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Malhar shares his experience of winning a Scholarship in Top Ranked Public Business School in the US

Jul 28, 2018

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When I was in 9th grade, I decided that I wanted to go to a US university for my further studies. Having decided this early, I knew what I had to do, and I worked accordingly. 

I knew that US universities look for something unique in every applicant, and they consider the application for admission based on that uniqueness.

 I was unique because of my skill as a lawn tennis player. I had been playing tennis since the age of six, and I had won many tournaments. Since this was my asset, I highlighted my achievements in lawn tennis in my every college application. Apart from admission, I was also hoping for an athlete scholarship.

The other thing I knew was that I had to get a great score in my SAT and high school. Many US universities greatly admire students with great score in SAT, and I knew that if I had one, it would get me a lot closer to one of the best colleges, and fortunately I was able to acquire it. Once I got my scores, I started applying to different universities.

KC Overseas Education rightly advised me to focus on the universities which could give me a good scholarship and were also great in their rankings. I applied as per their guidelines and got admission in five universities of which two offered me scholarships.

One of the two was The University of South Florida (USF), and they offered me a scholarship of $50000 for four years. This university is one of the best in research, and it gets a lot of funding. The other university was Indiana University Bloomington, and they offered me a scholarship of $28000 for four years. This university in amongst the top in business programs. As I wanted to major in Finance, I chose to go to Indiana University Bloomington. Even though USF was offering me more scholarship, Indiana University was much more ranked in its subject. Moreover, Kelley School of Business, at Indiana University is recognized and appreciated all over the USA. In its most recent ranking, Bloomberg Business week ranked the Kelley School of Business 1st among public business schools. Overall, it was ranked the 4th in the nation for its undergraduate B.S. in Business out of more than 100 of the top business schools in America. 

If I hadn’t gotten the scholarship at Indiana University, I would have considered going to USF. 

Moreover, I got admission in one of the honors college at Indiana University, which is greatly prestigious. 

I think that the planning I had done was really helpful because US universities look at everything an applicant does and not just the grades. Moreover, planning helps you in deciding your college earlier, so that you can work according to its admission requirements, which will only increase your chances of getting into that college. 


Student Details

Malhar Pagay

Admit in Bachelors of Science in Business-Finance (Fall 2018)

Indiana University Bloomington- Kelly Business School, US


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