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Study Abroad Franchise - The most Profitable and Fastest-Growing Franchise in India

Nov 15, 2022

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Do you aspire to enter the world of franchise business in education?

With more students enrolling in foreign universities, overseas education consultancy franchises are one of the fastest-growing businesses in India. According to the latest statistics, the exact number of Indian students flying abroad to pursue higher studies yearly is around 7,52,725. With such an enormous number, the franchise business opportunity of overseas education consultancies is a guaranteed success.


What does a study abroad recruiter do?

Study abroad recruiters are also known as overseas education consultants. Their primary job is to guide students to get started with their international education journey, right from selecting a suitable course to applying to a particular foreign university.

Education franchise businesses are growing exponentially with a steep rise in the number of students enrolling in foreign universities. As a result, the reports witness a steady rise in the number of consultancies taking the franchising route to serve more students. This, in turn, creates lucrative opportunities for industry professionals.


Why is a franchise business a valuable opportunity?

A business opportunity in this domain has the following benefits:

  • The process of admission gets easier with overseas education consultancies

The process of selecting the most suitable university, applying for a student visa, admission procedures, and finding accommodation might overwhelm the students and their parents. However, the admission process gets easier with the help of education consultants. 

  • Foreign Universities are partnering to attract Indian students

When you consider the number of Indian students going abroad for studies, this country is a huge opportunity for foreign universities. As a result, they are partnering with leading educational consultants to help them reach more students and spread awareness. This partnership is a significant contributor to the growth of the overall overseas education industry.

  • The overall counselling facility is attractive to students

After completing +2 level education, students sometimes need clarification about what to do next. Moreover, some students look for expert advice after the completion of their bachelor’s degree to give their academic career a boost of international exposure. Experienced education consultants can provide much-needed assistance and guidance in both cases.

Now, an education consultancy business is not just about bridging the gap between students and foreign universities. They also help students to introspect, find out their interests and choose a stream which is the most suitable for them. In addition, they also help with funding, visa documentation and several other things. 

This comprehensive counselling the experts provide is one of the primary reasons why more and more students are enrolling with these consultancies. For instance, KC Overseas caters to the needs of the students in every aspect- from counselling to test preparation, scholarships, internships, education loan, visa processing, application, admission and a lot more. They also offer assistance with the course, country & university selection and auxiliary support.

  • Low cost of Investment and Higher Revenues: 

Another major and probably the most crucial reason for the growth of overseas education consultancies is that they offer rewarding franchise opportunities. Education franchise business is a low-cost business opportunity. Within a short time, this business can become profitable as you earn a commission for every student recruited. 


Why choose us?

Partnering with KC Overseas can open you up to a myriad of benefits. To start with, we arrange meetings with university delegates at all our franchise offices. Therefore, you will have a chance to invite prospective students and have a chat with these dignitaries. It will benefit your student engagement strategy.

Along with that, we also invite affiliated universities to take part in education fairs in the city where you will open the franchise. Organizing this fair will help you to generate prospective leads, and also convert them easily as you showcase what you can offer.


Apart from this, some of the other benefits of associating with us are:

  • We are a brand with 25+ years of study abroad industry expertise 
  • You get access to 750+ university tie-ups with 60+ universities in the world's top 200 as per QS World Ranking 2022
  • We help you to implement the right marketing tactics and strategies to attract more students
  • We provide complete training and onboarding at the HO

With KC overseas, you can use a technology-focused platform for student recruitment. You can explore more than 85,000 courses, filter and shortlist them and compare universities and scholarships in the blink of an eye. Serve your customers better with the eligibility feature- a smart technology that shows only eligible courses or universities for your students. You can also enjoy seamless application support. Get real-time tracking of the applications and live chat benefits with the application experts. You can also apply to multiple programmes and universities with one application, pay fees, and do much more. 


Wrap up

Better education, higher standards of living and abundant work and research opportunities have contributed to the increase in student outflow from India to abroad. Therefore, the business of abroad education consultants is predicted to proliferate in the coming years. If you want to be an entrepreneur, partner with KC overseas and experience rapid growth and a higher Return On Investment. Join a vast network of more than 65+ offices across South and South East Asia. Contact us today.

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