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Switzerland's Academic Landscape –Financial Insights, Universities and Courses for 2024

Feb 02, 2024

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Studying in Switzerland is a transformative journey marked by academic brilliance, cultural diversity, and a high quality of life. For those seeking a holistic education that transcends borders, Switzerland stands as an unparalleled destination where excellence knows no bounds.

Switzerland places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Students are exposed to a society committed to green practices and ecological responsibility. This awareness instils a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

If you too wish to study in Switzerland then keep reading the article till the end to know more about getting an admission and pursuing higher education in Switzerland.

Table of Content

  1. Why Choose Switzerland as a Study Destination?
  2. Cost of Studying in Switzerland 
  3. Top Universities & Institutions in Switzerland
  4. Popular Courses to Pursue in 2024
  5. FAQs 

Why Choose Switzerland as a Study Destination?

Whether pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies, students find themselves immersed in a dynamic learning environment that equips them for success in their chosen fields on a global scale. Here are more such compelling reasons for you to pursue your higher education in Switzerland.

  • Switzerland is renowned for its exceptional education system which offers globally recognized degrees that enhance graduates' international mobility and employability. 
  • The country's emphasis on academic rigour and practical skills development ensures that graduates hold internationally recognized diplomas, providing a strong foundation for their careers.
  • Positioned as an innovation hub, Switzerland provides exposure to groundbreaking research, industry collaboration, and a forward-thinking academic environment. Thus, preparing students for success in rapidly evolving industries. 
  • With a high quality of life, including a safe and welcoming environment, environmental sustainability, efficient public transportation, and a well-developed healthcare system, students studying in Switzerland enjoy an overall positive experience. 
  • The multilingual and multicultural environment, featuring four official languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh, enriches the educational experience, fostering a global perspective. 

Cost of Studying in Switzerland 

Switzerland is one of the best European countries to study in for many reasons. One of which is it’s cost effectiveness. Here we have a breakdown of the cost to study in Switzerland. 

  • Tuition fees in Switzerland typically range from CHF 1,000 to CHF 3,000 per semester for bachelor's programs, while master's programs may incur fees between CHF 1,000 and CHF 4,000 per semester. 
  • Monthly living expenses, covering accommodation, food, transport, and other costs, are estimated at CHF 1,500 to CHF 2,500. Accommodation options vary from on-campus housing to private apartments, costing between CHF 500 and CHF 1,500 per month.
  • Additional mandatory costs include health insurance (CHF 300 to CHF 500 per month), and miscellaneous expenses, such as books and leisure activities, may amount to CHF 200 to CHF 300 per month. 

Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available from Swiss universities and external organizations, including government-funded scholarships for eligible students from specific countries.

Top Universities & Institutions in Switzerland

Let's explore the top universities and institutions in Switzerland for students who wish to study in Europe, each contributing uniquely to the nation's reputation for educational brilliance and research prowess.

1. University of Zurich

Ranked 91 in the QS World Universities Rankings 2024, the institution is widely recognized for its unwavering commitment to research and academic excellence. Offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, it stands as a distinguished educational hub fostering a culture of intellectual growth and achievement.

2. University of Geneva

Ranked 128 in the QS World Universities Rankings 2024, the university is celebrated for its notable focus on research and academic excellence. This university offers more than 500 programs covering an extremely wide variety of fields such as science, humanities, law and many more.

3. GLION Institute of Higher Education, Montreux

GLION is a renowned institution specializing in hospitality management and business studies. The institute's programs emphasize practical skills, industry exposure, and a global perspective, making it a preferred choice for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic hospitality sector.

4. International Management Institute (IMI), Kastanienbaum, Luzern

IMI, situated in Kastanienbaum, Luzern, is a leading international hotel and business management school. The institute's programs integrate academic theory with hands-on training, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped for leadership roles in the global business landscape.

5. EU Business School, Montreux and Geneva

EU Business School, with campuses in Montreux and Geneva, is recognized for its diverse business programs and emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. The school fosters a dynamic learning environment, encouraging students to develop critical thinking and leadership skills. With a strong network of industry connections and a faculty comprising experienced professionals, EU Business School prepares students for success in the competitive world of business.

Popular Courses to Pursue in 2024

Switzerland is well-known for its excellence in hospitality, culinary arts, and business management education. Several institutions in Switzerland offer programs in these fields. Here are some notable aspects of these courses.

1. Hospitality Management

Switzerland is renowned for its hospitality industry, and studying hospitality management in the country can provide a world-class education. Swiss hospitality schools often emphasize practical training and internships, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in renowned hotels and establishments.

Notable Institutions: Glion Institute of Higher Education, Les Roches Global Hospitality Education.

2. Culinary Arts

Switzerland offers excellent culinary arts programs that focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the culinary industry. Students often have opportunities to work in state-of-the-art kitchens and gain experience in Swiss gastronomy.

Notable institutions: Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Hotel and Business Management School (BHMS).

3. Business Management 

Swiss business schools are well-regarded globally, and many offer programs in business management with a focus on international business practices. Programs may cover various business disciplines, including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Notable Institutions: Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Geneva School of Business Administration (HEG Geneva).

4. Combination of Hospitality and Business Management

Some institutions offer programs that integrate hospitality and business management, providing a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry from a managerial perspective. These programs often include internships and practical training components.

Notable Institutions: EHL and Glion Institute of Higher Education.

This is everything that you must know if you are planning to Study in Switzerland in the year 2024. For more information and expert guidance to study abroad, you can reach out to our Europe team at KC Overseas.  We being among the top 10 study abroad consultants in India and have expertise in the field of overseas education. If you wish to study anywhere overseas whether it is Switzerland or any other part of the world, we can help you in pursuing your study abroad goals.


1. Why should I consider studying in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers a transformative educational journey marked by academic brilliance, cultural diversity, and a high quality of life. The nation's commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness further enhances the global perspective of students.

2. What are the unique features of Switzerland’s education system?

Switzerland is renowned for its exceptional education system, providing globally recognized degrees that enhance graduates' international mobility and employability. The multilingual and multicultural environment fosters a global perspective, preparing students for success in an interconnected world.

3. How does Switzerland ensure the international recognition of diplomas?

The country's emphasis on academic rigour and practical skills development ensures that graduates possess internationally recognized diplomas, providing a strong foundation for their careers.

4. What are the popular courses in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers diverse courses in Engineering, Technology, Finance, Business, Life Sciences, Medicine, Environmental Sciences,  International Relations and Diplomacy. 

5. Can I work while Study in Switzerland?

Switzerland allows international students to work part-time during their studies, contributing to their financial independence and overall experience.

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