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Most Popular Accommodation Choices in the USA for International Students

Feb 10, 2024

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Starting an exciting journey of studying abroad in the US presents endless opportunities, but the high costs of accommodation pose a significant challenge for aspiring students. Despite the financial hurdles, hope emerges in the form of budget-friendly student apartments and other accommodations scattered across the country. Beyond university rankings and job prospects, finding affordable living space is crucial for international students. 

Housing is a vital part of the education in USA, creating a supportive environment for transitioning into a new culture. This exploration delves into various options – from on-campus and off-campus dorms to apartments and local homestays. And before choosing the right accommodation for you, it is important to consider a few factors. 

So, join us as we uncover the complexities of international student housing in the USA, offering insights to help you make an informed decision about the perfect place that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations. Let us begin!

Types of Accommodation & Their Perks for International Students in the USA

To give you a brief idea, the average cost of accommodation is around $9,800 per year, and it varies depending on the type you choose. So before diving deep inside, let us explore the housing options available in the country. 

On-Campus Dormitory 

Experience the convenience of on-campus dormitory living, where everything from utilities to networking is at your fingertips. Thus, let us explore the perks below. 

  • All-Inclusive Fee: Your housing fee often covers rent and utilities, thereby simplifying financial planning.
  • Convenience: On-campus dorms are within walking distance of classrooms and campus facilities. 
  • Connectivity: The On-Campus Dormitory provides you with the advantage of being in touch with professors, University staff, and other committees thereby building your network connection. 
  • Easy Access: Enjoy seamless access to classes, dining facilities, and recreation centers, enhancing the overall convenience of your daily routine.
  • Social Environment: Dorms provide opportunities to meet diverse students and build a supportive social network.
  • Safety: On-campus security measures enhance safety, providing peace of mind for students and their families.


Talking about living in apartments, offers freedom and flexibility. Thus, to have a better understanding let us glance at the perks below. 

  • Independence and Privacy:  Apartments offer enhanced independence and privacy, creating a personalized living experience distinct from college dorms.
  • On-Campus Convenience: Private on-campus apartments are larger.
  • Off-Campus Flexibility: Opt for off-campus freedom, managing meals, cleanliness, safety, and monthly bills independently.
  • Personalization Options: Choose a roommate or live independently, tailoring your living experience to preferences and budget.
  • Full Responsibility: Off-campus living means managing all aspects independently, providing a lifestyle shaped by personal needs and preferences.

Renting a House

Renting a house can give you comfort and autonomy, where you can create a personalized living space. Therefore, we have mentioned the perks below. 

  • House Rental Option: To study in USA explore off-campus houses for added space and flexibility, catering to family, friends, or Greek housing (Girls Hostel).
  • Family or Alone: Renting a house suits families or those wanting privacy. Check student-friendly neighborhoods with your university.
  • With Friends: Students going in groups can plan to rent a house and can share the accommodation and split costs for internet, utilities, rent, and groceries among themselves.
  • Greek Housing: Join a fraternity or sorority home for shared facilities and a sense of belonging. Additionally, monthly rent contributions may cover utilities.
  • Cost and Convenience: Evaluate based on housemates and individual needs. Joining Greek housing fosters connections; renting alone suits families with a reasonable budget.


Immerse yourself in a cultural exchange like no other with a homestay experience, it offers a unique opportunity to live with a local family. To get a better idea let us discover its perks below.

  • Supportive Environment: Ideal for students worried about solitude, homestays provide a supportive environment, placing you with a nearby family.
  • Cultural Learning: Homestays foster cultural adaptation, offering an environment to learn, understand, and adapt to a new culture and to make connections which will help students in the long run.
  • Homesickness Relief: Living with a family eases homesickness, providing comfort and companionship in a foreign country.
  • Language Enhancement: Enhance English-language skills through daily interactions with the host family in the homestay setting.
  • Harmonious Living: Ground rules to ensure harmony, including considerations for mealtimes, cleanliness, and technology Follow household usage.

After securing your admission to top universities in USA, so many options are available to choose from. But before that, you need a few things to remember, so let us talk about it further. 

Essential Points to Consider 

Make sure to think about these points before signing a lease for student housing in the USA.

  • Check the Location: Ensure the student housing is close to your college or university for convenience and saving commuting time.
  • Utilities Included: Check whether utilities like water, electricity, and internet are included in the rent or if you need to pay separately.
  • Maintenance Policies: Inquire about the landlord's responsiveness to maintenance issues to ensure a prompt resolution of problems.
  • Amenities Offered: Look for housing with necessary amenities like internet, laundry facilities, and a secure entrance for a comfortable stay.
  • Lease Terms: Carefully read and understand the lease agreement, including terms, duration, and any penalties for breaking the lease.
  • Budget Wisely: Evaluate your budget to find affordable housing that includes rent, utilities, and other potential expenses.
  • Safety Matter: Research the neighborhood’s safety to ensure a secure living environment during your time as a student.
  • Transportation Options: Consider proximity to public transportation or parking facilities if you have a vehicle for easy commuting.
  • Roommate Compatibility: Discuss living habits and preferences with potential roommates to ensure a harmonious living arrangement.
  • Reviews: Checking reviews and talking to current and former students is important to make sure the accommodation is genuine.


Summing Up 

Well, that is quite a lot of information to be retained, right? But don’t worry, we have got your back. KC Overseas is one of the most prominent MNCs for studying abroad globally. We not only assist in studying bachelors or masters in USA but ensure all our students have a comfortable stay in their dream destination. Moreover, we will give you the best accommodation options according to your budget and preferences. Our expert counselors have all their ears to every query of yours and that too without even charging a penny. 

So, we are always here for you, just reach out to us as soon as possible, because your dream destination is waiting for you!

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