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Accomplished My Study Abroad Ambition with KC – Mithila Mohan

Apr 11, 2023

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The interactions I've had with KC Overseas have been wonderful. They have significantly contributed to the accomplishment of my study abroad ambition. I couldn't have fulfilled my dream of attending UNSW in Australia without the help of KC Overseas Education. 

There was hardly any scope for misunderstanding because everything went pretty smoothly and was quite well organized. All along, the KC team was incredibly helpful and always willing to provide clarity.

I had a really good time, and I would advise any prospective students thinking of pursuing their studies abroad to use KC’s service. My student council representative, Ms Husna, deserves a special thank you. Also, for advice and support, thank you Narmadha Ma'am (Centre Director, KC Calicut Branch).

I have chosen the right consultant for my Abroad Studies.

Thank you, KC Overseas group for the valuable assistance and sincere counselling.




Student Details 

Mithila Mohan

University of New South Wales, Australia 

Assisted by KC Calicut 



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