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Exploring Study Abroad Opportunities After 12th

Mar 23, 2023

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What do you plan to study after completing your 12th grade? Not decided yet? Well, it is essential to choose your career path at such a critical juncture of your life. After you have decided what to pursue, you need to then shortlist the best countries to study abroad. Both the programme and academic destination should match your aspirations and expectations. If you are satisfied with what you are getting out of the programme, university and country, then you should go ahead with the decision. For those who are still having a hard time choosing the programme and the country, read along to learn more and make an informed decision. 

Table of Content:- 

  1. Reasons for choosing to study abroad
  2. Best courses to study abroad after 12th 
  3. Best countries to study abroad after grade 12 

Reasons for choosing to study abroad

In 2022, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) reported that around 6.5 lakh Indian students studied abroad.  So, there must be a major reason why so many students are enrolling in overseas universities.

            1. Foreign universities offer diversity

The diversity that these foreign universities offer is one of the main reasons to study there. You will witness this diversity in terms of faculty and students who are from different ethnicities. Hence, you get to learn about other cultures and countries.

Moreover, the diversity in terms of courses is something to note here. Typically, foreign universities offer some unique courses and one such course is Machiavellian philosophy and studies at Columbia University, University of Chicago and Stanford University.

2. Better exposure to students

Better exposure translates to better job prospects and a fair edge over competitors. Students are capable of thinking from a global perspective. When this specific student who has studied overseas takes up a job, he/she will be very comfortable working in global organisations. They are also capable of targeting international jobs which offer better opportunities.

Best courses to study abroad after 12th 

Now you have a valid reason to study overseas. But, what are the best courses that you can study in an overseas destination? You must decide based on your interests and check whether these courses have some employable prospects. So, here are some course suggestions from our end.

  • Business Administration

This is the top choice for most students after class 12th. There are many students from the commerce stream who prefer business administration. This stream is then further subdivided into various categories. Some popular business administration segments of study are finance, accounting, marketing and sales. These programmes are in high demand and also a sure shot and safe choice for getting a good job. 

  • Natural Sciences

This domain has a lot of good career prospects. You can head for research or even go for teaching after that. Some of the popular courses in this stream are BSc and degree programmes in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. There are other courses like biotechnology, biochemistry, and astrophysics, where you can get your bachelor's.

  • Engineering and Technology   

Bachelor of Technology is one of the courses with high popularity amongst students. You can choose from a bachelor's course in engineering or technology specialising in aeronautical, electrical, chemical, industrial computers, mechanical, and many other fields.

  • Arts, Design and Architecture 

If you possess technical knowledge and have a creative mind, then this is a field where you can flourish. Universities in the U.S, Germany and the U.K. offer some of the best courses in design, architecture and art.

  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Those students who want to completely skip tech courses can choose from options like history, psychology, communications, cultural studies, international relations, and sociology.

Best countries to study abroad after grade 12

There are many countries where you can pursue quality education after class 12th. Some of the top options are:

  • United States: Regarding higher education after grade 12, the U.S. is one of the top destinations. It is the best choice for Indian students because there is a lot of Indian diaspora in the country. Moreover, the educational infrastructure in the U.S. is amongst the best that you can find worldwide.
  • United Kingdom: Nobody can challenge the quality of education and the flexibility of programmes in the U.K. And, who would want to miss out on a chance to study in well-reputed institutes like Oxford or Cambridge?
  • Ireland: If you miss out on the U.K. for any reason but still want to have a slice of the British education system, then Ireland is the closest and an identical substitute. But, not everything is British; Irish education has an identity of its own.
  • Germany: It is the top education destination in Europe. With no tuition fees charged at government universities, it would be an opportunity that should not be missed at all.
  • Singapore: If Asian education impresses you the most, then you will get the best in Singapore. Many foreign students come to Singapore for higher education.
  • France: This is another leading destination if you want to study abroad and in Europe. France offers some of the best university programmes in the world and you will be able to access excellent research facilities.

If you want to pursue education abroad but are unsure how to proceed, then give KC Overseas a chance to ease things for you. We are one of the fastest growing edtech companies in India and help students fulfil their overseas educational aspirations.

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