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Reasons to Study Masters in Hotel Management, Course Fee and Job Opportunity

Jun 05, 2023

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Hotel management is a trending course that attracts several students every year and offers them an exciting career. The hospitality industry has seen a transformation as a result of globalization and it has become one of the most profitable industries in most countries. 

Masters in Hotel Management is typically a 2-year course after graduation. It will offer specialization in various skills such as marketing, housekeeping, food and beverage, catering, security, finance, etc. Students will gain practical knowledge and are recruited for a variety of significant positions. 

The Benefits of Studying Masters in Hotel Management

There are several benefits of taking up this program, some of which are listed below:

  • During the course, students will develop valuable skills and knowledge, including project management, financial planning, leadership, etc.
  • The course will provide aspirants with a wide variety of job opportunities.
  • Individuals with this degree will also earn a high salary after the completion of the course. The salary of a graduate with an MHM degree is around $175,000 per year, depending on the job profile.
  • Several colleges all over the world offer this course and the curriculum of this program is comprehensive.
  • This degree can help a candidate understand customer needs in the best manner.
  • The admission requirements may vary, some colleges may also require applicants to take entrance exams but the process is hassle-free. 
  • Hotel management is a diverse field of study and is not restricted to a particular role.
  • It will also offer students the chance to travel for work.
  • There is ample scope for personal growth. 

What are the skills developed by a student of masters in hotel management?

Listed below are some of the important skills developed by a student of masters in hotel management:

  1. Customer Service Skill
    This is a valuable skill in the hospitality sector. Customers are the priority and they are the reason behind a successful business. Students are trained to provide customer satisfaction and cater to their needs.
  2. Communication Skill
    One of the first and foremost skills to have as a hotel management personnel is communication skills. It is a very critical skill in this field of work and a student will learn different techniques to communicate effectively with customers, employees/employers, and colleagues.
  3. Cultural Awareness and Language Skills
    In the hospitality industry, customers and colleagues will be from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, you must be able to adapt to it and language skills can help you bond with clients, thereby opening up plenty of new opportunities for you.
  4. Problem Solving Skills
    When a student learns leadership skills, he or she can work as a team and can handle different situations with ease.  Hotel management teaches you quick decision making and other important responsibilities.
  5. Relationship Building 
    It is important to think beyond business and build valuable relationships with your clients. Students learn to focus on the right attitude and create a sense of trust. This can help them become successful professionals in this field. 

Masters in Hotel Management Admission Process and Eligibility

The admission process of this program can be through two procedures: merit-based selection or entrance exam. This varies from one college to another. To enroll on the basis of academic scores, the procedure is as follows:

  • Check the official website of colleges for registration forms. A student must fill up the form online and submit the fees before the deadline.
  • The cut-off list is released by colleges and students must choose colleges as per their eligibility.
  • Students will have to submit relevant documents such as class 10 and 12 mark sheets, recent character certificates, migration certificates, photographs, and valid proof of bachelor’s degree.

The general eligibility criteria for this course includes-

  • Students must qualify for graduation with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized college or university.
  • 5% moderation is provided to students who belong to reserved categories like SC/ST/OBC.
  • Bachelor of hotel management is a preferred undergraduate course.
  • Students should be fully qualified in every subject.
  • Some colleges or universities have an entrance test for admission.


Top Hotel Management Colleges in the World and Their Tuition Fees

Hotel management course fees vary in different colleges and universities all over the world. Some of the top colleges and their average tuition fees are listed here:

  1. EHL Hospitality Business School, Switzerland - $11,3753
  2. Swiss Hotel Management School - $27,205 to $93,370
  3. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - $22,807 to $24,9841
  4. Cornell University, United States - $62,456

Masters in Hotel Management Course Subjects

The subjects taught as part of the curriculum for this course is spread between the semesters, it may vary from college to college, but some common areas of study include: 

  • Accommodation Management
  • Food Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Management           
  • Facility Planning and others

Job Profiles For Students of Masters in Hotel Management 

The hospitality industry is a rewarding field. Graduates can choose from an array of job roles that offer competitive salaries. Some of the popular roles are:

  • Catering Officer - The role of a catering officer is to look after the daily catering operations and services in restaurants, hotels and resorts. They lead other catering aspirants.
  • Resort Manager - The role of the resort manager is to ensure high-quality hospitality services, he or she is also in charge of organizing different events at the resort and taking care of lodging.
  • Hotel Manager - The role of a hotel manager is to manage staff and employees. They are responsible for planning, marketing, and administering hotel services including catering and accommodation facilities.
  • Cabin Crew - The role of the cabin crew is to assist passengers and assure them of safety and comfort. They help passengers find their respective seats, board and exit, etc. 


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