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Top Reasons Why Studying Abroad Should be Your New Year’s Resolution?

Jan 21, 2023

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As we welcome the New Year, we are all noting down our resolutions for the year and promising to make our best efforts to fulfill them. If studying abroad is on your bucket list this year, then look no further because this blog will help you explore all the advantages of it and why it is one of the best decisions ever! 

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. You will be able to learn more than what's in your textbooks, it will widen your vision and offer you the opportunity to adapt to new cultures. Getting out of your comfort zone may seem to be challenging at first but take the leap anyway because it will be worth it. Here are 10 reasons why studying abroad should definitely be your New Year’s resolution:

1. Become Self-reliant

When you leave your home country to travel and study abroad, you will become more independent in various aspects of your life. Your family and friends will no longer be around, this allows you to refine your decision-making skills, you will develop problem-solving skills, and it will be an exciting and enriching experience for you.

2. Endless Possibilities 

A new country will open up new opportunities for you, help you explore new avenues and you get a chance to unlock your full potential. You can study, do part-time courses to enhance your skills, participate in projects and even do internships which prove to be very helpful when seeking a job.

3. It Helps You in Networking

Studying abroad will ensure that you are meeting several people from around the world and different backgrounds, including students, teachers and mentors. This helps you create a network that may help you in the future. These connections play a key role in helping you find internships and job opportunities abroad. You may even learn several tips and tricks for using your international experience in your quest for a job or internship. 

4. It Enhances Your Creativity

Studying abroad contributes to one’s overall personal and professional growth. It improves your social and communication skills, and it helps you better understand your strengths and flaws, to become more creative and confident. You get more exposure, learn new languages and embrace diversity by connecting with fellow students.

5. Boost Your Resume

An international degree is highly valuable, it puts you in a higher position than other competing candidates for a job. Employers are more willing to hire employees who are friendly with colleagues and can interact with people, work in a team and have a cross-cultural experience. Studying at a university in another country means you know how to make connections, and it also ensures you can easily adjust to new situations.

6. An Experience of a Lifetime

Studying abroad teaches you to live in the moment, you start focusing on gathering experiences rather than collecting materialistic things, which is better for your health. Studying abroad allows you to travel, go on real adventures, and meet new, interesting people who introduce you to their culture and cuisines and teach you about their country and in turn help you rediscover and reinvent yourself.

7. You Become More Spontaneous and Appreciate Little Joys

Studying abroad also means that you have fewer possessions, you are far away from home and you don’t take things for granted. You learn to open your mind to new experiences and appreciate the little things that friends do for you.

8. Perks of International Students

International student discounts are a thing that might attract you to study abroad. International student scholarships also provide you with the benefit of low tuition fees so you do not have to worry about the high expenses of studying abroad. Several private and government schools and universities in countries like Australia, USA and Europe offer dedicated scholarships to international students as funding becomes more and more common in recent times.

9. Flexibility in the Course of Study

Studying at a globally well-ranked university gives you access to numerous top-tier programs. You also get to choose a wide variety of electives and complementary programs. Apart from your major subject, you can pursue other coursework and skill-building programs during the break.

10. International Job Prospects

Once you complete your studies abroad, you can choose to apply for a work visa and explore job opportunities in a foreign country. You are more likely to land a high-paying and appropriate job for yourself.


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