provide elite degrees that are taught in English. Also, there are dedicated committees for international students, and they extend assistance in case of any problems.

Here are a few foreign universities you can consider, if you are looking to study in Netherlands but are unsure where to start:


1. University of Groningen

There are nearly 180 bachelor's and master's degrees available at the University of Groningen that are taught in English. The University of Groningen is situated in Groningen, and more than 120 different countries are represented on the university's campuses.


2. Delft University of Technology

The Netherlands' largest and most established technical institution is the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The institution has roughly 18,000 students, and nearly a quarter are from other countries. Although the university's original buildings were previously located in the city centre, they are currently all in Mekelpark.


3. Utrecht University

One of the best research universities present in the Netherlands, Utrecht University, was founded in 1636. The university provides 12 undergraduate courses and more than 90 postgraduate programs, and all courses are taught in English and comprise a variety of academic fields.


4. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is popularly known as the third-oldest university in the nation and is the largest in the Netherlands, enrolling roughly 24,000 students every year. The institution enrols over 3,000 international students from almost 100 nations in roughly 150 courses per year. The main campus is in the heart of Amsterdam, but the university buildings are dispersed throughout the city.


Top courses in the Netherlands

Higher education institutions in the Netherlands provide a wide variety of course options. The following are a few of the top courses in the Netherlands for foreign students:

  • Agricultural 
  • Liberal arts 
  • Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Fashion 
  • Sports Management 
  • Philosophy 
  • Business and Finance


Application process

For international students, the application process can be completed online. Let's look into the application process for universities in the Netherlands -

  • Look through the finest universities in Holland and choose the course that best suits you.
  • Once you've narrowed your list of potential universities, visit each institution's official website to learn more about their admissions and other qualifying requirements.
  • Consider the application deadline as you need to organise your preparation.
  • To apply for admission, you need to take the necessary exams. GMAT and GRE scores are prerequisites for admission to any Dutch university. You must also submit your IELTS or TOEFL results if the course is in English. 
  • You can use the official website of the university you want to attend to apply to study in the Netherlands.
  • On the official website, you must fill out the application form, provide all the necessary documents, and pay the application fees online.
  • If chosen, you must apply for a student visa to study in the Netherlands.

Even though the process is fairly simple, there are finer details that, if missed, can cause delays and disruptions. In that case, top edtech companies in India, like KC Overseas, can be your ideal partner. Experts here will help you with the application process, securing a visa, and finding the right university and course, depending on your academics and ambitions.


Parting Thoughts

Study in Netherlands is surely one of the best options for all the perks that this country has to offer. Besides its picturesque towns and countryside, this country has one of the finest education systems in the world. Here, you will find an environment that encourages innovation and helps you reach your goal. So, if you plan to go abroad, talk to our experts at KC Overseas for more insights.


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