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Auckland Awaits: How KC Overseas Made My Study Abroad Journey Effortless

Sep 30, 2023

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Hello everyone! 

My name is Sameer Gimonkar, and I am excited to share with you my incredible journey towards achieving my academic goals.

The road to fulfilling my passion for engineering was quite challenging. Like many of you, I wanted to excel in my chosen field and sought the best possible opportunities to turn my dreams into reality. Having researched various universities and programs, I knew that I would require expert guidance to find the perfect destination for my academic growth. Moreover, I realised that the application process for studying abroad can also be overwhelming and filled with uncertainties.

That’s when I connected with several education consultants, but when I found KC Overseas Education, I knew I had found the gem among the rocks. 

From the moment I stepped into their office, I was warmly welcomed by a team of dedicated professionals who understood my aspirations. Their personalised approach and attention to detail set KC Overseas Education apart from the rest. Unlike other consultants I had visited before, the KC team took time to understand my academic background, interests, and long-term goals.

Since I had a lot of doubts about pursuing my overseas education program, Team KC Overseas helped me through that. They provided me with enough knowledge regarding various countries and I have finally selected New Zealand because of the educational opportunities over there and long-term benefits. The team meticulously assisted me through the application process, ensuring that every document was in order, and every requirement was met promptly.

I applied for my Masters in Engineering Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland with the help of KC Overseas Education. 

So, when I applied to the University of Auckland my application was completely processed by the team of New Zealand. To my surprise, I received the offer letter from the university within a week and the student visa within a month. In the initial 15 days, I received my AIP and in the next 15 days, my student visa. 

KC Overseas provided me with proper assistance to pursue my overseas education, and I am very thankful to their team. 

I highly recommend KC Overseas to all the students who want to pursue their higher education overseas.

Wishing you all the adventures in the world of higher education and beyond!

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